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Infinite MLM Software: The Perfect Solution to Grow Your Network Marketing Business

At Infinite MLM Software, we are your success partners, providing cutting-edge solutions to empower your multi level marketing efforts. Our software is meticulously built and tailored to meet the unique needs and challenges of the ever-changing world of network marketing.

Developed by Infinite Open Source Solution LLP (iOSS), an industry leader in software development, our MLM software stands as a testament to the power of expertise and dedication. iOSS holds the prestigious ISO 27001:2013 certification, an accolade that speaks volumes about our commitment to excellence. Formed in 2009 with a vision of using technical innovation to provide cost-effective software solutions, we have reached the pinnacle in the industry.

Headquartered in Calicut, we started out as a team of five members and have now grown into a company of more than 100 skilled professionals, and today, we stand proudly as a dependable partner for MLM companies spanning across major continents.

Our Network Marketing Software is available with a wide range of MLM compensation plans and numerous add-ons that can be seamlessly integrated. What truly sets Infinite MLM Software apart from its peers is our unyielding focus on quality. Unlike other similar products, our software isn’t merely a compilation of features; it’s a symphony of precision and innovation. We adhere to the highest standards of software development, ensuring that every facet of our product is a reflection of our commitment to excellence.

Our team of experienced software developers makes up a perfect blend of zeal for success and remarkable skill. They strive day in and day out to offer you premium software solutions with cutting-edge features. Grounded in the principles of superior quality and unwavering customer satisfaction, we are dedicated to delivering top-class mlm solutions for all your software needs.

Our Mission

Develop outstanding software that is designed to automate, digitize and simplify MLM operations.

Play a critical role in bringing transparency into the direct selling industry and increase confidence and trust among network marketers

Keep helping clients all over the world to embrace changes and challenges by building for them powerful software solutions.

Our Vision

To realize the real potential of MLM business by building robust software to simplify the whole process.

To develop innovative software solutions that provide the best MLM services through research & development.

Cultivate enhanced transparency, confidentiality, and security within the realm of MLM business.

The Software Development Process


Planning & Requirement Gathering


System Analysis


System Design


Development and Implementation






Deliver to Client

Our Services – What do we offer?

Innovative Software Development

Scale up and automate your MLM business with our well developed software solutions.

Customization Services

Keep your software up to date and expand it with unique customization features.

MLM Migration Services

We provide smooth error free migration to a software that is build better.

Powerful Integration Services

Third party, E-Commerce and other powerful integrations to optimize your software.

Why Choose us?







With over 15 years of experience, we provide exceptional MLM software products.

Our reach extends to 80+ countries, where we have delighted over 3000 clients with our offerings

Empowered by a skilled team of developers, we stand ready to deliver tailored solutions to meet your needs.

Our vigilant team of testers works tirelessly to uphold the quality of our products, ensuring seamless experience.

We present cost-effective pricing choices that cater to your budgetary preferences

Guiding you through the journey, our 24/7 support team is poised to assist you at every juncture.

Our Evolution: Different Versions of Innovation and Advancement

This is our journey of continuous growth and innovation! Over the years, we’ve taken immense pride in developing and launching 15 different versions of our product, each representing a significant leap in technology and functionality. To explore the remarkable evolution of our product and learn more about each version, dive into our Version History page.


TBI NIT Calicut
Launched the initial version of our first product – Direct Selling Software


Version 1.0
The new version (1.0) was released on December 2010


Product Site Launched
Launched our website for managing our clients and product development.


Version 2.0
Version 2.0, released in March 2011, introduced the MVC Model framework.


Spreading the Wings
Grown to a team of 23 professionals serving over 280 clients across 37+ countries and growing more.


Version 3.0 & Version 4.0
We marked a significant achievement with the release of Version 3.0 featuring CODEIGNITER and Version 4.0 introducing high-end features in Apri 2013.


Version 5.0
April 2014 marked the release of Version 5.0


Version 9.0
April 2018 saw the unveiling of Version 9.0, showcasing a host of enhanced features.


Further Expansion
Relocated to Govt. Cyber Park, Calicut, now with a team of 100+ employees and a client spanning 70 countries


ISO Certification
We received ISO 27001:2013 Certification


Version 14.0
Version 14.0 launched in February 2022, with a range of enhancements, including React Implementation, an updated User Dashboard, and improved functionalities.


Version 15.0
In August 2022, Version 15.0 was released, upgraded with new tech stack


Malaysia Expansion
We successfully expanded to Malaysia.


Version 15.1
In September 2023, Version 15.1 was released, upgraded with new tech stack for enhanced user experience.

Redefine MLM Success: Your Path Starts Here

At Infinite MLM Software, we’ve developed the most advanced features and functionalities to establish ourselves as the industry’s best. With a global reach and a proven track record, we are continuing to assist your MLM businesses to thrive. Your dreams, combined with our expertise, will shape a future where limitless possibilities await. Experience the power of innovation, embrace the future of MLM, and achieve your success with our MLM software.

Version 12.0 has been released !!!
With Highly Augmented Features
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