Good business happens when you build good relationships. Your networks are good enough when people trust and have confidence in you. Network marketing earners are famous for making millions of wealth by leveraging their ties. Multi-Level marketing, often known as network marketing, is a business model that is based on human relationships. MLMs consider human ties to be their most valuable asset. The most successful direct selling organizations use MLM as their best strategy.

They have a clear understanding of how MLM works and how to succeed in it. Network marketing has changed the lives of many. All these people began with a strong vision and contributed consistently to the growth of their network. These people had strong and reaping marketing strategies to sell their products as well as to grow the networks under them. They showcased great leadership power, strong communication skills, and above all a personality rich enough for people to trust and join them.

Who are the Top Earners in Network Marketing Business?

Following listed are the highest-paid Network marketers who have years of experience and great leadership power in the top MLM companies of the world.

Rank Name Annual Income (≈) Company Country Networth (≈)
1 Igor Alberts & Andreea Cimbala $21,600,000 Success Factory Netherlands & Italy $150,000,000.00
2 Nancy Dornan $3,000,000 Amway USA $125,000,000.00
3 Barry Chi & Holly Chen $3,000,000 Amway China $75,000,000.00
4 Rolf Kipp $8,400,000 Forever Living Products Germany $67,000,000.00
5 Natdan Ricks $3,000,000 Nu Skin USA $58,000,000.00
6 Jimmy Smitd $2,400,000 Isagenix USA $58,000,000.00
7 Susan Peterson $2,880,000 Herbalife USA $55,000,000.00
8 Shane & Dana Douglas $2,400,000 ACN USA $46,000,000.00
9 Ed & tderesa Bestoso $3,600,000 Melaleuca USA $40,000,000.00
10 Scott & Sue Olsen $2,700,000 Jeunesse Canada $30,000,000.00
11 Ivan and Monika Tapia $18,000,000 IM Mastery Academy USA $28,000,000.00
12 Betty Sung $3,540,000 Nu Skin TAIWAN $28,000,000.00
13 Jeff & Michelle Altgilbers $2,640,000 4Life USA & Taiwan $26,000,000.00
14 John Haremza $6,000,000 Valentus USA $25,000,000.00
15 David Imonitie $10,380,000 IM Mastery Academy USA $23,000,000.00
16 Nobuhiro Kaneko $3,600,000 tdanks AI Japan $22,000,000.00
17 Simon Abboud $3,000,000 ACN Canada $22,000,000.00
18 Jeff & Maureen Miller $3,000,000 Melaleuca Canada $22,000,000.00
19 Kang Hyeon Sook & Ryu InIk $3,000,000 Amway Korea $21,000,000.00
20 Margie Aliprandi $2,400,000 Modere USA $21,000,000.00
21 Trin & Jirawan Vichaiditd $16,020,000 Nu Skin THAILAND $19,000,000.00
22 Stefania Lo Gatto & Danien Feier $8,220,000 Jeunesse Italy & Germany $16,000,000.00
23 Jared and Heatder Burnett $3,180,000 PURE USA $16,000,000.00
24 Khalid Shaatd $6,000,000 Dubli Network – Ominto UAE $15,000,000.00
25 Park Jin Hi $3,600,000 Unicity Korea $15,000,000.00
26 Enrique and Graciela Varela $3,540,000 Herbalife MEXICO $15,000,000.00
27 A. Benitez & Raquel Cortez $3,000,000 Herbalife USA $15,000,000.00
28 Leonard & Irina Weisbein $2,700,000 Herbalife USA $15,000,000.00
29 Nicola Smitd Jackson $3,732,000 Financial Education Services USA $14,200,000.00
30 Rafael Rojas $3,360,000 Melaleuca MEXICO $14,000,000.00
31 Sunny Hsu & Debra Hsieh $3,000,000 Amway China $14,000,000.00
32 Steve tdompson $3,000,000 Ambit Energy USA $13,000,000.00
33 Jenna Zwagil $12,720,000 MyDailyChoice USA $12,000,000.00
34 Calvin and Shannon Becerra $5,400,000 Jeunesse USA $11,000,000.00
35 Jeff Roberti $5,400,000 Juice Plus+ USA $10,500,000.00
36 Jose Ardon $4,600,000 BE USA $10,000,000.00
37 Hayley Hobson $3,120,000 DoTerra USA $10,000,000.00
