The direct selling market achieved a valuation of USD 200.14 billion in 2022 and is projected to expand steadily with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.4% from 2023 to 2030. This data strongly indicates the sustained demand within the MLM industry, resulting in the continual emergence of new direct sales companies in the present landscape.

As we step into this year, the landscape of direct sales has evolved significantly, introducing a wave of MLM companies poised to revolutionize the industry. In the past few years, the direct sales landscape witnessed a surge of these innovative enterprises, each with a unique approach and vision to empower aspiring entrepreneurs.

This blog aims to delve deep into this transformative wave. We’ll be spotlighting the groundbreaking new direct sales companies that are set to make a significant impact. So, are you eager to explore the frontier of entrepreneurial success within the realm of new direct sales companies in 2024? Let’s dive in!

New Direct Sales Companies in the World

SI No. Company Country Year Founded Products or Services Revenue 2022 Growth Rate (2021 -2022)
1 Validus USA 2021 Financial Services $190M 1800%
2 iX Global USA 2020 Self betterment platform $207M 841%
3 GS Partners Comoros 2020 Blockchain related services $114M 75%
4 Crowd1 UAE 2019 Educational Materials $625M 0%
5 Vyvo USA 2019 Watches,Accessories,Vyvo services $70M 0%
6 Riman South Korea 2018 Skin care,Makeup,Body care,Hair care $545M 1%
7 BE UAE 2018 Travel club membership,Tour & travel services,Educational platform $99M 16%
8 Color Street USA 2017 Cosmetics,Personal care $597M 0%
9 New U Life USA 2017 Health & wellness $250M 0%
10 Zeniq Coin UAE 2020 Information technology company $100M 33%
11 Root Wellness USA 2020 Health & wellness,Skin care,Beauty $25M 0%
12 NeXarise UK 2020 Ecommerce Business $23M 0%
13 Neumi USA 2021 Skincare $13M 550%
14 Viiva USA 2019 Health, Beauty,Vitamins, Supplements $69M 0%
15 QuiAri USA 2019 Nutritional $55M 10%
16 iBuumerang USA 2019 Travel $35M 13%
17 Jifu USA 2018 Travel Membership-only Platform $20M 33%
18 Navan Global USA 2018 Health & Wellness $14M -7%
19 Red Aspen USA 2017 Beauty Care $21M 0%
20 SuperLife World Malaysia 2017 Health,Cosmetic,Food supplements $12M 0%

Did you know?

In 2022, the demand for products and services through direct selling remained evident, with 41 million preferred customers and discount buyers engaging with the channel for their purchases.

Top 10 New Direct Sales Companies in 2024

1. Validus

Founded in 2021 and registered in the United States. Validus specialises in a range of financial and educational services. This company operates under the leadership of CEO Howard Friend. Their objective revolves around fostering a thriving community of individuals dedicated to personal and professional advancement. They offer resources and tools to the members worldwide, empowering them to reach their aspirations and establish a sustainable income stream, for a promising and secured future.

With Validus, you can refer other people, build a distributorship, earn, and move up the leadership board. Impressively, Validus boasts 22 top earners, indicating a robust structure that rewards success within their organization.

2. iX Global

iX Global, founded by Joseph Martinezin in 2020, operates as a direct selling company. The company’s primary offerings are self improvement programs. Noteworthy is iX Global’s achievement of becoming the exclusive worldwide direct marketing provider for D.E.B.T (Decentralized Eco-friendly Blockchain Technology) indicating a significant milestone for the company.

In iX Global, upon becoming a member, you have two avenues to earn. The first is through the trading system, utilizing AI automation or conducting your own trades. The second is the network marketing scheme. When you refer others to join IX Global Company under your referral and they purchase memberships, you earn commissions. As your network grows with each person you bring in, your earnings proportionally increase. iX global provides you the help and support through Behavior based Chat, Daily Habit Tracking, Social Recognition, Gamified Training, etc.

3. GS Partners

GS Partners, headquartered in Comoros and led by CEO Josip Heit, specializes in providing a range of blockchain-related services, technology development, or investment opportunities. The company’s primary focus revolves around blockchain technology and its applications, catering to various needs within this innovative sector.

They combine technological advances with the proven elements of traditional banking. By providing services like Digital corporate finance, digital banking, trading and credit solutions. GS Partners is best for financial institutions, entrepreneurs, and consumers. They help in building a brighter financial future with unparalleled partnership opportunities, bridging the gap between the digital economy and traditional banking.

4. Crowd1

Crowd1, headquartered in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and founded by Jonas Werner, is an organization primarily focused on offering educational packages within its product and service lineup.

2 earners top Crowd1 suggesting a deliberate emphasis on incentivizing and rewarding exceptional performers within their network. As a platform, Crowd1 seems dedicated to providing educational resources, likely aiming to empower individuals through knowledge while employing a model that acknowledges and rewards success within its ranks.


Vyvo, based in the United States and led by CEO Fabio Galdi, operates at the intersection of technology and lifestyle, offering a range of products such as watches, accessories, and Vyvo services. Vyvo gathers health data through decentralization. Vyvo Smart Chain is the first known heartbeat powered blockchain. Its purpose is to let users earn rewards based on the data they generate by using wearable devices.

