As one delves into the world of MLM health and wellness, Herbalife is one name that frequently emerges that sparks curiosity. The intrigue surrounding this particular MLM company has captivated many, prompting an exploration to unwind the reality behind its products and business structure. Join in this exploration as Herbalife is dissected from a neutral standpoint, aiming to provide an unbiased evaluation. This blog aims to equip you with comprehensive Herbalife MLM review, empowering you to make informed decisions about its offerings and business opportunities.

Herbalife MLM Review – The Honest Review

herbalife-mlm-company-review Established in 1980 by Mark R. Hughes, Herbalife has been a major player in the MLM industry for decades. The Los Angeles, California-based company, known for its nutritional supplements, weight-loss, and beauty products, quickly grew to become one of the fastest-growing and most controversial companies in the U.S. Initially, Hughes sold the company’s first products, weight loss shakes, out of his car in LA. Despite facing skepticism about the legitimacy of its products from doctors, nutritionists, and state and federal authorities, Herbalife persevered. It reached significant financial milestones, earning $5.5 billion in revenue in 2020, securing the third position on the DSN 100 list. With a global presence, Herbalife operates in 90 countries, supported by a workforce of approximately 9,900 employees and a vast network of around 4.5 million independent distributors and members. The company has faced challenges, including an FTC investigation and a $200 million settlement due to pyramid scheme allegations, yet it has continued its expansion into new territories, remaining one of the largest MLM companies worldwide.

Did You Know?

Herbalife has been an official sponsor of soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo and the LA Galaxy major league soccer team.
Herbalife's Net Sales Worldwide From 2013 to 2022

Herbalife Products

Herbalife’s international products include Formula 1, 2, and 3 nutritional shakes and meal powders. Additionally, they also offer Herbalife products for weight loss, vitamins, mineral and herbal supplements, Fibre supplements, energy drinks, sports nutrition supplements, fitness, skincare, and hair care products. The main products are:
  1. Core Nutrition
  2. The Herbalife Core Nutrition line comprises a variety of nutritional supplements containing vital vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Within this Product line, you’ll find multivitamins, meal replacements, protein shakes, as well as Formula 1, 2, & 3 supplements.
  3. Healthy Weight
  4. The Herbalife Healthy Weight product line is tailored to support herbalife weight management goals, offering an array of nutritional supplements and meal replacements designed for this purpose. Within this product line, you’ll find protein shakes, snack bars, and supplements intended to complement a balanced diet and exercise routine.
  5. Energy and Fitness
  6. The Herbalife Energy and Fitness line comprises a variety of products crafted to improve energy levels, enhance stamina, and optimize athletic performance while ensuring proper hydration. Furthermore, this product line includes pre-workout supplements, hydration solutions, and recovery formulas.
  7. Skincare and Haircare
  8. The Herbalife Skincare and Hair line presents a diverse array of cosmetic and personal care offerings promoting the wellness of skin and hair. Infused with botanical elements, antioxidants, and vital vitamins, these products are formulated to safeguard, enrich, and revitalize both skin and hair. Herbalife's Net Sales Share Worldwide in 2022, By Product Category

    Product Usage Tips

    1. Herbalife products are perceived to be safe for adults to use. However, it is strongly recommended to consult a physician before using, especially if you have any existing medical conditions.
    2. Many customers have reported initial weight loss and stagnancy of weight afterwards. So, be cautious and prepared.
    3. Prolonged use of these products may lead to complications such as constipation, so it’s important to monitor and manage intake accordingly.
    4. Pregnant women must consult a healthcare professional before using Herbalife products to mitigate any potential risks of nutrient imbalances or complications.
    5. While Herbalife products are primarily formulated for adults, children aged 4 years and older might use certain products. However, it’s essential to seek guidance from a pediatrician before allowing their consumption.

    Herbalife Compensation Plan

    The Herbalife compensation plan is basically similar to that of most MLM companies. The money you make depends on the number of products you sell and the members you recruit. If you sell a lot of Herbalife products, you can make more money. But actually, most of the money you make won’t come from selling products directly. Instead, it’s better to focus on getting lots of volume points from sales. That is, when you sell products, you get volume points. And when you reach a specific number of volume points, you move up and earn a higher commission on the sales your team makes. And speaking of downline, When your downlines buy products, you also earn volume points for their purchases. So, if you and your team order more, you’ll collect even more volume points. It costs $60 initially to become a Herbalife distributor. And you will receive products on a 25% margin. You earn volume points for every Herbalife product you purchase and the margin increases according to your monthly volume point value. If you buy or sell 500 volume points of Herbalife products per month, you will become a senior consultant and be eligible to start a downline. Once you start a downline, you stand to earn 10% commissions from their sales.

