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Now E-learning Governance Is Made Easy & Simplified!!

Get access online at any time, from anywhere – Build an E-Learning platform with our White-labeled E-Learning Management System integrated with MLM software.

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Simplify Your Training With Our Customized E-Learning MLM Software

Dreaming to connect with the advanced cloud-based e-learning platform with easy governance? Get started with our customized learning management system integrated with our MLM software to build a learner’s network and meet your professional goals. Set your e-learning courses with a wide range of LMS features and refer the e-learning courses to other learners to build a network seamlessly.

Refer E-Learning & Get Paid

Integrate e-learning management system with Infinite MLM software to build your learners network and enhance your overall business.

E-Wallet Works In MLM Software

How E-Learning Management System Works With Our MLM Software

  • When the learner joins the network or e-learning management system and starts referring their e- learning courses to other learners and also makes them join the network or e-learning management system, then the learner earns the referral commission.
  • The learner also earns a certain percentage as commission from their downline’s commission for referring another learner in the network.
  • Introduce a network marketing chain of learners to build your e-learning business.

Built Under Single Portfolio -Learning Management System

Organize and manage learning with a centralized system

  • Create learning materials and concepts to go ahead with the online e-learning management system.
  • The one-step process to upload learning material and classify your courses as per your priority.
  • Support the best training with the different types of data media like Audio, video, PDF, Slide Presentations, etc
  • Equip space for e-courses with a virtual classroom experience.
  • Track the e-learning progress of all the users against virtual training courses
  • Make e-learning courses interesting by integrating special gamification feature elements.
  • Get customized daily/monthly/weekly or any specific date range reports to analyze individual or group performance.
  • Offer a valid course certificate after successful completion of the e-learning courses.
  • Build your e-learning brand by sharing the details of any achievements and successful completion of e-learning courses.
E-Wallet Works In MLM Software

Personalized Learning With Cutting Edge Technology

Open up a space for the online virtual classroom experience.


Globalized Multilingual E-learning Platform

Worldwide course seekers get benefited from a customized multi-language e-learning system.


Why Choose Our Learning Management System?

Step up your learning process with the advanced features and functionalities of a high tech intuitive learning module of MLM software.


A centralized mobile-friendly system

LMS is built on an advanced system and highly compatible with all mobile devices irrespective of its platform.


Fully Customized

A perfect LMS with fully customized options to make changes as per your priority and personalized learning requirements.


Flexible CMS-Content Management System

A flexible embedded content management system (CMS) to manage and build off-the-shelf training content of e-learning courses seamlessly.


End to end learning management

A platform that manages end to end e-learning by analyzing data to track learning progress, learner’s performance, and achieve learner’s engagement to streamline e-learning flow. This e-learning module helps to build useful insights to manage the overall system.


User friendly & Easily Accessible

A well-designed platform that is accessible to all age groups with user-friendly menu navigation to satisfy the learners and educator’s requirements and enhances the overall performance of the system.


Embedded with rigid secure layers

Equipped with two-factor authentication and GDPR compliant that makes it a non-vulnerable system with high secure multiple layers to protect all data at all levels.


Virtual Classroom Experience With Seamless Education Delivery

A perfect virtual classroom for educators and learners with easy e-learning administration tools and forms a collaborative network to enhance learner’s engagement with assignments or project models. Thus build your organization’s or institution’s brand.

Finally Custom Roadmap for E-learning Digital Transformation!

One-stop solution for a customized e-learning management system with easy to go steps

  • Develop Content
  • Manage system
  • Track Learning Progress

A perfect cloud-based learning management system equipped with exclusive features that align the e-learning requirements with your strategic goals.

  • Low Training Expense
  • Customized Pricing Model And Payout System
  • Built-in Tracking System
  • API Integration
  • User Profile Management
  • User Profile Management
  • Robust Report Generation
  • Multi-language Switching System
  • Data Storage System
Version 12.0 has been released !!!
With Highly Augmented Features
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