Are you ready to explore one of the most popular MLM companies out there, DXN? As we know, MLM stands for Multi-Level Marketing, which is a business model where members earn commission not only for their sales but also for the sales of the members they recruit.DXN, like many MLM companies, utilises MLM software to manage its network of distributors efficiently, allowing them to focus on promoting and selling their products. Now, back to DXN – this company has gained a lot of attention in the health and wellness industry, offering a wide range of products that are said to have various health benefits. In this article, I’ll be giving you a comprehensive DXN MLM products review, analyzing the quality and effectiveness of their products, and discussing whether this company is worth investing your time and money in. So, keep reading to find out all you need to know.

DXN Network Marketing Company Review

Name of the organization DXN Holdings Bhd
Year of foundation 1993
Founder: Lim Siow
Industry type: Network Marketing or Multi-level Marketing company
Country: Malaysia
website DXN
Revenue $902M (2022)
Best suited: People who are keenly interested in earning passive income by increasing the sales volume with the products made up of Ganoderma Lucidium, Coffee, and other ingredients. DXN creates those products to focus its target customers and in turn, offers bonuses, commissions to attract more and more customers.

Ganoderma is a genus of polypore fungi found in tropical areas that belongs to the Ganodermataceae family.

What is DXN?

What is DXN DXN is a Malaysian based network marketing company, established in the year 1993. Lim Siow is the founder of DXN, and he graduated from IIT (Indian Institute of Technology). He possesses 20-year experience in scientific and research analysis. DXN was named after the discovery of Lingzhi. They are focused on manufacturing dietary supplements with their main ingredients Ganoderma or Lingzhi. Initially, they extended their service throughout Asian countries and later on they built their base on European countries to globally expand their MLM market with the main ingredients. As per the history of the DXN company, Daehsan Ltd is solely responsible for the product line and to manufacture the DXN products. During 2003, DXN became the main-board and it took control of the company. DXN also occupied the share of Daxen Biotechnology. This Daxen technology was focussing on manufacturing the products consisting of vinegar, monascus, fruit enzymes, and other ingredients. In this way, Ganoderma became popular, and it became a business tactic for DXN to market their DXN products. Two years ago, they started marketing in Srilanka successfully as an MLM company.

History of DXN MLM Company

The Products Of DXN Company

What is DXN The product categories of DXN are as follows:
  • Healthcare supplements
  • Skincare
  • Personal care
  • Food & Beverage items
  • Skincare (Korean based)
Apart from the above products, they also focused on manufacturing household products and other home appliances like water treatment. With respect to the above products, they used Ganoderma and Lingzhi as their main ingredient for their product line. With Ganoderma they also have the following:
  • DXN Reishilium Powder
  • Ganocelium (GL)
  • RG Powder & GL Powder
  • DXN MycoVita
  • Reishi Gano (RG)
Single herbal ingredient products are as follows:
  • DXN Bee Pollen
  • DXN Monascus
  • DXN Hong T Powder
  • DXN Andro-G
  • DXN Gegen Plus Powder & DXN Gegen Plus Capsule
  • DXN Premia Asta Plus EX
  • DXN Pearl Powder
  • DXN Roselle Tablet
  • DXN Spirulina
Mushrooms and other fungi mixed up products are as follows:
  • DXN Ligno-L Powder
  • DXN Lignosus Plus Syrup
  • DXN Lion’s Mane Mushroom Powder
  • DXN Lion’s Mane Tablet
  • DXN Cordyceps
  • DXN Agaricus Blazei Murill
  • DXN Poria S
  • DXN Shiitake Mushroom Powder
The premix powder products of DXN are as follows:
  • DXN Black Cumin Plus
  • DXN Shaker (accessory)
  • DXN MycoVeggie
  • DXN Potenzhi
There are various dxn products in each category. For more information about the product, you can visit the official site of DXN. The products of DXN contains the main ingredients Ganoderma, Lingzhi. The other ingredients include honey, oil, virgin coconut oil, berries, etc.

How To Become A DXN Member?

To become a DXN MLM member, you can usually sign up online. The first step is to make an initial investment, and then you will need to complete an “Independent Distributor Agreement” with the company. Once you have completed these steps, you will be able to start representing DXN. You can easily be a DXN representative by following these steps:

  • Go to the DXN website and click on the “Online Registration” link.
  • Select your country or location.
  • Click on the ‘continue’ button and review all the information on the registration form.
  • Read the “Distributor Must Know” declaration and agree to the terms and conditions.
  • Click on the “Submit” button to complete your registration.
  • You will receive an email with your new distributor code and an activation code.
  • Enter your activation code to activate your account.
  • If you are in a country with only SMS service enabled, you will receive your activation code as a text message.
  • The best thing about being a DXN member is that you may buy their products for 20% less than retail rates. In addition, you will also receive significant member discounts from the firm. You can provide these DXN products to your favourite customers and develop a strong relationship with them, or you can boost your marketing by selling those things at market price.

