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Infinite Direct Selling Software

Infinite direct selling software is the best direct selling software that offers network marketing solutions to direct selling companies in India and across the globe. The direct selling software is rich with exceptional features like advanced e-commerce support, website replication, easy compensation plans & many more to help direct selling company to streamline their sales process. We provide direct selling software pricing that is competitive and can be customized based on the needs of the business .

What does
Direct Selling Software do?

A direct selling software serves as a robust tool to optimize and streamline their business operations. With features like commission calculations, order management, and inventory tracking, a network marketing software helps to optimize their business processes and drive growth. With the best direct selling software, businesses can effectively manage their operations and maximize profitability in their direct selling business .

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Features of Direct Sales Software

Distributor Management

Boost distributor involvement to create goals and make smart decisions that will help your direct selling company succeed better as these efforts can keep distributors engaged.

Promotional Tools

Distributors can expand their presence and engage new customers in direct selling business. Prospects can use promotional tools to identify motivations to engage with network.

Secure Transactions

Secure transactions are possible in our direct selling software using a range of wallets. In the preferred wallet, you can store and manage commissions and bonuses thereby allowing distributors to stay active.

Advanced Analytics

Our advanced analytics can help you turn your direct selling business data into practical decisions. Analyze previous data to spot trends and challenges, and meet your requirements in real-time.

E-commerce Store

Process everything from order to delivery to boost your E-commerce operations in direct selling software. Easily manage various locations’ inventories depending on product requirements.

Inventory Management

Our direct sales software keeps track of updates, and alerts you regarding the state of your inventory, ensuring that your clients have a seamless online shopping experience.

Lead management

Network marketing software with sophisticated lead management streamlines the sales process & empower direct selling business to nurture relationships, increase sales, and grow their business.

Commission management

Efficient commission management is a key component of a best direct selling software, helping network marketing solutions to incentivize their downline and maximize profitability.

Theme switcher

Users of the back-office software can alter the colour scheme. Users can use this feature to customise the software to their needs and make their workspaces more appealing and interesting.

Experience Unmatched Sales Growth with Infinite Direct Selling Software

Infinite MLM Software provides the best direct selling software to help grow your business. With our top MLM software, you can streamline your direct selling company and make it more efficient. Our direct selling software offers customizable solutions to fit your unique needs and help you achieve success in the industry. Count on Infinite MLM Software to boost your business’s growth potential.

maintain standrds icon

Maintain Standards

Maintain your direct selling business performance standards.

transparency icon


Ensure transparency among all members of your direct selling network.

smooth functioning icon

Smooth Functioning

Ensure smooth functioning of your direct selling business processes.

boost profits icon

Boost Profits

A profitable and cost-effective network marketing solution for our customers.

boost productivity icon

Boost Productivity

Enhance the productivity of your distributors in direct selling business.

motivate members icon

Motivate members

Provide increased motivation to the members of your direct sales network.

Solutions for Streamlining Business Role Management

Our MLM back office software can be tailored to meet your specific requirements, allowing you to assign and regulate multiple roles for users across various business segments.

Business Management Resources

The use of admin-specific tools gives business administrators the privilege to easily manage and monitor business networks. By utilizing these tools, the admin can configure business rules, compensation criteria, role management, and other relevant activities.

Tools for Distributors

Distributors can easily track their sales, set goals, measure achievements, manage multiple wallets, and more with the help of BI-powered tools that provide valuable insights into their progress, activity levels, and predictive analysis reports.

Solutions to Boost Back-Office Support

The back-office support team has access to various tools that can be used to assist current and new distributors in the network. By establishing a solid strategy to support the team and monitor their progress, any issues can be addressed in a timely manner.

Tools for Business & Finance Staff

Accurate financial decisions can be made in a MLM business with the aid of effective financial tools, enabling business and financial personnel to establish financial stability with precision and accuracy.

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