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Selon les Stratégies moderne commercialisation à paliers multiplesou MLM, il y a un certain nombre de régimes de rémunération MLM des quels vous pouvez choisir. Chaque régime a ses propres avantages et limites. Avant d'entrer dans le marketing de réseau réel de l'environnement, il est vital d'aquitaine l'actuelle et des tendances de la commercialisation. Pour les entreprises de marketing à plusieurs niveaux, le choix d'un MLM Software sera assez facile car ils savent sur le réseau actuel des plans de marketing. Mais dans le cas d'un débutant, il faut beaucoup de temps pour étudier et comprendre comment chaque Plan MLM va fonctionner. Nous allons voir les possibilités de chaque plan de rémunération MLM

Binary Plan

The Binary Plan is a simple and popular compensation plan used in MLM. It is a two-legged structure that promotes teamwork and offers attractive rewards while encouraging company and distributor growth. This plan is widely used because of its simplicity. Most MLM companies opt for this simple plan with detailed planning and strategy.

Matrix Plan

Matrix MLM Plan is a compensation scheme in which members are arranged in a fixed number of rows and columns. Since the width is restricted, companies can recruit more distributors in the downline and maintain a fixed set of primary members. The plan is equally beneficial for part-timers and those who pursue network marketing full-time.

Unilevel Plan

The Unilevel Plan has only one business level, and all the downlines of a distributor are positioned directly in that level. There is no concept of spillover and the recruiting efforts of a distributor are directly profitable for them. Companies use this plan because of its flexibility, earning potential, and simplicity.

Board Plan

The Board Plan is a compensation structure suited for a network of limited members. As the name implies, a board is the highlight of this plan. 2×2 board plans are commonly used, in which each member has to recruit two other people to the network. There are many variations for the board plan including the single, multi, shuffling, auto-filling, etc.

Monoline MLM Plan

Monoline Plan has a simple business model that anyone can easily understand. This compensation structure is also known as single leg MLM Plan or Linear MLM Plan. You will receive monthly income which overrides all the members underneath you, even those you did not recruit. It is the best way for new companies to introduce themselves to the market.

Party MLM Plan

Party Plan MLM is one of the most common, profitable, and easily recognizable compensation structures used today. Distributors promote the plan by arranging social gatherings in which products will be displayed and demonstrated. Cosmetics and kitchen utilities are the most common products sold using this plan.

Generation MLM Plan

The Generation MLM Plan's functionality is based on profit sharing. It is also called Gap Commission Plan, or Repurchase Plan. The plan is often considered to be a powerful compensation scheme that can pay up to many levels deep. Your results and income will be very much dependent on the performance of your downlines.

Gift Plan

In the Gift Plan, members send gifts or donations to someone and stand the chance to receive gifts from multiple members of the network. As the plan is based on a "give and take" concept, it is also called a Donation Plan or Helping Plan. This plan is commonly implemented in crowdfunding initiatives and donation endeavors.

Stair Step Plan

In the Stair Step Plan, a distributor and their team breakaway after they reach the top rank. This breakaway team is then placed as a new tree or leg directly below the admin. This team then functions as a new group beneath the admin. Members can develop larger teams and accumulate commissions from deeper downline levels.

Australian X-Up Plan

The Australian X-Up Plan is a variation of the popular Unilevel MLM Plan. Members of the network have to pass up their first X sales to their upline. After passing up the first X sales, members can gain their earnings from their upcoming sales. The plan can be infinitely deep and can pay large amounts of commissions on product sales.

Hybrid MLM Plan

The Hybrid MLM Plan combines the best parts of multiple MLM compensation structures. The most popular combination is a hybrid of Unilevel and Binary plans. These plans can be customized according to the requirements of the company. Hybrid plans eliminate the weaknesses of the plans and highlight the positives.

Australian Binary Plan

The Australian Binary Plan is a variation of the tri-binary MLM plan. Members have the option to choose options to sponsor more than two direct downlines. They can also develop additional parallel legs apart from the conventional left and right legs. Commissions can be generated comparatively quickly in this plan.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Which compensation plan is best in MLM?

    There are many different types of MLM plans implemented by network marketing companies today. It is difficult to choose one as the best compensation plan in MLM. Binary, Matrix, Unilevel, Generation, Board, Party, Stair-Step, etc are some of the most commonly used MLM plans.

  • How many compensation plans are there in MLM?

    Even though there are countless MLM plans used today, all of these are variations of three basic MLM plans. All the different plans we have today are derived from the Matrix, Binary, or Unilevel MLM plans.

  • How do I create an MLM plan?

    If you feel like none of the existing compensation plans suit the business model of your company, then you can come up with one yourself. Make sure that the plan is not highly complicated and suits the products that your company is selling.

  • What is a hybrid MLM plan?

    A hybrid MLM plan can be a combination of any two different MLM plans. The binary and unilevel plans are often combined by many MLM companies to great effect. The hybrid approach takes the best parts of both plans and eliminates the weaknesses.

  • How to choose a good MLM plan?

    Choosing the right MLM plan is one of the most important things to do in any network marketing business. As there are many options available, the focus must be to select a plan that reflects your vision for the company. The right plan will help your business grow and act as a solid foundation.

  • What is the highest-paying MLM compensation plan?

    The payments you receive from an MLM plan depend not just on the compensation plan, but also on the company you join. Different MLM companies use compensation plans in different ways. But the unilevel, binary, generation, and matrix plans are normally considered as the best paying.

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