Infinite MLM Software – Versions

Version 15.0

Release Date: August 2022

Upgraded New Tech Stack

Summary: Version 15.0 of Infinite MLM Software comes with some significant updates in the language and frameworks used in its development. The new update will introduce Python 3.9.0 to the commission engine. Laravel 9 framework has been implemented and there has been a language version switch from PHP 7.4 to PHP 8.1. With the successful implementation of React in the last version update, the user side has now embraced the introduction of Node.js microservice for user-side activities with the help of the Express web application framework.


  • Changes in stack.
  • Updated tech.
  • OpenCart new version.
  • UI improvements.
  • Increased speed.
  • Enhanced Performance.

Version 14.0

Release Date: February 2022

React Implementation, Updated User Dashboard, and Improved Functionalities.

Summary: Version 14.0 of Infinite MLM software welcomes the implementation of React on the user side and a makeover to the user dashboard. React comes with advantages such as increased speed, flexibility, performance, and usability. The user dashboard has been completely redesigned to provide a fresh new look. The software now has a distinct aesthetic appeal because of the updates to the dashboard. The scalability and general functionalities of the software have also been upgraded.


  • Implementation of React code on the user side.
  • Updates to user dashboard.
  • Enhanced scalability and general functionalities.
  • Increased speed, flexibility, performance, and usability.

Version 13.0

Release Date: July 2021

Redis Caching, UI changes and Latest Features

Summary: Version 13.0 of Infinite MLM software welcomes UI changes and implements the latest features in menus, views, and dashboards. UI improvements have been made on the user side of the software. Redis caching is implemented to improve the system speed. A few changes have been done to the user dashboard. The profile view in the profile management menu has been updated. The packet management menu and privileged user menus have been updated. Changes have also been made to the network tree view.


  • UI improvements on the user side.
  • Redis caching implemented to improve system speed.
  • Changes to user dashboard.
  • Updated profile view in the profile management menu.
  • Changes in packet management menu.
  • Changes in the privileged user menu.
  • Updated the network tree view.

Version 12.0

Release Date: November 2020

With Overall Enhanced User Interface & Advanced Settings

Summary: Version 12.0 is introduced with an enhanced user interface for business, e-wallet, e-pin, payout pages of admin, and advanced setting configurations for filtering, sorting, and pagination included for the same pages. With cutting-edge technology, our development team upgraded the theme and design of many features and introduced a customized dashboard. The latest version 12.0 is enriched with advanced settings and an overall easy user interface. The advanced features are as follows.


  • New theme integrated for e-commerce store with the updated open cart version 3.
  • Introduced change placement function to change the position of the user in the Genealogy tree
  • Introduced change sponsor function to change the position of sponsor in the sponsor tree.
  • Advanced options in binary commission settings to block PV of the inactive users.
  • Tweaked admin settings to have separate options for advanced settings and commission settings.
  • Introduced options to customize the dashboard.
  • Included advanced report for the PV history of the user.
  • Advanced settings to configure username length.
  • Enhanced the design to configure mail content.
  • Introduced back-office options to approve pending orders raised via the e-commerce store.
  • Enhanced user interface for business, e-wallet, e-pin, payout pages of admin with advanced filtering, sorting, and pagination options.
  • Updated E-commerce store with options for subscription/autoship and to upgrade packages.
  • PHP upgraded to the latest version 7.4

Version 11.0

Release Date: January 2020

With Extended Features and API Integrations

Summary: Version 11.0 is introduced with more configurations for commissions/rank and with high-end technologies our expert development team upgraded the design features to provide new reporting features and a new look for the user dashboard. Advanced security and customized options for signing up with our MLM system via API integrations. The latest version is now equipped with all extended features and a user-friendly interface to satisfy the changing requirements of our clients. The extended features of version 11.0 are as follows:


  • New reports like sales reports, commission reports, and payout released reports, are introduced in the user module.
  • Advanced configuration of level commission based on genealogy level and package.
  • Advanced configuration of rank based on rank criteria like downline rank, calculation period, referral count and many more options.
  • Options to customize the form fields during sign up.
  • Overview of the package and rank in the user dashboard.
  • Advanced calculation of binary bonus based on the bonus criteria like sales volume, sales type, binary pair type.
  • Configuration of matching bonus based on criteria like bonus level, genealogy, and member package.
  • Configuration of repurchase sales commission based on criteria like sales commission, sales commission distribution.
  • Extended design for the user dashboard.
  • New expanding option design for genealogy tree.
  • Multiple user registration/migration with the help of excel sheets.
  • E-wallet balance reports, business summary reports, business summary transaction reports are introduced in the admin module.
  • The next rank criteria are introduced in the user dashboard.
  • Enabled with Two-factor authentication using the Google authenticator app.
  • Options for API Token configuration.

