Much like tending to a delicate flower, nurturing your financial stability requires care, attention, and the right environment. This is where the sou sou flower money scheme steps in. As the saying goes, “A penny saved is a penny earned,” but the Sou-Sou Flower Money Scheme takes it a step further, allowing you to sow the seeds of your dreams alongside like-minded individuals. But here’s where modern technology takes this concept to the next level. Excited? Well, incorporating MLM software can amplify the benefits of the sou sou flower money scheme. Just as a flower unfolds its petals to reveal its beauty, we’ll uncover the layers of this scheme, while also discovering more about sou sou mlm software and sou sou mlm plan 🌱🤝

What is sou sou flower scheme?

A traditional sou sou flower money plan is an informal savings group with a long history in West Africa and the Caribbean. It is otherwise known as susu or or osusu or asue. A sou sou was originally only a savings arrangement amongst a dependable group of family and friends. A sou sou member take turns receiving payments according to an established schedule after contributing a set, equal amount of money to their shared fund on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis. As such, incorporating a crucial sales tactic into promoting and growing a sou sou community can significantly boost its popularity and success. For instance: Each week, a participant will get a $1,000 hand or cash lump payment if there are ten members donating $100 each week. After 10 weeks, the cycle starts over. Anyone with the means to do so may also double their donation and receive two hands of payment in one cycle.

Sou Sou Commission Plan

This Susu scheme follows two different models named

  • SuSu A: Flower Model
  • SuSu B: Diamond Model

Both the models follow the same commission plan where the only difference is with the joining gift fee. The joining fee for the SuSu Flower Model A is $500, the payout gift for each month is $4000, and the member positions are represented with elements whereas in SuSu B: Diamond model, the joining fee is $100, the payout gift for each month is $800 and the member positions are represented with colors.

Let us look into the two models and the commission structure to understand both the models.

#1. SuSu A: Sou Sou Flower Model

Here there 4 four elements named:

  • 1. Fire-8 positions
  • 2. Air-4 positions
  • 3. Earth-2 positions
  • 4. Water-1 position

By referring the above mentioned sou-sou flower chart, you can see that, In the sou sou Flower model commission structure, Fire position is the entry position where there will be 8 positions and they need to pay $500 as a gift to the water position. The person who reaches the water position will gain $4000 from 8 fire members of each $500.

The person who reaches the water position would have joined this model 4 weeks before and would have started from a fire position by making two other members join this scheme with their gift money of $500 each. The two members can be either from family or friends circle. These two members, in turn, can ask their friends or family members to join with $500 each.

This continues and the next week the person who joined in the fire position will move to Air position and then the next week the member will be moved to Earth position and then to Water position. When the person reaches a water position in the 4th week, he gains $ 500 from each member at 8 fire positions and gains $4000.

Then the person who gained $4000 will keep $3500 and will again go back to the fire position and donate $500 to the person who reached the water position. This cycle continues until the scheme period. When the member goes back to the fire position from the water position, the person need not pay an additional $500 as a joining fee.

#2. SuSu B: Diamond Model

Here the only difference is joining fee i.e $100 and the gift payout i.e $800 and the elements are replaced by colors.

  • 1. Red
  • 2. Turquois
  • 3. Green
  • 4. Blue

In the Diamond model commission structure, Red is the initial position like Fire position in the flower model and Blue is the final position like Water position in the sousou flower model and the process remains the same.

How does the sou sou flower scheme work ?

