As the landscape of direct selling continues to evolve, Germany remains a vibrant hub for MLM businesses, with an estimated 16% of direct sellers earning an average income of around $421 million, while 8% achieve substantial earnings exceeding $41,137 million annually. In this blog, we delve into the thriving network marketing scene in Germany, exploring the companies making waves in various industries, from health supplements and wellness products to makeup and household goods.

Did You Know?

In Germany, 82% of participants in MLM are women.

Top MLM Companies in Germany 2024

Company Founded Year Founder Products Revenue
Vorwerk 1883 Carl & Adolf Vorwerk Household appliances $4 B
Jafra Cosmetics 1956 Jan Day & Frank Day Cosmetics $1.3B
Herbalife 1980 Mark R. Hughes Dietary supplements $5.06 B
Avon 1886 David McConnell Make-up, skincare, haircare $5.7 B
Amway 1959 Jay Van Andel and Rich DeVos Health, beauty, and home care products, $8.9 B
Tupperware 1942 Earl Tupper Home products $1305 million
Reico & Partner 1992 Konrad Reiber Pet food and animal nutrition 100 million USD
PM International 1993 N/A Nutritional supplements
and beauty products
$313 million
LR Health & Beauty 1985 Helmut Spikker Health & Beauty Care $65.1 Million
Mary Kay 1963 Mary Kay Ash Cosmetics $3.7 billion
Magnetix Wellness 1999 Petra Döring Magnetic jewellery design N/A
Ryzoom 2000 Albert Pucher Pet Food N/A
Karatbars 2011 Harald Seiz Gold bullions of 24 karats $100K-5.0M
Healy World 2013 Marcus Schmieke Health, medical $115M
Bofrost 1966 Josef H. Boquoi Ice creams, frozen foods $121M

Did You Know?

According to Statista, Vorwerk was Germany’s leading direct selling company with annual global revenues reaching over $4 B in 2023.

Overview on the Top MLM Companies in Germany

1. Vorwerk

MLM Companies in Germany

Year of Operation: 1883
Product: Home Appliances
Revenue : $3.4 billion


Founded by Adolf Vorwerk and Carl Vorwerk, the Vorwerk family business has thrived through sustainable strategies, boasting a legacy of success. Their products, renowned for innovation and quality, have continually captivated customers across generations.

Operating since 1883, Vorwerk stands as Germany’s foremost leader in direct selling. Specializing in household appliances, notably the Vorwerk Kobold Vacuum Cleaner, the company has achieved remarkable sales, reaching 3.2 billion Euros in 2022.

2. Jafra Cosmetics

MLM Companies in Germany

Year of Operation: 1956
Product: Cosmetic Products
Revenue : $1.3 billion


The company was founded in 1956 by Jan and Frank Day. The sales are done by Party Plan Method. Jafra were selling good quality beauty products at very affordable prices and Germans welcomed them with open arms. In 1976, they expanded to other countries in Europe and sold equally well. Till date, Jafra is huge in Europe, including Germany.

3. Herbalife

MLM Companies in Germany

Year of Operation: 1980
Product: Nutritional and Weight management products
Revenue: $5.5 billion


Herbalife has a rich history in the world as a prominent player in the direct selling industry. It sells weight management products, nutritional food products, energy and fitness products, targeted nutrition etc. It earned $5.5 billion in revenue in 2020, securing the third position on the DSN 100 list.

Herbalife is a company that is found all around the world working in 90 different countries and has about 9,900 employees. They also have a big network of about 4.5 million people who sell their products independently.

4. Avon

MLM Companies in Germany

Year of Operation: 1886
Product: Beauty,Household and Personal Care products
Revenue: $2.7 billion


Avon is one of the pioneers of the network marketing industry. The company is presently headquartered in London and sells make-up, skincare, bath and body, haircare, oral care, fragrance, jewelry, fashion, wellness, and daily essential products.

While reviewing the company as a whole, it’s clear to see the significant impact it has had on the MLM industry. Safety is a top priority for Avon, and you can trust that they really care about making sure their products are safe and high-quality.