Read on the detailed information on Infinite MLM Software Version 11.0

Version 10.0

Release Date: January 2019

More Bonuses with Highly Augmented Features

Summary: Version 10.0 is introduced with the calculation of Additional Bonuses, Advanced Rank Commissions and Advanced Sponsor Commissions. The latest version is a designed with more elegant and complete User-friendly interface for all your MLM needs. It is well crafted by our team of expert developers with the most modern and advanced techniques. Another highlights of our new version is the KYC module and Mailgun Implementation.


  • Calculation of Additional Bonuses like Matching bonus, Fast Start Bonus, Infinity Bonus, Performance Bonus etc.
  • Calculation of Advanced Rank Commissions based on different criteria such as Downline Count, Team Sales etc.
  • Advanced sponsor commission calculation based on Sponsor Rank, Sponsor Package, Joinines Package etc.
  • Implementation of KYC module
  • Mailgun Implementation
  • OTP verification
  • Generation of reports like monthly revenue reports and detailed fund transfer reports
  • Genealogy Tree Tooltip Configuration
  • Manual package upgrade from admin side
  • Auto Membership reactivation using e- wallet
  • URL routing
  • Epin refund option
  • Social media sharing option for promotional tools
  • User choice to payout release type
  • Transaction Error Report in Admin side

Version 9.0

Release Date: April 2018

Enhanced Features

Summary: Version 9.0 is upgraded with PHP version 7, Codeigniter Version 3.1.2, Smarty Template Engine Version 3.1.4 and Opencart Version We introduce Donation MLM Plan and HYIP (High Yield Investment Program) as an addon and MLM Plan. We have updated our existing features with new looks and redesigned dashboard along with user-friendly options. Dashboard options have been included with vector graph, sticky notes, joining details (for a month, year and day) and social media followers display. Hence our software has moved up with more enhanced high-end additional features.


  • HYIP integration that manages hourly/daily/weekly/yearly plan
  • Joining Graph with membership/package joining count display as progress bar
  • Vector graph  as per the joinings of region
  • Replication and LCP link share option, for facebook, google plus, twitter
  • Social media followers display and its configuration
  • New member placement configuration, configuration may be left, right, no preference for binary
  • Option to fix binary leg – change it as left leg, right leg, no priority
  • Package wise calculation for following(both mlm and opencart side)
  • Membership package upgradation
  • Display payout release by admin and user request in same page, also it’s status can be change from admin side.
  • Option to cancel user request for withdrawal before processing.
  • In the user side of binary plan, option to select their default leg.(available if no leg settings from admin side)
  • All details shown in replication page is configurable
  • Transaction password reset option & extra languages

Version 8.0

Release Date: May 2017

Advanced Options

Summary:The version is updated with more options like Repurchase, Package Validity, Bitcoin integration with block trail, Tree Updations, CodeIgniter version upgrade and Open cart version upgrade with re-designed dashboard. Provided with completely new and different looks also with improvised user experience.


  • Repurchase module: Added product purchase from MLM software.
  • Membership expire: Added package validity.
  • Bitcoin integration: For registration, repurchase, payout release.
  • Tree updation: Position changes and user delete from genealogy tree, sponsor change.
  • Binary leg pv updation history: Date wise pv update details.
  • Admin confirmation for cash on delivery purchase: E-commerce.
  • Introduced user friendly error pages.
  • Cache clear option: From admin side.
  • Extra details added in dashboard: Top five recruiters, top five earners, Reminders.
  • CodeIgniter version upgraded to 3.1.2
  • Opencart version upgraded to

Stair step plan features: The Stair Step Compensation plan has many similarities with the Unilevel Compensation plan. When a distributor achieves a predefined personal referrals and group volume, he/she will move up a step until he/she reaches the top most step. We are introduced stair step plan with stair step view of achievement.

Version 7.0

Release Date: October 2015

More Add-Ons

Summary:  Provided with multiple Add-Ons for customization such as Multi Currency, Ticket based Support System, Lead Capture and Auto-Responder System, Tools for Promotions, new Replicated Website etc.