Having said all these, are you excited to discover the working of sou sou plan? Let’s roll up our sleeves and take a magnifying glass to its step-by-step mechanics. Step 1: Planting the Seed of Curiosity Just like a curious caterpillar exploring the world, participants in the Sou-Sou Flower Money Scheme start on a journey of financial companionship. Picture this: a group of people that work closely together and donate a set amount of money on a regular basis, opening up a variety of opportunities. And it’s not just money, they also share jokes and laughter! 😛 Step 2: Nurturing the Bud of Unity As the saying goes, “United we stand, divided we fall.” The Sou-Sou plan thrives on this principle. By distributing the pooled money in turns, each participant builds trust and a sense of community. Just like a garden needs cooperation from sunlight, soil, and water, Sou-Sou blooms when members come together 🌻 Step 3: Watering the Roots of Rotation Now, imagine a merry-go-round of funds where everyone gets their turn on the financial Ferris wheel. Each round, one lucky participant receives the pooled contribution. This rotation continues until each member has received their share, much like the cyclical rhythm of the seasons. Step 4: Blooming in Full Glory As the Sou-Sou flower continues to bloom, members reap the benefits of their patience and commitment. It’s like watching a garden flourish after patiently tending to it. The financial boost can be put to use for a variety of things, including paying bills, supporting initiatives, and taking advantage of investing opportunities. But don’t forget to use some of it to treat yourself to a well-deserved ice cream sundae, because you’ve earned it! 🍦 Step 5: Weeding out Risks Of course, every garden has its thorns. The Sou-Sou garden places a premium on trust. Only those who are as dependable as the constant sun rising each morning should be involved. A careful mindset is required to protect the integrity of the design, much as a watchful gardener pulls weeds that endanger the plants. Step 6: Picking the Fruits of Fortune Finally, after each participant has taken their turn, the Sou Sou flower money scheme comes full circle. Members have gained a sense of community and financial responsibility in addition to receiving their share of the pooled contribution. They get the benefits of their combined efforts, just like harvesting ripe fruits from a neat and clean orchard. Step 7: Spreading the Seeds of Wisdom Participants in the Sou-Sou system become advocates for this smart approach as they watch their financial gardens grow. Sharing their success stories enables them to show others that real goals are achievable with cooperation and dedication. It’s like scattering seeds of wisdom that have the potential to create more thriving gardens.

Benefits of Flower Money Scheme

In a world where financial stability can often seem elusive, the Sou-Sou plan emerges as a beacon of hope and opportunity. In the following section, we’ll walk you through the wonderful benefits of the Sou Sou Flower Scheme.

Customer Experience

Sou-sou plans can offer several benefits in terms of customer experience. Participants often appreciate the accessibility of funds without the need for credit checks or dealing with formal financial institutions.

Savings Discipline

Sou sou plan encourages regular savings as participants commit to contributing a fixed amount periodically. Participants are thus encouraged to save regularly, helping to develop a disciplined savings habit that might otherwise be difficult.

Access to Lump Sum

Participants in the sou sou flower money scheme have access to a large sum of money that they might not otherwise have. As such, participants get a pooled sum on a monthly basis, allowing them to cover emergencies or make large expenditures.

No Interest Costs

The absence of interest rates in sou sou relieves participants of the pressure of incurring borrowing expenses. As a result, participants have interest-free access to funds, which might be more economical than getting a loan from a regular lender.

Community Support

Sou sou plan encourages people to have a sense of belonging and support one another. As a result, participants depend on one another for contributions, developing companionship and trust while supporting one another’s financial objectives.

Types of Sou Sou Flower Scheme

Just as every petal brings a unique charm to a flower, each type of sou sou flower money scheme offers a distinct way to nurture your savings. Following are the various types of Sou Sou flower schemes:
  • Classic Sou-Sou Flower Scheme
  • Rotating Savings and Credit Association (ROSCA)
  • Accelerated Sou-Sou Flower Scheme
  • Flexible Sou-Sou Flower Scheme
  • Online Sou-Sou Flower Scheme
  • Business Investment Sou-Sou
  • Education Fund Sou-Sou
  • Charity Sou-Sou
  • Travel Fund Sou-Sou
  • Emergency Fund Sou-Sou
  • Real Estate Investment Sou-Sou
  • Healthcare Fund Sou-Sou
  • Wedding Fund Sou-Sou
  • Retirement Fund Sou-Sou
  • Now, let’s take a closer look at each of these schemes and understand them better.

    Classic Sou-Sou Flower Scheme:

    Every member contributes regularly, taking turns to receive collected funds. As the cycle progresses, each member benefits from the pooled resources.

