This is also a graphical representation of the members of the system based on the referrals. The first level consists of the sponsor and the next level is his/her referrals and the chain continues to the next level.


Click on the Referral Members marked in red square as shown in the above screenshot. Now look at the below screenshot. Here, the downline users are listed based on the sponsor  and the level. You can view a specific user’s sponsor.  It also displays the total referral downline and total level count. Click on the icon marked in red square under the action field as shown in the below screenshot to view the sponsor.


Click on the arrow marked in red square in the below screenshot to view the sponsor tree
Click on the Change Sponsor marked in red square as shown above in the first screenshot to change the position of the sponsor. Enter the following details to change sponsor position.

*Select Username: Select the username for which the sponsor to be changed

* Select New Sponsor: Select the new sponsor name.

Click on the change button as shown in the above screenshot and it displays the pop up message “Sponsor changed successfully” indicating the new sponsor is added.