If you have experience in the MLM industry, you will have knowledge about different MLM plans. However, the number of individuals knowledgeable about the Sou Sou MLM plan may be relatively small.

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In this blog, we’ll provide you with more details about the Sou Sou plan and the Sou Sou flower software.

But before delving into the integrated Sou-Sou Infinite MLM software, let’s first understand what the Sou Sou savings scheme or Sou Sou MLM plan entails, as well as the Sou Sou flower software.

What is Sou Sou MLM Software ?

The Sou Sou MLM Software enables smooth and effortless execution of all operations involved in a Sou Sou MLM plan.

The Sou Sou MLM Plan works like this: a small group of individuals comes together and contributes money regularly, either weekly or monthly. All the contributions form a pool of money, which is then given to one person in the group according to a predetermined plan. This keeps happening in a rotating manner until everyone in the group receives their share. The Sou Sou software makes it easy for members to withdraw the money they have contributed whenever they need it.

Sou Sou Software – A Complete Setup Guide

  • Sou Sou MLM Plan

Sou Sou MLM plan is an investment saving scheme introduced by a US company to effectively plan and save your hard-earned money.

It is also referred to as a cash gifting or crowdfunding plan. It operates similarly to a gift MLM plan, where friends and family members have the opportunity to gift money to one another. Each gifting is seen as a gesture of blessing within this unique arrangement, often likened to a “blessing loom.”

Here the user will be provided a 2*3 board with 15 positions, where a user needs to introduce two other distributors to move to the next level of the board from the entry level and when the downlines introduce another two distributors, then the main distributor or sponsor will move to the next top level of the board and the downlines will move to the previous level of the sponsor i.e the entry level.

This is continued till all the positions of the board i.e 15 positions in 2*3 boards are filled and the main sponsor reaches the final top level of the board to complete the board with 15 positions and achieve the MLM gift from the 8 distributors in the bottom level or entry level.

  • Sou-Sou MLM Gifting

Sou-Sou is a money-saving scheme. Here a group of people regularly pay a fixed amount into a pool (cash pool) held by a sou sou collector. When individuals want to join this legitimate and legal Sou Sou scheme, they are required to give a specific amount of money as a gift to the member at the final level.

Within the Sou-Sou plan, there are 8 gift-givers, 4 coaches, 2 leaders, and 1 recipient. Every members’ role is to “bless” the recipient by giving them their designated amount of money. By doing so, you earn a “promotion” and become a coach. It is highly encouraged for you to enhance your coaching skills and strive to become a better coach within the system.

Let’s have a look at this in detail.

A new member gives a little gift of money and can hope to get the treasure pot in the coming weeks. Additionally, a total of eight people are added simultaneously to complete the initial level. During each weekly cycle, the members of the first level move to the next level by referring two individuals to join the network. This process is made easier with the help of online tools, particularly social media. It’s a simple task to share the earning potential with your friends and family through social media and by leveraging it, people can quickly find their pair members within the designated time frame.

When the 2*3 board positions are completed, all the 8 distributors in the bottom level or the entry level of the board need to contribute a certain amount as a gift during the gifting period. i.e when the main sponsor completes the board and reaches the top level of the board.

The main sponsor receives gifts from all the 8 distributors and will exit from the board or from the top position of board. Now the main sponsor will rejoin from the entry level to gift other distributors who reach the top level of the board. This rotation is continued till all the 15 distributors receive gifts from all other distributors of the Sou-Sou MLM plan.

Manually monitoring the whole process is tedious and now you can automate the Sou-Sou MLM plan using Infinite MLM software and get started with white-labeled Sou Sou MLM software or Sou Sou flower software.

Now you may wonder what Sou Sou flower software is? keep reading to know more

Sou Sou Flower Software – Everything You Need To Know About It!

The Sou Sou flower software is just like the Sou Sou plan software based on a flower model. When we look at the Sou-Sou flower diagram, we can observe that the Sou-Sou flower model comprises four levels or elements known as fire, air, earth, and water.

Let’s say a member joins the plan and gives $100 to the ‘water’ level member. When eight new members at the ‘fire’ level give money to the ‘water’ level members, those ‘water’ level members leave the arrangement. As a result, the ‘fire’ level members get promoted to the next level, which is called the “air” level. At this point, the arrangement splits into two, and the ‘fire’ members move up to the ‘air’ level. You can then bring in new members to fill the empty spots at the ‘fire’ level. These new members give money to the ‘water’ level members, and the cycle continues.

Once you successfully complete the ‘air’ level, you will be promoted to the ‘earth’ level. At this stage, you aim to reach the ‘water’ level, where all eight ‘fire’ level members gift or bless you with $800. When this happens, the arrangement splits into two, and you exit from the first arrangement. You then gift another ‘water’ level member and join the next arrangement as a ‘fire’ member by giving $100. This process continues in the same way. At the end of the first arrangement, the ‘water’ level member receives $800, and by giving $100 from that amount, you become a ‘fire’ member in the new arrangement. You can then save $700 from the earnings of the previous arrangement.

Sou-Sou Plan Integrated With Infinite MLM software

To optimize the benefits of the Sou-Sou MLM plan, it is always better to automate the process with automated sou sou software. Get started with white-labeled Sou Sou MLM software to make your own brand with customized features of Infinite MLM software.

Important Features Of Sou Sou MLM Software

Our software offers high-quality features that can be seamlessly integrated into the Sou Sou software, allowing for effortless management of all MLM-related activities.

  • Customized Dashboard & Easy User Interface
  • The dashboard of the Sou Sou software can be customized using only the required details on the dashboard like total payout released, the total commission earned, new members joined, top earners, etc.

  • Network Graphical Representation
  • The network formed by the distributors is easily understood with tree representation like Geneology tree and Sponsor tree, etc.

  • Automatic Payment Processing
  • A simple automatic money transaction system to automatically payout the different MLM commission for the distributors and integrated with popular payment methods like PayPal, E-Pin, E-wallet, Payeer, Bank Transfer, Blockchain.

  • Integrated E-commerce Store
  • An advanced open cart e-commerce integration to make online sales or purchases and earn sales volume.

  • E-Wallet Storage
  • Cloud-based e-wallet, a secure place to store your e-money and make use of it for online transactions.

  • Make Use Of E-Pins
  • E-Pin or e-voucher is a digital voucher that can be generated by the MLM software and can be allocated to the distributors for making secure business transactions.

  • Customized System Settings
  • All the system settings like commission, payout, e-pin, currency, user dashboard, the payment method can be easily configured with our MLM software.

  • Integrated Ticketing System
  • An advanced ticketing system is integrated with Infinite MLM software to effectively handle the queries raised by the customers.

  • Effective Reporting
  • All the sou Sou MLM reports like commission reports, payout reports, joining reports, E-Pin transfer reports are automatically generated with ease.

  • Integrated CRM
  • An advanced CRM system is integrated with Infinite MLM software to make your Sou Sou software more engaged with customer relationship management by tracking the ongoing or accepted or rejected leads of the Sou-Sou MLM business.


    In short, by integrating your Sou-Sou MLM Plan with Infinite MLM Software, you can transform it into a highly effective Sou-Sou MLM Software or Sou Sou Flower Software. This integration will allow you to maximize profitability by leveraging the advanced and automated features of Infinite MLM Software. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to revolutionize your Sou-Sou experience!

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