Support System / Ticket System

Support systems are an integral part of every business and business software. Effective communication between the service provider and customers is the backbone of every good business. Ergo, we provide a high-end support system to our customer as an add-on facility in our Cost Effective MLM Software. Our support system is included with ticket system so that the customers can get a solution to their issues based on ticket priority.

Infinite MLM software maintains a focused support system which is designed to handle queries based on several techniques viz,  tickets, web forums and telecalls. The ticket system works in a unique way. It generates tickets for the queries in a priority-based manner and checks the status periodically. The support also features some default solutions and other options using which the users can find out the answers to frequently asked enquiries. Our support system also features Email alerts, canned replies, attached files, spent time on each ticket, responses and rating of article’s, prevention of spam, presentations, multilingual and more.

Our Main Features

Centralized support system.

A modernized integrated support system to manage customer queries over various sources such as emails, web forms, and telecalls.

Plan. Prioritize. Execute

To plan and organize tickets based on the priority and examine the status, and keeping updated on the following resolution.

Self Help Desk

Custom designed fields to get the exact information on the products, apart from requesting and replying.

Right information.Right instant.

A modernized integrated support system to manage customer queries over various sources such as  emails, web forms, and telecalls.


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