Monthly Recurring Payment

MLM Recurring payments are the payment method that can be added as an add on in MLM Software. MLM Recurring payment will help the distributors to make payment at regular intervals through credit or debit cards. This method allows the distributors to have an easy system on their monthly payment schedule. Recurring payments in a MLM software are used to pay the Monthly subscription of the distributor which will allow the distributors to be active in the system and to gain commissions.This monthly subscription amount can also be used in the E-commerce system in order to purchase the products for the distributor. With the MLM Recurring paymentsystem the distributor doesn’t have aware about the subscription payment and product purchase each and every month. The distributor only has to keep the specific amount money in their accounts and the customer have to provide the credit/debit card details to the system.
1. Safe: The system allows a safe transaction of money.
2. Punctual: The system will transact the money on the exact day mentioned.
3. Secure: The system keeps a secured system for transactions and the details will be secure.
4. Acknowledgement: System will provide the details of the transaction in detail with the receipt.
1. Time Saving
2. Easy Implementation
3. Hassle Free For More Details on Payments  Click Here
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