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What is Monoline MLM Software?

Monoline or Single leg MLM Software is a web-based application that helps manage the Monoline plan and also keeps track of commissions earned and makes reports systematically. Monoline MLM Software is optimized for all MLM-related activities.

What is Monoline MLM Plan?

Monoline MLM Plan is a straight line MLM Plan which consists of only one leg for each member. It is also known as a single leg MLM Plan or linear MLM Plan. The concept is as simple as the name suggests. It’s all about falling into the same “mono” (single) line.

In the coming years, the monoline MLM Plan could be the most popular MLM plan in the multi-level marketing business. The most interesting facet of the monoline MLM plan is that it has only one leg to work. Every member automatically goes down once a new member joins. You stand a chance to receive monthly revenue which overrides everyone below you, even those you do not sponsor.

How does the Monoline MLM Plan work?

The monoline MLM plan, also known as the single-leg MLM plan, can be considered an upgraded version of the forced matrix plan. A particular number of slots are mandatory to be filled up in the forced matrix plan. But in the case of the monoline plan, there is always a chance to earn whenever a new person joins the network.

Refer to the example you see above. All members are placed in a single line. When (1) adds (2), (1), and (A) earn a referral bonus amount. This continues in a way by completing the chain, allowing (A) to earn the matrix bonus and re-enter back on the bottom of the line.

There is no limit or no mandatory level for this plan to work, and profit shares can be divided. The monoline plan is completely based on the first come first serve methodology. A lot of new mlm companies are choosing Monoline due to its popularity.

Bonuses in Monoline MLM Plan

Basic compensations which one can earn through monoline MLM compensation plan are:

Referral Bonus / Sponsor Bonus

Referral Bonus or Sponsor Bonus is the bonus earned when a user refers or sponsors any new member. He/she will get a certain amount as a referral bonus. Similarly, a user can attain maximum benefits from a sponsor bonus by referring unlimited members.

Rejoin Bonus

Rejoin bonus is the special feature of a single-leg MLM plan. A user will get a bonus if he/she gets free re-entry back into the system. As the monoline MLM plan is a single-line plan, the user can get many re-entry bonuses as the system grows.

Matching Bonus

Matching Bonus will occur in cases when a user gets the bonuses like referral bonus or rejoin bonus, then the sponsor will also get the same advantage. Both user and sponsor will get the bonus at the same time. This kind of bonus is called a matching bonus.


Advantages of Monoline Compensation Plan

Early bird advantage

You stand the chance to gain more if you join early. This also encourages new members to join quickly, which aids in the company’s rapid growth.

Simple business plan

Newcomers often find it difficult to understand many MLM compensation plans. Monoline is one of the simplest MLM plans, and anyone can follow it easily.

Earn consistently

Members get the opportunity to make money from the moment they join the network. As the company grows, all the members can consistently earn a steady income.

No targets or deadlines

Another aspect that makes the plan perfect for beginners. There are no targets or deadlines in this plan. This eases the pressure on newcomers and helps them perform at their best.

All members get incentives

In the monoline compensation plan, all members earn incentives from the growth of the company. All members can make profits as the company makes a profit.

Why choose Infinite MLM Software for Monoline MLM Plan?
Website for every member

Offer the option of having a personalized website for every distributor in your monoline MLM plan with Infinite MLM software.

Integrate CMS

Integrate a content management system into your website and take control of all the activities on your site.

Always be in the know

Keep track of what is happening in your network at any time with the various in-depth reports.

Integrate E-commerce with MLM

Combine online product sales with your monoline MLM plan with our E-commerce integrated MLM software.

A comprehensive visual tool

Get the complete view of your monoline MLM network with the genealogy tree view of Infinite MLM software.

Manage transactions

Send, receive, or store money in your personal digital wallet with complete transaction history using E-wallet.

Manage your profile

Update, make necessary changes, and maintain your profile at all times using our profile management feature.

Support multiple languages

Take your network global and make it easy for users from all parts of the world to use your software with multi-language support.

Make transactions global

Simplify the transaction process for users from all over the world by supporting multiple fiat and crypto currencies.

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