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Automatic Payment Processing-Payout/Payin

The Infinite MLM Software provides high-end user-friendly support in the payment process. We have a profound expertise and experienced professionals for developing all payment gateway methods. Infinite MLM Software offers wide-range of payment gateway options for our customers, to facilitate the payment process around the globe. We provide a secure mode payment transaction by using credit cards, debit cards and many other alternative payment methods. Through our Automated Payment Systems, our customers get a high-speed, affordable and reliable online payment process with top-notch security. We integrated Customized Network Marketing Software with almost all popular and widely used secure options of payment gateway integration including The ePDQ-Barclaycard, Authorise.net, Paypal, E-pin, E-Wallet, Credit card operations and we are ready to integrate with any other advance payment gateways which meet our criteria.


The Main payment supporting systems are


The ePDQ-Barclaycard

Barclaycard is the on-line and card payment service of the British multinational bank and financial giant Barclay’s. The ePDQ-Barclaycard is a part of the visa network, and this is the widely-used credit card in Europe and UK. We integrated our MLM software perfectly with ePDQ-Barclaycard and associated services.



Authorize.net is one of the largest on-line payment gateway providers in the world. They allow traders to transact using the card and electronic check payments through their Web site over an IP connection, To make more flexibility in the online transaction, we successfully integrated our Infinite MLM software with eAuthorize.net.



Paypal an American on-line payment and money transfer method, One of the most popular payment gateway around the World. Infinite MLM Software is integrated with Paypal and offering our customers a chance to use the most convenient on-line transaction method.


Credit Card / Debit card

The most popular method of online transaction. We have the expertise in integrating our Infinite MLM software with almost every credit and debit cards providers including visa, maestro, master card, E-PDQ Barclaycard, Authorise.net and more.

We have the resource to integrate with any payment gateway options including
Payment Gateways Supporting Countries Pay In Pay out Website
Paypal Worldwide Yes Yes www.paypal.com
CyberSource Worldwide Yes No www.cybersource.com
i-payout Worldwide No Yes www.i-payout.com
Liberty Reserve Worldwide Yes No www.libertyreserve.com
SolidTrustPay Worldwide Yes No www.solidtrustpay.com
Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) Worldwide Yes Yes www.bitcoin.org, https://www.blocktrail.com
HIPAYWALLET Worldwide Yes Yes www.hipaywallet.com
eway Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdoms, Singapore and Canada Yes No www.eway.com.au
Skrill Worldwide Yes No www.skrill.com
hipay France,Belgium,Italy,Portugal,Spain,USA,Brazil Yes No www.hipay.com
Alliedwallet US,Russia,China and UK Yes No www.alliedwallet.com
Authorize.net United States, Europe Yes No hwww.authorize.net
First data Worldwide Yes No www.firstdata.com
NMI United States Yes No www.nmi.com
Brain tree North America,Europe,Asia Australia Yes No www.braintreepayments.com
CC Avenue India Yes No www.ccavenue.com
EBS India Yes No www.ebs.in
Barclaycard Europe Yes No www.barclaycard.co.uk
Payfast South africa Yes No www.payfast.co.za
beekash Turkey Yes No www.beekash.com
redsys Spain Yes No www.redsys.es
payu India Yes No www.payu.in
Hipay direct dubai Yes No www.hipaydirect.com
Bluepaid US,Europe Australia Yes No www.bluepaid.com
Sofort Germany No Yes www.sofort.com
ePay.bg Bulgaria Yes No https://www.epay.bg/
PlatiPosle Bulgaria Yes No https://platiposle.bg/
myPOS Europe Yes No https://www.mypos.eu/en/home
BlueSnap Worldwide Yes No https://home.bluesnap.com/
Payline US Yes No https://paylinedata.com/
Perfect Money Hong Kong Yes No https://perfectmoney.is/
Payza UK Yes No https://www.payza.com/
Payeer GEORGIA, RUSSIA Yes No https://payeer.com/en/
Amazon Payment Gateway Worldwide Yes No https://aws.amazon.com/api-gateway/
Mollie Netherlands Yes No https://www.mollie.com/
Saferpay Wordlwide Yes No https://www.six-payment-services.com
Recurly US Yes No https://recurly.com
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