Auto Responder

An Auto Responder automatically sends predefined messages or emails to leads or downline members, streamlining communication and follow-ups. People use an autoresponder to capture names and email addresses of potential clients. It’s usually a system designed on the internet, which might either be a service to subscribe to or might be something used as an alternate storage.


How does Auto Responder Works?

  1. Lead Capture: MLM distributors generate leads through various means and collect email addresses from individuals who have shown interest in the MLM opportunity.
  2. Autoresponder Setup: The MLM distributor sets up an autoresponder system that allows them to create and schedule a series of email or messaging sequences.
  3. Message Sequences: The distributor creates a sequence of pre-written messages. These messages provide information about the MLM company, its products, compensation plan, and success stories. They also address common questions, objections, and concerns that prospects may have.
  4. Schedule and Intervals: The distributor schedules when each message in the sequence should be sent. Messages are sent every few days or once a week, to maintain consistent communication and engagement.
  5. Personalization: Many autoresponder systems allow for personalization by including the recipient’s name and other relevant details in the messages to make them feel more tailored to the individual.
  6. Trigger Events: Some autoresponders can be triggered by specific actions or events, such as when a lead subscribes to a mailing list, opens an email, clicks on a link, or takes other actions. This allows for more dynamic and responsive communication.
  7. Building Relationships: The autoresponder series aims to build a relationship with leads by providing valuable content, addressing their concerns, and gradually guiding them toward considering the MLM opportunity.
  8. Call to Action: Each message typically includes a call to action that encourages the recipient to take a specific step, such as signing up, attending a webinar, or contacting the distributor for more information.
  9. Tracking and Analytics: Autoresponder systems often provide tracking and analytics features, allowing distributors to monitor the open rates, click-through rates, and overall engagement of their messages.

Features of Auto Responder System

  1. 1. Create and customize message sequences, also known as email drip campaigns. These sequences can be tailored for different purposes, such as lead nurturing, product promotions, or team training.
  3. 2 .Personalize messages with recipient names and other relevant details and create a more personalized and engaging communication experience.
  5. 3. Schedule when messages in a sequence should be sent. The system should allow for setting specific intervals between messages to maintain consistent communication.
  7. 4. Track and analyze features to monitor the performance of messages. Users can view open rates, click-through rates, and other engagement metrics.

Types of Auto Responder System

  1. 1. Bulk Emailers
  2. Bulk emailers enable you to send messages to a list you’ve imported. You can send the same message multiple times to the same list, or different messages in each send.  
  3. 2. Open Loop Autoresponders
  4. Open-loop autoresponders are becoming increasingly rare as many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) filter out emails from them. Today, you can use open-loop autoresponders effectively by self-hosting, which can be expensive and is best suited for those with technical expertise.  
  5. 3. Closed Loop Autoresponders
  6. Closed-loop autoresponders require you to generate your own leads through a lead capture page. They boast the highest deliverability rates, but they do not allow you to import purchased leads into their system. With closed-loop autoresponders, you can establish a series of messages to be sent to prospects over time.  

    Advantages of Auto Responder in MLM

    1. Efficient Communication
    2. Timely Follow-Ups
    3. Consistency
    4. Scalability
    5. 24/7 Availability

Components of an Autoresponder

  • Capture name : capture names and email addresses and even telephone numbers.
  • Send scheduled Emails : For example: if u want to send 5 emails. Instead of sending it each day, you can set all the 5 emails in advance and give instruction in such a form so as to send the emails in an interval of 1 day to the people in the list and further you can extend it to one year period.
  • If at all a new entry comes to you, then tag them along with the other list.
  • Send broadcast Emails : If you want to send an email on a particular date, you don’t have to remind yourself and send on that particular day. Instead, you can add it to the list of the emails to be sent. This is very important when you launch a new product or take the sales of others product.
  • Link to blogs
  • Link to social media : get better titles and headings and you may get more people

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