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Infinite MLM software supports all the popular MLM plans

Multi level Marketing Compensation plans are the backbone of any MLM network. The structure of the network, payouts, bonuses, commissions, etc all depend on the compensation plan chosen. Ideally, a compensation plan should be selected based on the product sold, legal regulations, and training methods. There are many compensation plans used in MLM today, and each plan has its own design, commissions, and rewards.

We offer the best and customized MLM software for all compensation plans to run your business more effectively.

binary MLM plan

Binary Plan

Binary MLM Plan is a popular two-legged plan in which each new member is placed on the left or right leg.

matrix MLM plan

Matrix Plan

The Matrix plan has a fixed depth and width that limits the number of members you can sponsor.

unilevel mlm plan

Unilevel Plan

Unilevel MLM Plan offers the maximum benefit to members by allowing unlimited distributors on a single frontline.

board MLM plan

Board Plan

MLM plan in which the board always splits when it is filled and the board leader graduates to the second board that is revolving.

party mlm plan

Party MLM Plan

Products and opportunities are introduced to potential customers and distributors through social gatherings in a Party plan.

gift mlmplan icon

Gift Plan

High return futuristic MLM Plan where members gift each other and mutually benefit from it.

stairstep MLM plan

Stair Step Plan

Still, the popular oldest MLM plan where options for breaking away to higher levels based on performance are open.

australian xup MLM plan

Australian X-Up Plan

This modified version of the Unilevel Plan pays indefinitely deep and can be structured into 1 Up, 2 Up, 3 Up, or X-Up plans.

generation mlm plan

Generation MLM Plan

MLM plan is based on generation structure and works perfectly for clients having large consumer durable products.

hybrid mlm plan

Hybrid MLM Plan

This MLM plan is a combination of two or more traditional compensation plans choosing the best features from each plan.

australian binary MLM plan

Australian Binary Plan

MLM Plan with structures that are simple to understand structures and an extension of the American Binary Business Plan.

monoline MLM plan

Monoline MLM Plan

The most attractive single-line MLM Plan consists of only one leg for each member.

spillover binary MLM plan

Spill over Binary Plan

Rewarding MLM plan that is similar to binary plan in which upline member gets the special benefit.

MLM Software for Popular Compensation Plans

We understand that every compensation plan is different and has different requirements. No matter what compensation plan your company implements, you will need a feature-rich, affordable, and fully functional MLM software to manage your network. Infinite MLM software makes sure that all the fundamental activities in your MLM network are carried out smoothly and easy to keep track.

All popular compensation plans are supported and you can extensively customize the software according to your requirements. So our MLM software solutions are tailor-made to suit each and every compensation plan out there. Our team is vastly experienced and keeps a keen eye on all the happenings in the MLM world to stay updated on the latest developments.

binary mlm software

Binary MLM Software

This software will help to manage binary networks and keep track of downline’s incomes and expenditures.

matrix mlm software

Matrix MLM Software

Exceptional web based software that follows the Matrix MLM plan and helps better to keep track of downline distributors.

unilevel mlm software

Unilevel MLM Software

Unilevel MLM Software is a web-based application that efficiently helps to execute unilevel MLM plan.

Over the course of 12 successful years, our brilliant developers from across three international offices have transformed 2800+ businesses by putting in over more than 350K+ hours of work.

Our services are well recognized...

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Which compensation plan is best in MLM?

    There are many different types of MLM plans implemented by network marketing companies today. It is difficult to choose one as the best compensation plan in MLM. Binary, Matrix, Unilevel, Generation, Board, Party, Stair-Step, etc are some of the most commonly used MLM plans.

  • How many compensation plans are there in MLM?

    Even though there are countless MLM plans used today, all of these are variations of three basic MLM plans. All the different plans we have today are derived from the Matrix, Binary, or Unilevel MLM plans.

  • How do I create an MLM plan?

    If you feel like none of the existing compensation plans suit the business model of your company, then you can come up with one yourself. Make sure that the plan is not highly complicated and suits the products that your company is selling.

  • What is a hybrid MLM plan?

    A hybrid MLM plan can be a combination of any two different MLM plans. The binary and unilevel plans are often combined by many MLM companies to great effect. The hybrid approach takes the best parts of both plans and eliminates the weaknesses.

  • How to choose a good MLM plan?

    Choosing the right MLM plan is one of the most important things to do in any network marketing business. As there are many options available, the focus must be to select a plan that reflects your vision for the company. The right plan will help your business grow and act as a solid foundation.

  • What is the highest-paying MLM compensation plan?

    The payments you receive from an MLM plan depend not just on the compensation plan, but also on the company you join. Different MLM companies use compensation plans in different ways. But the unilevel, binary, generation, and matrix plans are normally considered as the best paying.

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