  • Multi-Currency System: Admin can add/update currencies
  • Lead Capture and Auto-Responder System for Marketing
  • E-commerce Integration(Magento & Opencart)
  • Tools for Promotions: Text Invites, Banner Invites and Social Invites
  • Ticket-based Support System for users
  • New Replicated Website
  • Multi-theme option
  • Introduced Redesigned Mail System with new option to view sent mails
  • Unilevel and Binary Downline Reports
  • Added security features

Version 6.0

Release Date: October 2014

Multi Payment Options

Summary:  Mainly focused on improving payment options. Integrated world famous payment gateways E-pdq-Barclay and along with the existing payment options including PayPal, credit card, E-pin and E-Wallet. Included Party Plan and party plan software demo. More joining methods like Free join/Active/Inactive options are introduced.


  • Integrated different Payment Gateway ( E-pdq-Barclay,, Paypal ).
  • Introduced rank system.
  • introduced Captcha in the login page.
  • Introduced SMS setting
  • Search Employees.
  • Introduced change username option.

Party Plan features:  We expanded our demo service with party plan, Party plan is a type of promoting or marketing products through a social event like home based party. During this social event, the products will be displayed for sale.Opportunity is more focused on the product and the personnel commission if the product is sold.

  • Setup Party
  • My Party Portal
  • Host Management
  • Guest management

Version 5.0

Release Date: April 2014


Summary:  Moved the software into to the Responsive version using Bootstrap technology, which provides entire new looks and improvised user experience, and supports all popular os platforms like Android, IOS, Windows in all smartphones, tablets and more.


  • Added new menu tools
  • The genealogy tree loads fastly in the same page.
  • Added sponsor tree in binary and unilevel plan
  • Brand new admin and user  dashboard

Version 4.0

Release Date: April 2013

High-End Features

Summary:  This version is highlighted with numerous features and redesigned the dashboard for better user experience.


  • Module Activation E-Pin, E-Wallet, Employee, SMS, Referral status
  • Add Employee Module, Add A new Employee, Set Permission, Employee login
  • Payout Release Settings, Payout Release from E-Wallet Balance, E-Wallet Payout Request, Default Payout Release.
  • Added New languages Chinese, Portuguese, German
  • Added one Board plan in Binary
  • Bulk compose mail -send message to all users added
  • Added dynamic content in different languages, Terms and conditions, Welcome letter
  • Options for uploading and downloading documents
  • Binary spill registration
  • Added a Direct Registration link in Menu by typing sponsor detail

Version 3.0

Release Date : April 2013


Summary:  The main highlight of this version is codeIgniter and Smarty Framework, This version is translated all the MVC code to codeigniter and smarty to get the high-end features like security, Multi-language, Scaffolding, Templating, Caching and also support a lot of library for making fastening the development process etc.


  • Support Templating
  • Support Caching
  • Support Multi-languagesEnglish, French, Spanish
  • Redesigned the User Dashboard
  • Added Security Features

Version 2.0

Release Date: March 2011


Summary:  This version is converted from the entire code v 1.0 to the MVC Model framework.It’s a new jump to the MVC model. To get the high-end features of MVC, it also changed the dashboard design for better user interface. This version also added a more configurable option like network configuration, report configuration, referral configuration and genealogy tree view with easy display distributor status, content control.


  • E-pin setting like length, alphabet only or alphanumeric
  • Added transaction password when generating e-pin, view pin, e-wallet e-pin purchase etc
  • User Name Settings: Random Username, Generating Manual User Name, Order Username with Prefix
  • Fund Transfer: user can transfer the e-wallet balance to another user
  • Multiple Employee/ Privileged User:  Add Employee, Set Permission
  • Pin Purchase:  Customer can purchase pin from his e-wallet balance.
  • Referral Configuration: admin can set the referral amount and its status
  • My Referral: To show the details of direct referrals
  • Network Settings: Matrix or Unilevel Plan
  • E-Pin allocation: admin can allocate e-pin to the user
  • Inbox: Add reply Mail, Add read and unread mail (different color), Add Pagination

Version 1.0

Release Date: December 2010

Initial Version

Summary:  The initial version of infinite MLM Software only includes basic features of MLM Software, the software, This version supported the compensation plan binary, matrix and unilevel.

Version 12.0 has been released !!!
With Highly Augmented Features
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