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What is MLM Software?

Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) software is a solution that offers new-age automation and digitalization to MLM companies. It helps MLMs to embrace new ways of marketing and provides strong digitally manageable framework for their network. MLM software helps to build and maintain stronger relationships with distributors and gives robust automation tools for managing network marketing business.

Multi-Level Marketing Software

Why do we need it?

MLM software contributes to the creation of a more efficient and effective network marketing sales force by automating monotonous processes, generating brilliant insights, and delivering intelligently calibrated tools to manage an MLM’s operations.

Trade with Unique Store

Display your products in web-based online shopping carts that are unique in their showcase

Lead Generation
Get leads and scale-up

With excellent lead generation tools, you can learn more about your potential clients and nurture your marketing funnel.

Order Management
Keep good track of orders

Keep track of order history andapprove and disapprove orders in a timely manner.

Multi Payment options
Let users pay conveniently

Increase payment convenience to users by ensuring more payment options and gateways.

Back up
Secure data with backup

Back up your data to keep it safe from loss through an effective backup system inbuilt MLM software.

Simplify Onboarding
Simplify Onboarding Newbies

Use user-friendly tools to quickly enroll new members and appropriately position them in the genealogy network.

Compensation Management
Compensate Deservedly

With an error-free binary MLM calculator, you can track, calculate, evaluate, record, and distribute pay deservedly.

Strengthen Networks
Make Better Relationships

Recognize, reward, support, and build better relationships with distributors up and down your business line.

Social Marketing
Be Popular in the Market

Use easy promotional tools and share compelling content and develop your network.

Team Building
Build Growing Teams

Using effective interactive technologies, form collaborative teams and assure transparency and strength.

User-Friendly Design

Manage your MLM software with an interface that is easy to use, reliable, and well-equipped for network management.

Secure Payments
Feel Safe about Transactions

With E-Pin, secure payment gateways, and E-wallet solutions, feel safe about your monetary transactions.

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Top 20 Key Features in MLM Software

To improve a network marketing business, it is vital to have comprehensive set of features that provides best-in-class automation solutions.

01 An Insightful Dashboard

A dashboard that offers brilliant insights about:

  • blue-tick-iconProfitability
  • blue-tick-iconBonus & commission Comprehensions
  • blue-tick-iconMember joining and leaving analytics
  • blue-tick-iconTransactional Insights between members and MLM

02 E-Commerce Integration

An E-Commerce platform with a good user experience supported by great tools, multi-vendor support, and payment integration is the best integration an MLM can have

03 Multi-Lingual Feature

With multilingual features, language becomes no barrier to anyone trying to expand their network overseas.

04 Multi-Currency Feature

Multi-currency features removes the hassle by allowing users to use multiple currencies.


05 Genealogy Tree

Which illustrates how each member is affiliated with one another and gives a quick brief of their details.

06 Sponser Tree

Represents the existence of each member in relation to his sponsor or referral.

Choose MLM plans that can best suit your Business Model Check MLM Plans

07 Real-Time member engagement reports

Insightful reports can help MLM companies to make informed decisions, craft good strategies, and budget better. A few of such reports include.

Commission Report

Shows different commissions accrued to each member, related tax, and net amount payable.

Bonus Report

Shows different bonuses accrued to each member, related tax, and net amount payable

Payout Report

Such reports can show the status of the payout against each member with comprehensive details in respect of it.


08 Member Profile Management Dashboards

A comprehensive member management Panel enables to manage member profiles, generates and secures password data, and allows members to share documents that contain sensitive information.

This panel provides ways to update and view active and deactivated members and seamlessly set roles, ranks, and configurations based on different metrics.

09Order or Store Management Features

These features can show accurate data of total customers and orders as well as displays comprehensive details of customers, orders, and invoicing.


10 Customer Relationship Management

CRM inbuilt MLM software can help in integrating and analyzing different operations and customer relationships which helps to hold existing members and customers and make more conversions.

11Members’ ranking and performance metrics

These metrics keep track company’s top performers and can come in handy if you’re looking to motivate and reward anyone who defies expectations and works hard.

Following are the useful statistics of Team performance provided by MLM software

  • tick-out-icon Top earners
  • tick-out-icon Rank Overview
  • tick-out-icon Rank Performance Report
  • tick-out-icon Top Recruiters
  • tick-out-icon Package Overview
  • tick-out-icon Rank Acheivers Report

12 Commission Management Features

Solutions for commission management can help to better track, manage, calculate, record, and distribute commission to deserved members on predetermined metrics.

13 Replicate website feature

Get replicated website functions, as well as a range of design templates to pick from and easy customization options.

14 Auto Responder

Auto Responders eliminate the time and effort required to follow up on crucial leads.

