Infinite Inventory Software/Point Of Sale Software

Infinite inventory software is one of the Add ON module from Infinite MLM Software. An inventory software is responsible for managing the business in an organized way. This arranges your the and the stock of your product in a scheduled manner. This also helps you to track of each products in a such way that this will be useful for you to interact with your clients with an effective way creating a positive ambience in customer relationship. While going deep into the features and characteristics Infinite inventory software turning out tobe a complete “Point Of Sale” software assuring high reliability, ease of use, portability and rich functionality. Why an Inventory Software ? For the people who runs or manages MLM Business with an inventory should need an inventory software. An Inventory software helps you to enter item details and arrange or view items according to their serial numbers. You can even attach custom notes to each and every item. This will indeed help you to manage the business much easier.

Features of Infinite Inventory Software:

Inventory Management As said before, this includes managing the products such as listing the number (or) quantity of products, its serial number, availability date, keeping track of the product etc. In such a way when you track your product, this eases the complexity of knowing where each and every product is reaching. Arranging Financial Details with a Multi-Pose Multi Currency Support For the business people who are managing business with multiple currencies, arranging different currencies in a matter of time is “something good” to hear. ie, Even if your business environment is complex (consider that you run business in US, Germany and France), you can arrange Dollar, Euro/CFP franc easy. Managing Business based on the Country This is another feature that allows you arrange the business according to the country. You can assign stock/product details for different countries according to their country. You can set separate custom stock/product details for each country. Franchise Management In the case of the MLM Business, Franchise management is highly important while considering the inventory sales. Infinite inventory software helps you manage your Franchise details accurately. This includes assigning stock for a franchise, his/her current status of product sales, etc. Altogether Infinite Inventory Software ease your business by ensuring 100% Ease Of Use & Reliability. Infinite Inventory Software includes a dedicated business application which is designed to track and manage product sales, purchase, delivery of goods and other production and distribution process. This comes with a tracking system to give a complete accounting of all the shipping and storage details. Sub modules of Infinite Inventory include, 1 Item

1.1 Add Item 1.2 Edit Item 1.3 Delete Item 1.4 View Item

2 Order

2.1 View Order 2.2 Deliver Order 2.3 Cancel Order

3 Stock

3.1 Add Stock 3.2 Edit Stock 3.3 View Stock 3.4 Stock Status

4 Shipping

4.1 Set Price 4.2 Edit Price 4.3 List By Country 4.4 Shipping ID Country 4.5 Affiliate ID 4.6 Quantity

5 Sales Report
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