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Ecommerce MLM Software Integration: Create Memorable Shopping Experiences

Streamline product purchase, repurchase, registration, product order, product delivery, and more. Experience our user-friendly, customized alternatives for the front-end of your website with data sources and applications that run the MLM ECommerce integration system.

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What is MLM Ecommerce?

MLM and e-commerce are two business models which have thrived in the 21st century. These two extremely successful business models come together in MLM Ecommerce. It combines the best of both models thereby, reducing risk and escalating earnings.

As we know, e-commerce is the selling of goods and services online. In MLM or network marketing, you trade products and enlist others to do the trading for you. Your earnings come from the goods you sell plus the commission from the business of your drafted sellers. Your recruits can also enlist dealers on their own, forming another row of dealers below them. This creates multiple levels and royalties flow through every level.

When the MLM system is implemented over the internet and selling, network management, and commission payouts are done online, it is called MLM Ecommerce.

Advantages of Ecommerce MLM software

One-Stop Solution

Product listing, orders, purchases, shipping details, order confirmation, the number of merchandise sold, etc… can all be integrated.

Flexibility and Customization

High flexibility, customization, ease of development, use of modules extensions, templates, multi-store functionality, etc… are provided.


High scalability and security. Prerequisites for comprehensive upgrades ensure the scaling of the business more efficiently.

Increased Productivity

Raises productivity by growing the network. As the network grows, sales increase and the more publicity the scheme has, the more money you make.

Why Ecommerce MLM Software Integration?

Ecommerce is making a notable impact on MLM businesses. Infinite MLM software eases complications and provides several advanced options and helps the growth of your business. Let’s see why a user-friendly, reliable, simple, and elegant ecommerce software like Infinite MLM is vital for your business.

  • Easier member management
  • Reduced lead times and quicker delivery
  • Calculate earnings, sales, and incentives of each member along the hierarchy
  • An all in one solution for managing your MLM business
  • Gain more profit

Features of Ecommerce MLM Software Integration


The most reliable and simple way to describe the hierarchical connections in the network is using up lines and down lines. The generation structure overall view of the network works. And it can be customized according to the user’s demands.


Each user’s wallet is properly maintained including bonuses and rewards like a virtual bank. Users can use their wallets for upgrading membership or purchasing products.


The level commissions can be handled by the admin. Each level conclusion will be shown in their generation. With every level finish, level bonuses will be transferred to the user and his upline.

Leader Bonus

Top MLM systems always have various rewards and incentives. It is essential in boosting product sales. We offer top-tier leader bonuses for members in Infinite MLM software.

Membership Management

Infinite MLM software implements membership management in which the admin can control membership packages and prices within the network. Depending on packages, referrals and level bonuses will be assessed and deposited in the user’s wallet.

Mail System

The internal mail system is a notable feature in Infinite MLM software. Using internal mailing, the user can message other users and communicate with the admin.

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