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Infinite MLM software offers a comprehensive software incorporating Board MLM plan that focuses on the compensation structure within a Board MLM system. The software offers flexibility and scalability by seamlessly integrating with a variety of compensation plans, including binary and matrix

Board MLM Plan

What is Board MLM Plan ?

The Board MLM plan is a MLM compensation structure where distributors are arranged into a board or matrix. In the context of MLM plans, a board refers to a group or matrix of distributors within a specific MLM organization. The board is typically structured in a specific format, such as a 2×2 or 3×3 matrix, where distributors are positioned in a hierarchical order.

The commonly adopted board MLM plan is a 2×2 board plan wherein each member has to recruit two other people.

How Does MLM Board Plan/Matrix Cycle Plan Work?

The Board Plan MLM is a 2X2 Matrix Cycle where members are entitled to commissions when a specific number of entries in the Board/Matrix Cycle are completed. Members can earn commissions when a specific number of entries are completed within a board/matrix cycle. As such, the genealogy tree represents the structure of the MLM network. Upon joining, members are allocated a blank board and must fill columns by recruiting associates.

The number of columns may vary by company, and commissions are awarded as columns are filled. This plan limits sponsorships to two-member legs on the first level and limits downline depth to two levels, allowing for a completed Matrix Cycle of 6 people. This structure fosters a dynamic and compact network, encouraging members to work closely with their recruits to achieve their commission goals.

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Commissions in Board MLM Plan

Here, we are considering a 2×2 board MLM plan. There are two kinds of commissions in board plan MLM, namely referral commission and cycle commission.

Board MLM Plan

Referral Commission

Distributors are now able to receive commissions or other incentives for introducing new clients or distributors to the business. As such, they are encouraged by this bonus to actively promote the goods or services and broaden their clientele, which promotes company expansion.

Board MLM Plan

Cycle Commission

It is a commission given to a participant in the MLM plan after they finish a cycle. A collection of 2×2 matrices with active members is typically referred to as a cycle. The amount of the cycle commission is typically expressed as a percentage of the overall sales produced by cycle participants.

Bonuses in Board Plan MLM

Leadership Bonus

Board MLM offers leadership bonuses for distributors reaching certain ranks. This motivates them to expand their teams and recognize their ability to build strong networks.

Sponsor Bonus

Distributors are incentivized to recruit new members into their downline. This boosts their income and network, and fosters a culture of recruitment and team-building.

Level Bonus

Level Bonus by Board MLM rewards distributors for advancing within the board by sharing in their downline’s sales and commissions. Thus, this ensures a consistent income stream.

Rank Achievement Bonus

The Rank Achievement Bonus rewards distributors for reaching ranks.This motivates them to aim higher and achieve greater success in Board MLM plan.

How does Commission Calculation Work?

Board MLM Plan

Usually, MLM companies collect a one-time joining fee from every distributor, which in the case of Matrix Cycle Plan is a commission. But, at the time of completion of the matrix cycle by the allocation of 6 members in the network,

Board-plan MLM companies usually pay out a compensation of two times that of joining fee. The admin panel has the authority to set the commissions, like 100$.

If you are looking for a network marketing business that offers maximum earnings potential, simplicity, flexibility, and support, then the board MLM plan is the perfect choice for you. Clients can select from single board, two board, or multiple board MLM plans. Additionally, they can tailor the board splitting amount to suit their specific requirements. Contact us today, for further information.

Options Available in Board Matrix Cycle

Within our Board Plan MLM Software, we incorporate the following features for matrix cycle management.

Board MLM Plan

Board/Matrix Cycle Plan commission setting

Board MLM Plan

View Boards

Board MLM Plan

Search board

Board MLM Plan

View board Commission

The MLM Board Script offered by Infinite MLM Software serves as your pathway to success, providing an opportunity to leverage the collective efforts of all board members to your advantage.

Board MLM Plan
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Board MLM Plan Reviews

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