5. Amway

MLM Companies in Germany

Year of Operation: 1959
Product: Health care, Beauty and lifestyle products
Revenue: $8.6 billion


Amway stands as a leader in the MLM business that sells health, beauty and home care products through direct selling. The company is based in Michigan, United States. Their global footprint stretches across six continents with a presence in more than 100+ countries and territories.

In 2018, Forbes recognized Amway as the 42nd largest privately held company in the United States. Additionally, it secured the top spot on the Direct Selling News Global 100 list for the same year.

6. Tupperware

MLM Companies in Germany

Year of Operation: 1942
Product: Home products
Revenue: $1.30 billion


Tupperware is a home products line that sells preparation, storage and serving products and has a worldwide presence. Based in Massachusetts, United States, the company has around 1.9 million representatives working under them. Infact, Germany is the second largest market for Tupperware.

7. Reico & Partner

MLM Companies in Germany

Year of Operation: 1992
Product: Pet food and animal nutrition
Revenue: $100 million


Reico & Partner has been selling high quality nutritional products for people, animals and plants since 1993 from Germany. In 2003, its current director Konrad Reiber revamped the company to focus on production of pet food and selling through direct sales. The pet food has been a favourite among pet owners since then due to high quality and unique flavours.

8. PM International

MLM Companies in Germany

Year of Operation: 1993
Product: Nutritional supplements and beauty products
Revenue: $2.35 billion


Based in Luxembourg and Germany, this company has a presence in over 30 countries with 150000 reps working under them. The company deals with nutritional products under the brand name ‘FitLine’ and beauty products under the brand name ‘BeautyLine’.

Economically independent, PM-International boasts a solid financial foundation. With significant and expanding revenue, the company has been acknowledged since 2011 as one of the Top 100 Distribution companies globally.

9. LR Health & Beauty

MLM Companies in Germany

Year of Operation: 1958
Product: Nutritional supplements and beauty products
Revenue: $0.18 billion


Founded by Achim Hickmann and Helmut Spikker in 1958, the company is based in Germany and sells nutritional supplements and cosmetic supplies. Even though the product is available throughout Europe, the major sales happen in Germany.

LR has established itself as an authority in Aloe Vera expertise and is among the largest manufacturers of Aloe Vera products globally. By utilizing LR products, individuals can enhance their health and well-being and also forge a prosperous future as an LR sales partner.

10. Mary Kay

MLM Companies in Germany

Year of Operation: 1963
Product: Cosmetics
Revenue: $2.7 billion


Mary Kay is an American cosmetic company that commenced its operations in 1963. It is the sixth largest network marketing company in the world and rakes in more than $3.7 billion every year. Mary Kay, with a worldwide presence extending across more than 40 countries, is supported by millions of independent beauty consultants who distribute its products.

11. Magnetix Wellness

MLM Companies in Germany

Year of Operation: 1999
Product: Jewellery and Wellness
Revenue: $14.9 million

Magnetix Wellness, established in 1999 by Petra Döring, has made its mark in the direct selling industry with a unique focus on magnetic jewelry design. Specializing in both men’s and women’s magnetic jewelry, the company also offers a range of wellness products. Despite its success and longevity in the industry, there remains limited independent information regarding Magnetix Wellness’s business practices, distributor income potential, and the effectiveness of its products.

12. Ryzoom

MLM Companies in Germany

Year of Operation: 2000
Product: Household goods, Nutritional Supplements, Cosmetics, Energy and Telecommunication Services
Revenue: $10.3k billion


Ryzoom is one of the topmost MLM companies in Germany. It is a startup MLM company with around only 9 employees. Klas Plate and Wilfried Maiworm were the founders of Ryzoom. The food products are sold via distributors and franchises. The food products contain meat content in them.

13. Karatbars

MLM Companies in Germany

Year of Operation: 2011
Product: Gold
Revenue: Between $10 million and $100 million


It is one of the topmost MLM companies in Germany. Harald Seiz is the CEO of Karatbars and they mainly focus on small gold bullion sales. It is one of the best platforms for customers to buy gold in small bullion, which are produced in Turkey. Cryptocurrencies are also backed by Karatbars to exchange with karatbar gold coins, or other cryptocurrencies, or fiat currencies.

