The Party MLM Plan is one of the most successful multi-level marketing compensation plans of all time.The plan has become so synonymous with the business that a gathering of people and giving out product samples are the first things that come to mind for many when thinking about MLM business.

Here products are promoted through social gatherings like home sales parties by consultants. Attendants of such parties are often supplied with samples for them to properly experience the products.

Leading MLM companies from all over the world continue to implement this plan with great success even today. Here we will have a look at the list of top party plan MLM companies 2023.

How does Party Plan MLM work?

Companies use the Party MLM Compensation Plan to market and advertise their products by hosting social events such as parties, get-togethers, etc. The company’s merchandise will be on display for sale throughout the event. This is a popular method of direct selling used successfully by MLM businesses for decades.

The party plan is more popular among women, and the top products are cosmetics and kitchen appliances. However, in recent years, men have also taken a keen interest in party plan MLM. Consultants or independent contractors of the company usually host the gatherings. And they will be compensated based on the number of sales generated at these events.

Party plan MLM is better at launching new products than at selling existing ones. The events can be used to educate attendees about the company and its products in depth. This has proven to be quite effective since people are more receptive to sales pitches when they are in a good mood. And, in most cases, the products would be sold at promotional prices that tend to be significantly lower than the final prices.

Party Plan MLM Business Model

Party Plan MLM Business Model

Products that need to be demonstrated, instructed or explained to highlight their value such as jewellery, cooking products, and skincare are generally used in a party plan. The most important person in this business model is a host who is responsible for gathering a group of people to watch product demonstrations. Depending on the company, the host may receive incentives such as free products, discounts, and free shipping. The plan focuses more on products, associations, and experiences, rather than compensation. The emphasis of an effective compensation plan should be on quantity rather than structure.

Top Party Plan MLM Companies 2023

1. Mary Kay

Mary Kay

Mary Kay is one of the biggest names in the MLM and cosmetics industries. They are known for their skincare and cosmetics products. The company has products in facial skincare, colour cosmetics, body care, nail care, sun protection, and fragrance categories. Their products are manufactured at the company headquarters in Dallas, Texas, and a state-of-the-art facility in Hangzhou, China. The company values product quality very highly and spends millions annually on product testing, performance, research, and safety. Mary Kay has a solid presence in over 35 international markets including the USA, Mexico, China, and Russia. Women empowerment is given huge importance in the company culture.

2. Tupperware


Tupperware is one of the most recognizable MLM companies in the world. Over the years, the company has grown to become a household name everywhere. Tupperware was founded in 1938 and started the party plan model in the 1950s. The company sells a wide variety of kitchen products including storage containers, kitchen utensils, water bottles, lunch boxes, and much more. Their products are known for durability and visual appeal but are slightly on the costly side.

3. Scentsy


Scentsy broke into the MLM scene with home candle parties. The company is known for various scented products such as diffusers, wax bars, room sprays, travel tins, dryer disks, all-purpose cleaners, fabric softeners, etc. All their products are manufactured from the company’s headquarters in Idaho, USA. Some of the products even come with a lifetime guarantee. Scentsy consultants use different methods like personal websites, Scentsy parties, product sample baskets, etc to sell their products.

4. Arbonne


Arbonne is an MLM company founded in 1980. The company is known for selling top-class personal care, wellness, and beauty products using innovative research and development methods. Their products are popular in multiple countries like the United States, Canada, Australia, Poland, New Zealand, Taiwan, United Kingdom, etc. Arbonne promotes an eco-friendly message and uses recyclable packaging. The company has products in nutrition, skincare, makeup, body care, hair care, and accessory categories. Arbonne currently has over 250,000 consultants all over the world.

5. Younique


Younique is one of the newest MLM companies that is rapidly rising in popularity. It was founded as a way to support the charity The Younique Foundation, which helps survivors of childhood sexual abuse. The company is also big on women empowerment and aims to help them grow self-esteem and provide an earning opportunity. Younique has multiple products in the beauty, makeup, skincare, and fragrance industries. Their popular products include foundations, bronzers, eye shadow, lipstick, makeup accessories, cleansers, toners, serums, masks, etc. Almost all the marketing activities of the company are done through social media and the products are sold only on social media.

6. The Pampered Chef

the pampered chef

The Pampered Chef is an MLM company that became hugely popular in the ’90s and managed to stay relevant to date. The company sells kitchen products through social gatherings called Pampered Chef Parties. It is a popular MLM company in countries like the USA, UK, Canada, Mexico, Germany, etc. People can join The Pampered Chef network by making an initial purchase in three different ways. There is a starter kit, deluxe kit, and ultimate kit priced at $109, $159, and $249 respectively.

7. Traveling Vineyard

Traveling Vineyard

Travelling Vineyard is an MLM company founded in 2001 that sells wine, spirits, and other related products. The network of the company was modelled based on that of The Pampered Chef. The company is well established and its products are priced reasonably. There are not many MLM companies that don’t sell overpriced products. Travelling Vineyard sells different varieties of wines such as red wines, white wines, sweet & fizzy wines, and related accessories. The company also has a highly regarded and exclusive food and wine pairing service called Sommology. You can join the Travelling Vineyard network by purchasing starter kits for as cheap as $49.

8. Vorwerk


Vorwerk is a German MLM giant founded in 1883. The company is headquartered in Wuppertal, Germany, and sells products including kitchen and household appliances, cosmetics, etc. Vorwerk employs over 10000 full-time workers and their global salesforce consists of over 600000 distributors from more than 70 countries all over the world. It is one of the biggest MLM companies in the world and has been a consistent presence in the top 10 of the DSN 100 list in the last decade. The company managed to amass a revenue of 4.48 billion USD in the 2020 financial year.

List of Top Party Plan MLM Companies

Company Founded Products
Mary Kay 1963 Skincare, cosmetics, body care, nail care, sun protection, and fragrance
Tupperware 1938 Storage containers, kitchen utensils, water bottles, lunch boxes
Scentsy 2003 Diffusers, wax bars, room sprays, travel tins, dryer disks, all-purpose cleaners, fabric softeners
Arbonne 1980 Nutrition, skincare, makeup, body care, hair care, and accessory
Younique 2012 Beauty, makeup, skincare, and fragrance
The Pampered Chef 1980 Kitchen tools, food products, and cookbooks
Travelling Vineyard 2001 Red wines, white wines, sweet & fizzy wines, and related accessories
Vorwerk 1883 Kitchen and household appliances, cosmetics

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is MLM a Party plan?

The party plan is a compensation plan in the multi-level marketing business model. It is one of the most popular, oldest, tried, and tested compensation plans in MLM.

  • What is an MLM party?

An MLM party is an event in which the host invites people over to introduce or exhibit products and market them at discount prices. Such parties aim to boost product sales and recruit more distributors.

  • What plan is best for MLM?

There are a wide variety of MLM plans out there, but it is difficult to label one as the best. The party plan is one of the most popular plans for MLM, but you should choose a plan that suits you and plays to your strengths.


These are the top party plan MLM companies for you to join in 2023. This plan has always been one of the favourites of MLM companies and members. Its simplicity and profitability have helped the plan thrive over the years. So make sure to check out this list before joining a party plan MLM company.

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