Network marketing is a cliché strategy used by most fraud companies to lure their customers to their business. There are too many people who fall for this pit. Most companies that route for MLM business are ambiguous about their compensation plans. Most of the members fall for their clever bragging. There are very few MLM companies whose business bragging turns out to be true.

Team National USA is a multi-level network marketing company that majorly finds its customers by providing membership which provides its members with cost savings. It was founded by Dick Loehr in 1997. Their membership in the Direct Selling Association (DSA), Dun and Bradstreet (D&B), and The US Chamber of Commerce gained them immense acknowledgment and popularity.

But does Team America run under a false facade? Is It a Legit or Pyramidal Scheme? Here is a quick review of Team America that can give you an understanding of Team America and how legitimate they are.

What does Team National Do?

Team National issue memberships that can help members cut their expenses and achieve cash rebates. This is made possible by negotiating with brands to lower prices and provide cash backs. Brands benefit from such negotiations by group purchases.

Team National Mission

Team National conveys a vision to empower its members with long term financial independence through cash rebates and expense cuts.

4 ways Team National claims to help its membership users

1. Group Buying Power

Members of TeamNational can save by spending less on essential items such as home and life insurance, home flooring and furnishings, cellular service, automobiles, jewelry, and many others

2. Factory Direct

Team National’s Factory Direct Department lets its members save when remodeling or refurnishing their house or office without the typical retail markup by letting them save big on mattresses, indoor furniture, outdoor furniture, flooring, grills, and other products purchased directly from the manufacturer.

3. Business Services

Simplifies, eases up, and sometimes eliminates the cost in payroll and payment processing, legal and technical solutions, and provides other benefits for business owners.

4. Rebate Programs

Members can get a rebate from hundreds of participating online retailers when purchasing from their marketplace

Team National Compensation Plans for Independent Marketing Director

Team National employs Independent Marketers far and wide to promote person-to-person direct selling through which the brands, as well as the marketers, can achieve huge financial benefits. Their independent marketer plans are open to anyone irrespective of their age, ethnic or social background. This also helps the brands to reach the remotest of places. How much markdown members can have on each essential item shall depend on the membership they select.

Team National Independent Marketers can be categorized into the following levels. The percentage of members that normally belong to each category of IMD is as follows

Representatives 69.7%
Believer 7.1%
Achiever 4.8%
Team Leader 6.6%
Rising Star 2.5%
Presidential 5.9%
Bronze 1.6%
Silver 0.7%
Gold 0.4%
Platinum 0.6%
Double Platinum 0.3%

If we look at the 2020 annual average income of each category of IMDs, 86.2% ( who mostly belong to the lower categories such as Representatives, Believer, Achiever, Team Leader, Rising Star, and presidential ) received no income, and 13.8% of IMD received a commission or bonus income (mostly belonging to a platinum, gold, silver, bronze category)

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Is Team National Legit Or Pyramid Scheme ?

Team National has everything that makes it legitimate according to MLM Laws and regulations. They urge independent marketers to showcase consistent integrity when showcasing their real IMD income and not to exaggerate potential incomes to lure more representatives to their chain.

  • Team America is a Registered Member of Dun & Bradstreet

Team America is a Registered Member of Dun & Bradstreet and a proud member of the United States Chamber of Commerce and Better Business Bureau of SouthEast Florida.

  • BBB Accreditation and Rating

Team National is Not BBB accredited but they have an A+ BBB rating.

  • Membership in Direct Selling Association

Team National has membership in DSA, an association relentlessly committed to policing, promote and protecting direct selling businesses and their independent marketers. Each Company that is a member of the Direct Selling Association pledges to comply strictly with codes of ethics, standards, and procedures.

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Team America is not a pyramid scheme and it has all needed compliance with laws and regulations. It has membership with some of the best direct selling policing authorities. But can they fill your pocket?

Each Independent marketer’s success shall depend on his experience, caliber, and hard work he puts forth. When taking membership in any of the MLM businesses it’s crucial to properly understand their compensation plans without any ambiguity. The accreditations, memberships, and ratings the company holds with authorized organizations are very important to confirm their legitimacy. Contact a local IMD to better understand how Team America works.

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