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How Does Binary MLM Plan Work
With  Infinite MLM Software

The Binary MLM Plan is where each distributor can only have two front-line distributors. With Infinite Binary MLM Software, the Binary MLM Plan works by allowing distributors to sponsor two distributors directly under them, known as the left and right leg. The software keeps track of sales volume and calculates commissions using a binary structure. Thus, making it the best MLM software with exemplary features. As the network expands, the Binary MLM Software automatically balances the volume between both the left and right legs to promote fair payouts.

Binary MLM Bonuses

The bonuses in the Binary MLM Plan are generally structured as follows;

Pairing Bonus

A pairing bonus is a commission type received in Binary MLM Plan when a distributor reaches a specified amount of sales on both their left and right legs of the downline.

Sponsor Bonus

A sponsor bonus is a commission that is paid to members for their efforts in recruiting and sponsoring new members into the Binary MLM network.

Matching Bonus

It is a commission in Binary MLM Plan that members receive based on the earnings generated by the individuals they have sponsored, & their downline team.

Rank Bonus

A rank bonus is a commission provided to members who attain a specified rank within the MLM company’s pay structure.

How Binary MLM Software Helps to Generate Income in
Binary MLM Plans?

Infinite Binary MLM software provides real-time tracking of downline activity & commission calculations in Binary MLM Plan.

Lead Generation

Get Leads and Grow More

Gain insights about prospective customers and nurture your marketing funnel with effective lead-generation tools.

Distributor Onboarding

Simplify Joining Process

With automated features, easily manage the spillage of new distributors at different business levels.


Market With Unique Virtual Store

Deliver integrated, customizable & web-based online shopping carts to simplify your MLM purchases in binary MLM Software


Train Right & Do More Business

Provide regular MLM training & support to distributors through impactful workshops and offer support using a Learning Management System (LMS).

Secure Payments

Feel Secure About Transactions

We offer payment methods that are secure in binary MLM business such as E-Pin, safe payment gateways, & E-wallet systems to guarantee the safety of your financial transactions.

Analytics & Reports

Understand Market Better

Capture leads and use tools to generate analytics and reports to better understand customer behaviour and market trends.


User-friendly Design

Simplify your MLM software management with an exemplary MLM web design to handle your binary MLM network effectively.

Team Building

Uplift Each Other and Grow Together

Encourage teamwork and transparency using interactive tools for group activities. This will boost collaboration and build strength in your binary MLM network.

Support Systems

Address grievances quickly

Establish a centralized support system capable of promptly addressing queries and resolving issues for distributors and customers.

Advantages of Infinite Binary MLM Software


Spillover refers to adding a member to the power leg promotes network growth by encouraging recruitment and plan expansion, benefiting everyone.

Unlimited Depth

You can build your Binary MLM network as deep as you want, and every upline member profits from successful sales.

Fast Expansion

The requirement for each member to recruit only two new members can result in rapid network expansion.

Volume Driven Plan

In the MLM binary plan, distributors receive payment for orders higher than what they would receive in other compensation plans.

Embrace the advantages & boost your overall business performance.

Genealogy & Network Tools for Binary Network Management

Genealogy Trees

The business administrator or distributor can get a tree-view of the binary MLM network’s entire members

Unilevel Sponsor Trees

A uni-level tree of every sponsored downline member in the binary MLM network is visible to the business admin or distributors.


Members can create prepaid e-pins to recruit new members or buy products and services.

Downline Sales Tracking

Stay on top of your binary MLM network’s sales activity, keep a close eye on downline sales, and set exciting goals to motivate and inspire them!

How does Binary MLM Commission Calculation Works?

Binary MLM commission calculation is a common payment model that MLM software uses to distribute commissions to binary mlm network users. The Binary MLM Plan formula determines commissions by taking into account the side of a team or leg with the lower volume. The commission percentage is determined by the volume on the lower side, and each member receives payment based on this percentage. As a result, your profit margin is contingent upon the sales made by members in your downline team.


Example: If the left leg earns 700 points, and the right leg earns 1200 points. In such a case, the commission is determined as 10% of the lower volume, which is the left leg with 700 points. Therefore, the commission will be 10% of 700. Additionally, the points from the right leg will be carried forward for the subsequent commission calculation in the binary MLM plan.

Binary MLM Calculator

Use our Free Binary MLM Calculator to select your potential commission in Multi-Level Marketing. This tool can estimate your monthly income by entering your number of recruiters and sales projections. Moreover, the binary MLM calculator presents a complete breakdown of the commission earned by each distributor at every level of your business based on their recruitment and sales volume.

Forecast your MLM earnings with MLM Binary Calculator

Back Office Configuration

Customize system settings to suit your business needs with ease

General Settings

This determine registration fees, service charges, purchase wallet commission, & TDS percentage.

Binary Tree Settings

Customize the binary MLM tree icon based on profile, membership status, package, or rank.

Configure Compensations

Set up various compensations like binary mlm commission, matching bonus, and more.

Payout Flexibility

Set payout fee as a percentage or a flat rate, & specify maximum and minimum payout amounts.

Multiple Payment Methods

Activate or deactivate various payment options such as E-Pin, E-wallet, Bank Transfer, etc.

E-Pin Settings

Specify the maximum E-Pin allowed in the binary MLM system and the amount to be added to the system.

Multi-Currency Support

Activate or deactivate any currency in the system and choose a default currency.

Ticket System

Customers have access to all raised tickets and receive solutions for open tickets through the support centre.

Business Admin Tools

MLM business management is facilitated through guidelines establishment, commission caps, etc.

If you are looking to buy Binary MLM software, you are just a click away from Binary MLM Software download to enjoy all functionalities of Infinite MLM Software.


1What is a Binary MLM plan, and how does it work?

A Binary MLM plan is a compensation plan wherein every distributor has two downlines or legs. New members are assigned to the first open position on either the left or right leg as they join. Thus, a binary tree structure is developed. Distributors are encouraged to build both legs equally by the plan, which pays commissions according to the sales produced by the weaker leg.

2What are the advantages of using a Binary MLM plan?

The simplicity of the Binary MLM plan is one of its main benefits. Distributors can easily comprehend and manage it because there are only two legs to pay attention to. Additionally, since commissions are determined by the member’s weaker leg, it promotes member cooperation and teamwork. A more unified and helpful distributor network may result from this.

3 How are commissions calculated in a Binary MLM plan?

In a Binary MLM plan, commissions are typically calculated using a portion of the volume produced by the weaker leg known as the “pay leg” or “power leg”. Depending on the specific plan, the percentage may change, but it typically ranges from 10% to 20% of the volume produced by the pay leg.

4Can a Binary MLM plan be customized to fit my company’s needs?

Yes, Infinite MLM Software provides a Binary MLM plan that is highly customizable. The binary depth, the maximum payout amount, and other factors can all be customised, in addition to the commission percentage. With the help of our software, you can change the plan to meet your needs and objectives.

5Can members earn commissions on their purchases in the Binary MLM plan?

Yes, members of the Binary MLM plan can generally earn commissions on purchases. This is referred to as “self-consumption” and can assist in motivating distributors to use and advertise the products and services of the business.

6How does Infinite MLM Software support the Binary MLM plan?

Infinite MLM Software is a powerful and flexible solution with robust support for the Binary MLM plan. Our software is loaded with many features like genealogy tracking, commission calculation, reporting and analytics, and more. We also provide customization services to assist you in tailoring the Binary MLM plan to your specific needs and objectives.

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