A genealogy tree is a strategic marketing tool or an inverted tree diagram used to explain the structure of an MLM business. It shows how your network marketing business is structured and how you might be able to grow your business over time. It’s a visual representation of how each member in the tree is connected to the other. To summarize a genealogy tree is the graphical representation of the members in the form of a tree and helps to understand the rank, upline, and downline of a member. The structure of the tree is based on the MLM plan and the user’s position.

How to view  Genealogy Tree ?

Go to  Network –  Genealogy Tree

The further down – downline members can be viewed by clicking the down  arrow buttons as shown in the below screenshot.


How to “easily” view member details ?

When you draw your cursor  on a member it will show the details of Member Joining date , Right and Left BV , Right and Left Carry ,Personal BV and Group BV.


How to easily find the downline members ?


Enter the username of the member and easily get directed to the branch of the tree which shows a particular member and his downlines.

How to view details of the Downline Members?

Step 1 – Go to Downline members button (on the upper left corner of the dashboard)


Step 2 – Select the  number of levels till  which you want to view  the details of the downline members.