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What is Hybrid MLM Plan?

Hybrid MLM Plan is a combination of more than one MLM plan. The most preferred combination is Unilevel and Binary MLM plan and it can be customized as per the organizations. Sales leaders are not available in this plan. The members will get paid down X number of levels.

As the team grows larger and deeper, the commission or the bonuses rely on the downline members available in the team and the more priority is provided to those downline members. The limitations of the plans that are combined can be removed in this plan.

For example, the limitation of Unilevel is that it has no width limit and gets wider. The same can be removed in the Hybrid Unilevel plan as the requirements of the organization.

How does Hybrid MLM Plan work?

Usually, Hybrid MLM plan works as a combination of two MLM plans. Consider the example of the most preferred combination i.e Binary and Unilevel MLM plan.

The structure of the Hybrid MLM plan starts with the left leg and right leg, which is the same as the binary structure. When there is a spillover, the new downline is placed under the available position or the weak leg.

Now where the Unilevel plan is combined with the Binary MLM plan to form the Hybrid MLM plan? All direct recruits of a member in the binary structure are considered as the first level downlines of the member when it comes to the Unilevel structure. In this way, the team grows larger and all the members are given importance to build the team

Commissions Calculation in Hybrid MLM Plan

The commission percentage for the distributor in Hybrid Uni Level depends as per the downline’s personal volumes or the group volume of the distributor.

With the help of a Hybrid Unilevel Plan, those who are in the downline will make a higher commission than the average percentage commission for the people they sponsor. When the new ones are being recruited, the distributors achieve a higher percentage of (on) the volume during a particular period of time

Bonuses Hybrid MLM Plan

Fast start Bonus

Fast bonus is the bonus provided for achieving the target during a particular period. It is generally offered for the new joiner

Referral Bonus

The sponsor or Referral bonus is the bonus provided for recruiting new members to the team.

Custom Bonus

Custom bonus is the bonus provided as per the customization of the combined MLM plans. The organization decides the custom bonus depending upon the combined MLM plans.

Advantages of Hybrid MLM Plan

Considering the MLM Compensation Plans available today in the MLM industry, the hybrid binary compensation plan has greater advantages.

1. The plan usually is a combination of a binary compensation plan and Unilevel compensation plan. This plan consists of two computers or two legs. The recently sponsored is placed alternately in each of these legs:left, right, left, right, continuously.

2. It is beneficial if there is a balance between both left and right legs.

3. The major advantage of this plan is that the turnover of equipment is not only in the hands of sponsored people but also in collaboration with the upline.

4. From this plan, we can add the share of Unilevel compensation plan. It is reflected in the term matching bonus or generation.

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