    In Herbalife you can join in 2 ways, as a customer and as a distributor.

    1. Herbalife Customers – These are the loyal customers who purchase Herbalife products either through distributors or directly from the company’s websites.
    2. Herbalife Distributors – Individuals who join Herbalife as network distributors. By entering Herbalife, they become both the member and distributor.
    But apart from these, in the USA and India, Herbalife also has a category called – Preferred Members. They are the wholesale customers enjoying a 25% discount and are eligible for further discount opportunities. However, unlike distributors, they lack the same membership privileges, which means they cannot resell products or establish a network within Herbalife’s MLM structure

    Pros of Joining Herbalife

    • Credibility
    • Herbalife has been around for more than four decades. It is one of the most well-known and recognizable MLM companies out there. People everywhere have surely heard about them.
    • Refund policy
    • Herbalife offers a one-year refund policy for new recruits. This can be a failsafe for people who do not have much experience in MLM. All the products that were unsold by distributors can be returned to the company within a year. And they will be refunded for it.
    • Sponsorships
    • Herbalife has many high-profile sponsorship deals that increase the credibility of the company. These sponsorships include Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the most popular football players in the world and LA Galaxy, the Los Angeles football team in Major League Soccer.
    • Charity
    • Herbalife is heavily involved in charities like Casa Herbalife, Herbalife Nutrition Foundation, and Herbalife Family Foundation. This has helped portray the company in a good light.

      Cons of Joining Herbalife

      • Allegations
      • Herbalife has been part of many lawsuits for suspicious business practices over the years. There have also been many allegations of it being a pyramid scheme. All of this has certainly damaged the reputation of the company.
      • Complaints
      • The company has been subjected to many complaints regarding its products and distributors. Few customers have had side effects from using Herbalife products and bad experiences from distributors. Certain distributors have also had difficulties in claiming their refunds from the company.
      • Overpriced
      • Herbalife’s products also suffer from typical MLM overpricing of products and services. Similar products from normal brands are available at lesser prices. No matter how good the products are, it can be difficult to sell them when they are overpriced.
      • Complicated compensation plan
      • The compensation plan of Herbalife MLM is highly complex. Also, too much importance is given to recruiting members over selling products. That is never a good sign in an MLM business.

        Allegations Against Herbalife

      • By 1982, Herbalife started receiving complaints from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regarding unsubstantiated claims about its products.
      • In 2011, a Brussels court deemed Herbalife an illegal pyramid scheme. Yet, following Herbalife’s appeal, a Belgian appeals court in 2013 supported Herbalife’s stance and nullified the initial ruling made by the lower court.
      • Herbalife MLM company remained under scrutiny by doctors, nutritionists, and various state and federal agencies.
      • In 2014, again there were accusations of operating an illegal pyramid scheme.
      • In 2016, Herbalife was asked for a $200 million settlement with the FTC for engaging in deceptive and unlawful acts.
      • Nevertheless, Herbalife skillfully portrayed these events as a victory, having avoided an official designation as a pyramid scheme. Herbalife continues to be hailed as a success story within the realm of MLM, sustaining its position to this day.

        Is Herbalife a Pyramid Scheme?

        As said in the above section, The FTC investigation of the pyramid scheme allegations of Herbalife was settled for 200 million dollars in 2017. Nearly 350,000 people claimed that they lost money trying to run a Herbalife business. Though Herbalie has faced many allegations, they still operate and the products are in high demand. Their sponsorships with popular sportsmen and clubs has reinforced the company’s credibility. In short, they are not labelled as pyramid schemes by the FTC.

        Our Verdict

        Herbalife is a genuine company that has been around for years and sells genuine products. But it can be difficult to earn significant money with Herbalife. Almost 50% of distributors have not made any money from the company. Here we have taken a look at what Herbalife is, its products, compensation plan, pros and cons of joining Herbalife, etc. Make sure to analyze all of these factors before you decide on Herbalife.
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