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Unilevel MLM Software

Unilevel MLM Software is a web-based application that assists the Unilevel MLM plan and monitors downline income and expenditure, manages the manual work of the MLM companies more effectively.

A systematized Unilevel MLM software with all the activities accomplished by MLM organizations.

Unilevel MLM Software

Infinite MLM Software offers Reliable Unilevel MLM Software for Unilevel Compensation Plan & many organisations have even begun adopting this MLM concept as their backbone with our Software.

How does the Unilevel Compensation Plan work?

The highlight of the Unilevel MLM plan is the unlimited width of the plan. Unlike all other MLM compensation plans, all the downlines of a distributor will be added in the same frontline business level.

The Unilevel MLM plan enables the growth of the MLM structure with a limited depth to earn the MLM commission. Usually, the MLM companies fix 5 to 10 levels deep of the members of the downline for a distributor to earn the MLM commission.

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Have you tried our free Unilevel MLM calculator?

Do you like to calculate the profit or loss of your MLM business? Calculate the commission of the Unilevel plan with the help of Unilevel MLM Calculator.

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Unilevel MLM Compensation plans

MLM Unilevel Plan

Sponsor Bonus

Sponsor bonus Unilevel

Fast Start Bonus

fast start bonus

Level Commission

Level commission

Rank Advancement Bonus

Rank Advancement

Leadership Bonus


Sponsor Bonus

Sponsor bonus is the bonus paid as an encouragement to the sponsors or distributors to promote business and recruit new members to their downline.

Fast Start Bonus

Fast start bonus is the predetermined amount payable per new recruit. This bonus provided a starter benefit for enrolling new members. To qualify for this bonus, a member has to achieve a target.

Level commissions

Level Commission

Level Commission is the amount payable to the distributor from the sales achieved by downline members. The Unilevel plan has an unlimited direct downline in the first level and each of those members can have their own unlimited downline members. Hence, Unilevel plan members can earn huge income.

Position bonus

Rank Advancement Bonus

When the distributor advances to the higher ranks set by the MLM company with specific rank criteria, the distributor will earn this rank advancement bonus.

Unilevel compensation plan

Leadership Bonus

When the distributors meet certain bonus criteria to earn a certain percentage of the MLM business turnover, the distributor will receive the leadership bonus.

Unilevel MLM Software Features

unilevel mlm software
Easy Customization
Multi Language
Multicurrency mlm software
Multi Currency
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unilevel mlm software

Advantages Of The Unilevel MLM Plan


Easy Plan

Since there is no complexity involved in the MLM Plan structure, it is very easy to understand for the new distributors.


Offers solid income

It is easy to earn commission as there is no limit in recruiting the direct downlines and a certain percentage of the sales of the downline is also earned up to a fixed level deep down the Unilevel MLM plan.


No Compensation overflow

When compared with other MLM plans, the MLM company can restrict the compensation amount and can avoid overflow.


Adopted as Universal MLM Plan

As it is easy to run an MLM business with this plan, it is a universally adopted business model by most of the MLM companies.

Unilevel MLM Software Demo

Look into our Unilevel MLM Software Demo and analyze the efficiency of our MLM Software. The demo of Unilevel MLM Software shows its features, rules, commission calculation, and compensation parameters.
Our software supports all range of MLM organizations varying from small scale to large scale MLM business.

Unilevel MLM Software

Unilevel MLM Software is a web-based application that assists the unilevel MLM plan and monitors downline income and expenditure, manages the manual work of the MLM companies more effectively.

Rating of 4.9 out of 5 from 37 reviews Rated 4.9/5 based on 37 customer reviews

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