Basic Infinite MLM Software:950 USDSee whats included
Add On Modules/Softwares IntegrationAmount
E-wallet(My E-Wallet, Pin Purchase, Fund Transfer, E-Wallet Report)300 USD Free
Replicating Website(Provide personalized self-replicating website to member who joins your company)300 USD
Multilingual(Spanish, French, Portuguese and Chinese or to any other language according to client preference)150 USD/Language
Multi-Currency100 USD
CMS Website design(Wordpress)600 USD
CMS Website design(Drupal)850 USD
Website Design 300 USD
Employee option/Privileged user(This module allows the company to add their employees with certain privilege or tasks)280 USD
Payment Gateway integration Pay In (Affiliate can purchase the product using their credit card/debit card)350 USD
OpenCart Integration(E-commerce Shopping Cart Software)1000 USD
SMS Integration(The system is able to send automated SMS to the user’s mobile on various actions & activities to update the user on his gains & transactions)150 USD
Ticket System / Support System(The affiliate can post ticket, admin can see the ticket, and update the status)450 USD
Basic Lead Capture Page250 USD
Auto Responder200 USD
Repurchase Option250 USD Free
Monthly Subscription(Monthly payment to upkeep active accounts)250 USD
Domain Name as per availability10 to 20 USD
SSL Activation110 USD/ Year
Responsive Version(Supports Mobiles tablets and more)800 USD Free
Hosting Server(Shared)120 USD/Year
Hosting Server(VPS Linux)120 USD/Month
Promotional Tool(Invite Friend, Banner Code etc)200 USD
Dynamic Compression750 USD
Recurring Subscription/Autoship450 USD
Basic Android App800 USD
Basic iOS App900 USD



Add on Compensation PlansAmount
Binary Plan950 USD
Matrix Plan950 USD
Unilevel Plan950 USD
Board Plan (7 People Board)/Table Plan/Matrix Cycle Plan2900 USD
Stair Step Break Away Plan2800 USD
Monoline Plan2400 USD
Australian X-Up Plan/Pass up2900 USD
Gift plan / Donation Plan3000 USD
Party Plan2999 USD
Generation Plan2800 USD

*Pricing will vary according to the customization and additional add-on's integrated, apart from the basic plan features.

The basic software cost starts from $950, you can check out our pricing for more details.

Yes, The Infinite MLM Software includes both E-pin and E-wallet.

Yes,  there is an  annual maintenance cover, which costs only 5% of total Software cost.

E-wallet is an online prepaid account where one can stock cash, to be utilized  when needed. As it is a pre-loaded facility, distributors can request the Ewallet balance for withdrawal and admin will release the requested amount. Also the distributor can transfer the ewallet balance to any other distributor.