    How To Make Money With DXN?

    To start with DXN, you need to register to become a member of DXN. Once it is done, you are successfully entitled to many major benefits of DXN and will be allowed to step forward in your MLM business with DXN. The commission and bonuses depend upon the sales volume generated by the member and the downlines of the member. In this way, it becomes simple to achieve higher rankings quickly.

    Did You Know ?

    DXN was listed 15th on the Direct Selling News Global 100 list of direct selling companies in 2018.

    The global ranking position of DXN as a direct selling company is 22nd. It is also well known for its quality control and scrupulous in dealing with the payouts. Hence it ensures that you will be able to stay profitable with their MLM business.

    The Ranks Of DXN- After Registered As A Distributor

    Around 8 million distributors are registered with DXN across 180 countries in 70 different branches. It shows that this MLM company is quite big and one of the branded MLM companies with its Gano products. Hence to achieve the rank positions in DXN, you need to cross these millions of members exclusively. Once you are registered with DXN, they provide the required training materials, modules to accomplish your business with them. They also offer full-fledged support to assist you in attaining the success of your MLM business. As per the website of DXN, they ensure that the MLM business is risk-free and need to invest only less effort to expand the business. They offer high rewards and it is better when compared to being a sole entrepreneur. Given its length and complexity, DXN’s compensation plan will be difficult for those who are unfamiliar with MLM. You will be able to see that there are around 20 ranking positions with DXN ranging from distributor to a higher position-Crown Ambassador. To attain those rankings, you need to maximize the 9 income stream. This will assure success in this company.
    • The Retail profit is not below 15%
    • Group Bonus- It is around 6 to 21%, eligible for 100 PPV/month.
    • Star Group Bonus -It is around 25% to 37%, eligible for 100 PPV and 300 PGPV.
    • Development Bonus -It is around15%, eligible for 100 PPV and 300 PGPV.
    • International Profit Sharing-It is around 2%, Eligible for Qualified Star Diamond.
    • Leadership Bonus- It is around15%, Eligible for Qualified Star Diamond.
    • Travel Seminar Incentive-It is around 2%, it is a non-transferrable incentive
    • Hand Phone Cash Incentive -Eligible for RM 1,050 and 6,000 GPV)
    • Overseas Trip Cash Incentive -Eligible for RM 7,000 and up to 5-level downlines

    The Real Truth About DXN Company

    • Expensive products: If you search for DXN products on Amazon, you will be able to view the price is costly. The lowest range is $7, and the highest range is around $500.
    • A weird group of products:DXN adheres to Ganoderma, but they sell many product categories without their main ingredient. They are not focussing on their main part which they are not supposed to do.For example, they have a Korean skincare product where Ganoderma is not mixed with the products. It shows a weird group of products is focussed on their MLM business.
    • No proper price disclosure: The price of the products is not disclosed properly. This may be a major concern for those who want to join as a member of DXN and want to distribute their products. It may not give you a clear picture to go ahead with the product distribution.
    • Not BBB Accredited: BBB refers to the ” better business bureau”. DXN is not a BBB accredited business.
    • No effective products:You will be able to view some comments on Amazon, where they highlighted the negative feedback about the product. It shows that the products are not that effective in DXN. It is not providing the results as expected.
    • Strong competition:As we have already seen that there are around 8 million distributors in DXN. It highly competitive for you to achieve a higher ranking position. You need to cross these huge distributors to stand out unique and earn the benefits from DXN. This will be challenging for the new members of the DXN to move ahead with their business.

    The Fair Part Of DXN Holdings Bhd MLM Company

    • Various compensation plan: As we have already seen, there are nine income streams and around 20 different rankings. It assures DXN offers more commissions for its members.
    • Various product line: It has got various product categories. They collaborate with other companies to expand their service to its massive customer base. For example, Korean skincare products, water treatment, and other home appliances.
    • MLM industry experience: It was established in the year 1993 and this shows that they have 26 years of experience in MLM business operations. In these long years, they have gained the trust of their potential customers. This clearly shows that they have quality control for their products to withstand all these years.

    Is DXN MLM Company A Scam?

    From the above facts, we can say that DXN is not a scam. It has been in the MLM industry for the past 30 years. It shows that DXN is an MLM matured company and going ahead with its legitimate business. Over these years, they have extended their services in Asian and European countries. The company also provides 9 different ways to earn commission and bonuses for its members.


    We hope in this article you will be able to get the complete DXN products review & also about DXN Network Marketing company. This article provides the complete history, products, commission structure. With these factors, you will be able to decide whether to join DXN as a member to accomplish the MLM business with DXN. If you are looking for a great opportunity to make money, then DXN is definitely worth considering.
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