15 SMS Integrator

SMS Integrator to send notifications about any activity in the network.

16 CMS Technology

Content management systems that can assist to manage the content of the vendor’s website.

17 Enabled to do White Labeling

MLM software should give you full branding capabilities for your sales documents, like custom icons and letterhead. You’ll save time with templates that can be used over and over, instead of building invoices from scratch each time.

18 Accounting

Accounting systems that shall provide error-free and accurate calculations of bonuses, commission, and such other expenses and income

19 Social Media Marketing Tools

Promotional tools that help to market your digital products or services

20 Easy Onboarding Tools

User-intuitive tools that can easily onboard newbies and place them accurately in the genealogy network.

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Level up your MLM business operations

MLM software implementation offers a full range of perks that can drive your MLM business to its maximum potential.

Workflow Automation
Easy customization
Reduce human labor
Reduce human errors
Upkeeps Technology
Improves Sales
Remote accessibility
Increased transparency

The Best MLM Software in 2022

Choosing the best MLM software is not an easy task. There are many things that decide what makes an MLM software suitable and the best to afford. For that you need to compare the features, reviews, price, and support of each MLM software.

The Technology used in Top MLM Software

The technology used to develop software has a significant impact on its performance. As a result, it’s important that MLM software be designed using solid technologies, development platforms, and developers who are skilled in the latest programming languages. The following are a few of them.

























How to choose the Right MLM software?

Choosing the most appropriate MLM software mainly depends on who you are and what kind of MLM software best fits your specific needs. Here are a few factors to consider :

01 Industry Expertise

Choose software developers that have a good reputation for providing the best software solution and support with a clear idea of the needs, challenges, and technological demands that your business will face.

02 Integrations

The right MLM software is one that integrates with strong and useful integration and one which joins well with other business applications and APIs.

03 Pricing of MLM Software

The Right MLM software will have a perfect blend between features and pricing. MLM Software at the right price will have all the needed features and functionalities at the right budget.

The price of MLM software shall vary and depends on your needs and the following factors

MLM plan


MLM Plan


Design Elements


Learn more about MLM Software pricing here

04 Demo

Understanding an MLM Software is best possible by experiencing its features through a Demo. There are few MLM software that provides free Demo for interested parties.

Try MLM Software Demo here

05 Additional Capabilities

Choose MLM software that provides unique features or extended capabilities

06 Security

MLM software you choose to purchase should have a robust technology to keep its data secure and have granulated user controls

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What type of MLM software buyer are you?

For MLM companies who are merely start-ups

A combination of Unilevel MLM Software and the Unilevel MLM plan is the best option available for organizations that are just getting started because they are easy to consider, implement, and administer.

MLM Companies that have a linear compensation flow

Such companies require MLM software with timestamp options to record when a new member joins and options to track commissions when it goes up the ladder.

MLM firms with a sizable workforce

MLM software that has developers with good industry experience, skilled staff, and a software development hierarchy is best for such a class of companies. They must avoid deploying rent-based MLM software solutions.

MLM companies with Unilevel Compensation plan

This class of buyers requires a Unilvel MLM software that can accurately calculate commission that accumulates on numerous downline members in the Unilevel network.

MLM companies with Physical Products

MLM companies with digital products should implement an MLM software with E-Commerce integration that has user-enhanced digital displays.

MLM companies with Binary Compensation plan

For binary plans that have a more complicated structure and more structured framework, having tailor-made Binary MLM software on its side will help to deal better with various frameworks of accommodating members and calculating compensation.

Demo/Free Trial for MLM software

It is essential to try a Free Demo of MLM software to get a better understanding of its utility. The majority of MLM software development companies are hesitant to offer free trials. However, there are some MLM software development companies that offer a free MLM software demo that covers almost all of its features and functions.

Different Types of MLM Software

Binary MLM Software

Binary MLM Software offers comprehensive solutions for digitalizing and automating Binary MLM companies. This software simplifies distributor management, generating and managing leads, and configuring the business network, rankings, and compensations based on predetermined metrics.

Unilevel MLM Software

This Unilevel MLM Software has effective tools to assist in automating MLM operations and bringing digitalization to the network marketing business that follows the Unilevel MLM plan. It can provide brilliant insights, analytics, helps in lead generation, accurately calculates and distribute commissions and meet easy back-office administration.

Matrix MLM Software

Matrix MLM Software can help in solving the MLM needs for digitalization and error-free automation and management for companies that follow the Matrix MLM plans. It has efficient tools to funnel leads, accurately calculate and distribute compensations and simplify various other functions of MLM companies.

Experience the best features of MLM software with Free Demo Free Demo

Things to consider while implementing MLM Software


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