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What is Matrix MLM Software?

Matrix MLM Software is a comprehensive all-in-one solution to manage all aspects of your Matrix plan MLM network. Effortlessly automate network marketing activities, lead generation, distributor management, new client acquisition, inventory management, training, and much more with Infinite MLM Matrix Plan Software.

How does the Matrix MLM Software works?

The Matrix MLM plan is a compensation scheme that has a predetermined genealogy structure from its birth. Unlike others, this plan has precise clarity on both the width and depth of the genealogy structure it would adapt. This plan is also called Forced Matrix Plan and is represented by the formula Width * Depth.

Matrix Plan limits its width more compared to its depth and motivates to hire more members in the downline. It has a pyramid structure arranged into a fixed number of width(row) and depth(column) that restricts the number of distributors you can sponsor on your first level.

The bonuses in the Matrix plan are generally structured as follows.

Sponsor bonus

The introducer bonus or sponsor bonus is the compensation that sponsors or distributors get by recruiting new members to the network. This bonus will accrue immediately after the recruitment of the new member gets done.

Level Commissions

Level commissions refer to the rewards gained by upline members when a recruit is placed on their downline. The upline levels up to which this commission can be earned differ based on the exact compensation scheme followed by the company.

Our Matrix MLM Software Can Help You In Many Ways…
Effective Lead Generation

Get insights about your prospective customers and nurture your customers marketing funnel with effective lead generating tools.

Advanced E-Commerce Solutions

Provide premium E-Commerce store facilities with our integrated, customizable online shopping carts.

Seamless Distributor Onboarding

Easily manage the onboarding process of new distributors at different business levels with automatic features.

Get Data-Backed Insights

Capture leads and use tools to generate analytics and reports to better understand customer behavior and market trends.

Easy to use UI

Manage your MLM activities with an interface that is easy to use, effective, and well equipped to handle your day-to-day tasks.

Hassle-free Transactions

Feel secure about your money transactions with E-Pin, safe payment gateways, and E-wallet systems.

Simplify the Training Process

Train the distributors right by providing consistent training through effective workshops, and support using LMS.

Address Concerns Instantly

Ensure proper support with a system that can manage multiple queries and provide priority-based support.

Build a Strong Team

Build collaborative teams and ensure transparency and strength through group activities by efficient interactive tools.

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Matrix MLM Compensation Structure

In a matrix plan, members can be compensated in various ways concerning the rank, recruitment, and sale of MLM products. Common MLM compensation schemes include Sponsor Bonus, Level Commissions, Matching Bonus, Position Bonus, and Forced Matrix Bonus.

Generally, sponsors of a new joinee are compensated with a sponsor bonus when the new individual joins the company under his referral. With the joining of the same member, those in the new joiner’s upper lines would be compensated with Level Commissions.

Once the matrix gets completely filled by members, it is a general trend in most MLMs to compensate them with Forced Matrix Bonus.

Customized Back-Office Features

Configure various system settings and customize as per your need


Payout Flexibility

Set the max/min payout amount, whether it is a flat or a certain percentage as a payout fee. Payment methods like manual payout by admin, or payout by user request are supported. You can also enable mails regarding the payout status.


Multiple Payment Methods

Enable/Disable the different payment methods like PayPal, E-Pin, E-wallet, Bank Transfer, Cryptocurrencies, and many more in our Matrix MLM software. Configure the payment gateway by providing an API username/password, API key, and other settings required.


Configure Compensations

Configure the different types of compensations like sponsor commission, level commission, matching bonus, performance bonus, and much more by enabling the required compensation plan. Set the calculation period, calculation criteria, pair type, ceiling period, etc for each commission.


General Settings

General settings can be used to set the registration amount, service charge percentage, purchase wallet commission percentage, TDS% for a tax deduction, etc. You can set the time for automatic log out, enable 2FA, and settings to skip bonuses for blocked users.


Multi-Currency Support

Enable/Disable any currency to be allowed in the system and set any currency as default. You can configure the currency title, currency value, and currency code for any specific currency. Globalize your Matrix MLM Software by supporting multiple currencies.


Ticket System / Support System

It supports clients to view all the tickets raised from the customer end and provides the resolution for all the open tickets via the support center. Our ticket system ensures that everyone gets their issues addressed in the right order.


E-Pin Settings

Set the total number of E-Pin allowed in the system and the E-Pin amount to be added to the system. You can also set the E-Pin character like numeral, alphabet, or alphanumeric.


Matrix Tree Settings

Set the tree icon based on the profile, member status, membership package, or rank and enable tooltips like first name, date of joining, right, left, left carry, right carry, GV, PV, rank status, and much more required for the setting of a matrix tree.

View and Manage Members More Effectively

Genealogy Trees

We provide you with a Graphical representation of the entire members in the form of a tree.

Sponsor Trees

This is also a graphical representation of the members of the system based on the referrals.

Matrix MLM Calculator

Have You Tried Our Matrix MLM Calculator?

Use our free Matrix MLM Calculator to figure out your earnings. Based on your number of recruiters and sales predictions, our Matrix MLM Calculator can estimate your income. According to your recruitment and sales volume, this calculator will help you anticipate your monthly Multi-Level Marketing revenue and the commission earned by each distributor at each level of your network.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is Matrix MLM software?

    The matrix plan is one of the most commonly implemented compensation plans in the industry, and the Matrix MLM software is used to manage the network. Matrix MLM Software comes with all the features needed to address all MLM-related activities in a Matrix MLM plan.

  • What are the key features of Matrix MLM software?

    Matrix MLM software comes with a wide array of features to make things easier for network marketers including:

    1. E-Commerce Integration
    2. Mobile Applications
    3. Learning Management Systems
    4. Automatic Payment systems
    5. E-Wallet
    6. SMS Integrator
    7. Payment Gateway
    8. Backup systems
    9. Multilingual Support
    10. CRM Integrations
    11. Bitcoin Integrations
    12. Multi-currency
    13. E-Pin
    14. Lead Capture Page

  • Is there a free bonus in the Matrix MLM Plan?

    There are many bonuses in the matrix MLM plan such as the sponsor bonus, level commissions, matching bonus, forced matrix bonus, etc. But there are no free bonuses in the Matrix Plan.

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