14. Healy World

MLM Companies in Germany

Year of Operation: 2019
Product: Health Products
Revenue: $130 million

Through a network of independent dealers, Healy World markets small electronic devices aimed to have health-promoting effects, including claims of “harmonizing the body’s bioenergetic field.” These health assertions, which extend to curing dementia, autism, and infertility, have predominantly been marketed through social media platforms.
Healy World operates as a member of Direct Selling Association (DSA). wever, in 2022, Healy World faced penalties in Australia for violating marketing regulations.

15. Bofrost

MLM Companies in Germany

Year of Operation: 1966
Product: Frozen Food Products
Revenue: $141.1 million

An early pioneer of food delivery, Bofrost is the German company, which operates 5,500 vans delivering frozen goods across 12 European countries. Established in 1966, Bofrost has been providing frozen food directly to customers’ homes for over 50 years. It holds the position of European market leader in the direct sales of ice cream and frozen food specialties. Bofrost seamlessly delivers a variety of frozen products, including ice cream, freshly harvested vegetables, and delectable pan dishes.

Insights on MLM companies in Germany

There are numerous network marketing companies. However, there are a few important insights that one should keep in mind in evaluating an MLM opportunity diving in. Hence, the adage “look before you leap” is certainly applicable when discussing MLM businesses in Germany.

  • When it comes to MLM businesses, the German government takes no chances. They keep a close eye on these companies and have implemented stringent rules to guarantee that consumers are shielded from any pyramid schemes. Therefore, check to see if any MLM company as well as the MLM software in Germany is compliant with the law before you get involved.
  • Germans sure do take their health and wellness seriously! Therefore, it should come as no surprise that MLM businesses in Germany frequently concentrate on offering dietary supplements, skincare products, and other products that aid in weight loss. But remember, don’t sign up with just any direct selling business that sells these products. Make sure the business you select sells goods that you are passionate about and eager to share with the world.
  • Let’s be honest, we all want to know what’s in it for us, right? It’s important to carefully examine the commission plan of German MLM companies, though. These businesses frequently honour both recruitment and sales. So, if you hire some talented people, you can also profit from their sales! But, and this is important, make sure the compensation structure is open and equitable to avoid being let down in the long run.
  • Building a successful MLM business in Germany isn’t for the faint of heart. It takes guts, grit, and a whole lot of hard work. You cannot simply wait for the earnings to start flowing in; you need to build a network of recruits and consumers if you want to earn an adequate income. As a result, if you’re thinking about working in the MLM sector, make sure you’re prepared to put in the time and effort required to succeed.
  • The MLM industry has a poor reputation, which is no secret. But don’t worry, not all MLM companies are the same. Hence, research is essential in order to find a company that shares your ethics and values. You ought to pick an organisation that upholds moral principles, is open and honest, and in which you have complete confidence. This way, you can be proud of what you’re promoting and earn money with a clear conscience!

Global revenue of the leading direct sales companies based in Germany in 2023 (in Million US Dollars)


The network marketing industry in Germany is currently flourishing, and the cream of the crop of network marketing companies are featured on this list. However, it’s important to remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day, and achieving success in network marketing takes time, effort, and determination. As the saying goes, “slow and steady wins the race,” and it’s crucial to stay the course and persevere in order to reap the rewards. Ultimately, with careful research and a little bit of luck, these companies could be the golden goose that you’ve been looking for.
Cheers to a successful network marketing career!

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a lot of MLM companies out there, you can choose one from the list of Top 100 MLM Companies in the World.

Almost all the top MLM companies do operate in the Binary MLM Plan format. Some of the ones included in the list of Top 10 Binary MLM Companies are Amway, Avon, Herbalife , Tupperware, and NuSkin.

There are multiple companies which do provide high quality and Top MLM Products. It’s always better to choose the one which you have obtained the best results!

Yes, the Network Marketing Opportunities in Australia are plenty. There are various MLM companies that do have operations in this island country.

LR World mainly deals with Aloe Vera based skin care products, nutritional supplements, cosmetics, and perfumes. It was founded in the year 1985 in Germany by Andreas Friesch.

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