Notably, Vyvo has been acknowledged as one of the fastest-growing technology companies, Vyvo has earned the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Award, solidifying its position among industry leaders in terms of rapid expansion and innovation. Moreover, Vyvo’s commitment to innovation in digital health has been highlighted by its achievement as a GOLD GLOBEE® WINNER for the Most Innovative Company of the Year, specifically in shaping the future of digital health through a sharing economy

6. Riman

Riman, headquartered in South Korea and led by CEO Kyung Jung Kim, specializes in a diverse array of personal care products spanning skincare, makeup, body care, and hair care solutions. Their comprehensive offerings cater to various aspects of personal grooming and beauty. Their unique formula is to blend the traditional beauty secrets Korean women have been using for generations with the power of science and natural elements.

Riman has garnered significant recognition and accolades within the industry, highlighting their success and reputation. Achieving a commendable rank of #22 in the 2023 DSN Global 100 signifies their prominent position within the direct selling industry on a global scale. Moreover, their receipt of the 2022 Korea’s Best Business Award and the honor of being named the NO:1 brand by KCAB (Korea Consumer Appraisal) in 2022 showcase their commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

7. BE

BE, headquartered in the United Arab Emirates and founded by Moyn Islam, offers a diverse array of products and services. BE likely offers access to its travel club membership, facilitating travel services and experiences for its members. Notably, BE boasts 62 top earners, suggesting a robust structure that rewards success within their network.

The combination of travel-related offerings and an educational platform underscores BE’s commitment to not only providing travel services but also empowering individuals with knowledge and opportunities within the travel sector.

8. Color Street

Color Street, headquartered in the United States and founded by Fa Park, is a company specializing in Makeup and nail care products. They offer an array of exclusive nail art designs, glitters, solids, French manicures, and more, presenting the most vibrant and diverse nail collections suitable for any mood or occasion.

The company has received recognition within the direct selling industry, attaining the impressive rank of #24 in the 2021 DSN Global 100. Additionally, the company has been honored with the Bravo Percentage of Growth Award, highlighting its exceptional growth trajectory and commitment to expanding its market presence.

9. New U Life

New U Life, based in the USA and founded by Alexy Goldstein, specializing in health and wellness products and services. They pioneer products that change the world’s hormonal health. Becoming a New U Life member provides greater benefits like product discounts, personalized website, FREE app, and other tools, exclusive trips and opportunities.

The company has achieved recognition within the direct selling industry, securing the rank of #40 in the 2021 DSN Global 100. With four top earners within their network, New U Life showcases a structure that acknowledges and rewards high-performing individuals

10. Zeniq Coins

Zeniq Coins is an MLM company, headquartered in the UAE, and was co-founded by Erwin Dokter and Solaiman Al-Rifai, with Erwin Dokter serving as the CEO. It is a blockchain ecosystem that supposedly offers a variety of financial services, including cryptocurrency exchange, investment opportunities, and a secure hardware wallet. However, the company’s main focus is on its MLM structure, which rewards members for recruiting new members rather than selling actual products or services.

The company positions itself as an information technology company within the cryptocurrency sphere. ZENIQ aims to make blockchain technology accessible to everyone by creating groundbreaking products, fostering a more inclusive approach to blockchain usage.


Some of these companies have been faced with various allegations of being in pyramid schemes. So, it is recommended to have an in-depth research on these companies before making a decision.

MLM Growth Strategies for New Direct Sales Companies

Digital Transformation

Embrace technology to streamline operations, enhance customer experiences, and facilitate sales. Leverage e-commerce, mobile apps, social media, and other digital platforms to reach a wider audience and provide a seamless buying process.

Personalized Customer Engagement

Focus on building strong relationships with customers through personalized interactions. Use customer data and insights to tailor products, offers, and communications based on individual preferences and behaviors.

Innovative Product Offerings

Develop unique and innovative products or services that address specific market needs or trends. Emphasize quality, sustainability, and functionality to stand out in the market and attract customers.

Social Selling and Influencer Marketing

Utilize social selling techniques and collaborate with influencers or brand ambassadors to promote products or services. Influencer marketing can significantly amplify brand visibility and credibility among target audiences.

Global Expansion

Explore opportunities for international expansion and market penetration in new geographical regions. Understanding local market preferences and adapting strategies accordingly can facilitate successful entry into new territories.

Data Analytics and Insights

Leverage data analytics to understand market trends, customer behaviors, and sales patterns. Use these insights to make informed decisions, refine marketing & sales strategies, ensuring a competitive edge & sustained growth.

Agile Adaptation

Remain flexible and adaptable to changes in the market landscape. Rapidly assess and integrate strategies based on customer feedback, industry trends, and technological advancements to stay ahead in this ever-evolving business environment

Stay up-to-date with industry trends

Keep abreast of emerging trends in the direct sales industry and participate in relevant conferences or workshops. This will forge valuable connections and gain diverse perspectives, ensuring a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Implementing a combination of these strategies while staying attuned to the evolving market dynamics can significantly contribute to the growth and success of new direct sales companies in 2024 and beyond.


The landscape of entrepreneurship and direct sales has been invigorated by the emergence of innovative and promising New Direct Sales Companies in 2024. These pioneering companies are poised to shape the future of direct sales, promising dynamic opportunities and transformative experiences that captivate both entrepreneurs and consumers alike

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