    Rotating Savings and Credit Association (ROSCA):

    This is a rotating fund where members contribute regularly and take turns receiving the pooled money until all have received their share.

    Accelerated Sou-Sou Flower Scheme:

    Here, participants contribute more initially to receive a larger payout later. This strategy helps members achieve larger financial goals later.

    Flexible Sou-Sou Flower Scheme:

    This type allows for variations in contribution amounts or frequency to accommodate participants with different financial capacities or goals.

    Online Sou-Sou Flower Scheme:

    Thanks to technology, Sou-Sou schemes are now online. Online platforms make it easier for participants to join and manage contributions.

    Business Investment Sou-Sou:

    These are pooled funds directed towards business ventures, not personal use. Members take turns receiving funds to support their entrepreneurial ventures.

    Education Fund Sou-Sou:

    Geared towards educational expenses, this is designed to help members save for educational pursuits, such as tuition fees or professional courses.

    Charity Sou-Sou:

    Here, people contribute to a pooled fund that is then donated to a good cause or utilized for neighborhood improvement initiatives.

    Travel Fund Sou-Sou:

    This sou sou flowermoney scheme lets participants pool their money to save for vacations. Each participant takes a turn contributing to their ideal getaway.

    Emergency Fund Sou-Sou:

    Participants make regular contributions, and they have access to the pooled funds in the event of an emergency.

    Real Estate Investment Sou-Sou:

    Members share in the returns after making contributions toward the purchase of real estate or real estate investments.

    Healthcare Fund Sou-Sou:

    The purpose of this type of fund is to help members pay for unforeseen medical bills by pooling resources.

    Wedding Fund Sou-Sou:

    This kind of strategy can be used by couples or individuals who are planning to marry to help save money for the big day.

    Retirement Fund Sou-Sou:

    A long-term variant that participants contribute to, ensuring a stable financial future through their retirement savings.

    How To Apply To Avail The Services Of Sou Sou Flower Money Scheme ?

    Customers can apply to make use of this scheme via their online portal. They can use either their mobile phones or personal system to access this online portal. In this scheme, customers will be able to engage their family members or friends to invest their money.

    SuSu Money scheme prompts you to deposit a specific amount of money within the specified time ( either monthly or weekly or bi-weekly) into their account. It is like a rotating club, where all the customers or the created group of customers deposit a certain amount of money within the specified time or monthly and it builds the total fund required as per the plan. Then periodically the amount will be distributed to any single person from the group. In this way, it allows all the customers to get a chance to earn the total fund each month or as per the timeline.

    The Important Specifications Of Sou Sou Flower Savings Scheme

    Look into the important specifications of Sou Sou scheme:

    • The company is enriched with long years of experience in this online business scheme.
    • They have designed a perfect online platform to accomplish this scheme in order to solve the financial crisis.
    • It connects with established financial organizations and offers social banking solutions.
    • It is completely on a secure platform and ensures the safety of all the customer’s accounts.
    • It attracts high sales opportunities with a lower rate of interest.

    Debunking Pyramid Scheme Claims About Sou-Sou

    The company is trying to collaborate with other companies and it has expanded its business due to its dedication towards this savings scheme. Many middle-class customers had been benefited out of this savings scheme. Many customers have posted positive feedback regarding this scheme on various social media channels. Many positive reviews are overflowing stating that they have succeeded in saving their hard-earned money.

    The customers are really excited that the company is expanding and they will be able to save more money for their future purpose. Saving money is really challenging and Sou Sou customers are able to move ahead with this challenge by making changes in their daily routine. Customers have also shared many videos and articles regarding their experience with the Sou Sou scheme.


    Remember, “In the garden of finance, the sou sou flower money scheme is the rarest of blooms.” As we conclude this blog, keep in mind the words of Warren Buffett: “Do not save what is left after spending, but spend what is left after saving.” With Sou-Sou, you’re not just saving; you’re sowing the seeds of a prosperous future, one petal at a time. So go ahead, let your financial garden flourish!

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