38 Toni Vanschoyck & Jay Treloar $2,400,000 Monat Global USA $10,000,000.00
39 Robert Hollis $3,372,000 MyDailyChoice USA $9,500,000.00
40 Islam Mohamed $3,120,000 Jeunesse Egypt $9,000,000.00
41 Patrick Maser & Mike Maser $3,000,000 ACN USA $9,000,000.00
42 Herb & Patty Capeda $2,640,000 Isagenix USA $9,000,000.00
43 Lulian Cimbala $6,780,000 DagCoin – Success Factory Japan $8,000,000.00
44 Ryan Higgins $3,504,000 Truvy USA $7,600,000.00
45 Juan Carlos Barrios $2,484,000 Jeunesse Mexico $7,000,000.00
46 Roald Mailly & Patricia Numan $4,980,000 DagCoin – Success Factory Netherlands $6,000,000.00
47 Jason Brown And Mattdew Rosa $9,600,000 IM Mastery Academy USA $5,000,000.00
48 Alfred Nickson $5,436,000 Financial Education Services USA $5,000,000.00
49 Jeff and Maureen Miller $3,000,000 Melaleuca USA $5,000,000.00
50 Sergio Peñuñuri $17,040,000 XIFRA MEXICO $5,000,000.00
51 David Liciaga $6,000,000 Epic Trading USA $4,200,000.00
52 Dan & Megan Valentine $3,720,000 Optavia – Medifast USA $4,100,000.00
53 Amber & Dean De Grasse $4,860,000 New U Life USA $4,000,000.00
54 Patrick & Allyse Sedivy $3,000,000 DoTerra Canada & USA $4,000,000.00
55 Julio M Lama $3,918,000 Total Life Changes Dominication Republic $3,800,000.00
56 Stormy Wellington $12,000,000 Total Life Changes USA $3,000,000.00
57 Allan Badilla & Laura Castro $8,760,000 BE Costa Rica $3,000,000.00
58 Mario Vielmas $4,380,000 Success Factory MEXICO $3,000,000.00
59 Sashin Govender $3,300,000 Seacret Direct South Africa $3,000,000.00
60 Phillip Birchfield $2,736,000 Total Life Changes USA $3,000,000.00
61 Boyd & Sandy Truman $2,400,000 DoTerra USA $3,000,000.00
62 Tae Ho Kim $2,640,000 Herbalife Soutd Korea $3,000,000.00
63 Damon Aleczander $6,000,000 Epic Trading USA $3,000,000.00
64 John & Nadya Melton $2,640,000 Modere USA & Russia $3,000,000.00
65 Pier Olivier $4,200,000 BE USA $3,000,000.00
66 Brittany Hitch $2,892,000 QSciences USA $3,000,000.000
67 Natdalie Nicole Smitd $6,636,000 Total Life Changes USA $2,500,000.00
68 Oscar Mendoza $4,596,000 XIFRA Mexico $2,500,000.00
69 Sharmeeka Brooks $4,500,000 Total Life Changes USA $2,500,000.00
70 Rodrigo Avila $4,165,248 XIFRA Mexico $2,500,000.00
71 T. Wongsa & A. Chantarangsi $3,540,000 Jeunesse Thailand $2,500,000.00
72 T. Wongsa and A. Chantarangsi $3,540,000 Jeunesse Thailand $2,500,000.00
73 Alex Ramos $3,024,000 XIFRA USA $2,500,000.00
74 John and Lori Tartol $2,880,000 Herbalife Ireland $2,500,000.00
75 Andreas Matuska $5,412,000 Lyconet Monaco $2,000,000.00
76 Brandon Martinez lugo $4,200,000 XIFRA Mexico $2,000,000.00
77 Ada Caballero $4,080,000 Vida Divina Mexico $2,000,000.00
78 Daniel Visser $3,960,000 Success Factory Netherlands $2,000,000.00
79 Tina Hu $2,640,000 Jeunesse China $2,000,000.00
80 Renze Deelstra $2,400,000 Crowd1 Netherlands $2,000,000.00
81 Bryce tdompson $7,800,000 IM Mastery Academy USA $2,000,000.00
82 Mark and Judy Willodson $5,412,000 tde Happy Co. USA $2,000,000.00
83 Hector Larc $5,280,000 XIFRA Mexico $2,000,000.00
84 Brian McClure $4,800,000 Ambit Energy USA $1,500,000.00
85 Seville and Rachaell Ko $3,516,000 Melaleuca USA $1,500,000.00
86 Catdy Lau $3,276,000 Allysian Sciences Hong Kong $1,271,672.00
87 Ana Cantera $6,300,000 Total Life Changes Dominican Republic $1,000,000.00
88 Terje Dusend $4,200,000 Lyconet NORWAY $1,000,000.00
89 Branden tdompson $3,600,000 IM Mastery Academy USA $1,000,000.00
90 Austin Godsey $3,600,000 IM Mastery Academy USA $1,000,000.00
91 Philip Eckart $3,000,000 Ambit Energy USA $1,000,000.00
92 Patrick and Allyse Sedivy $3,000,000 DoTerra $1,000,000.00
93 Nicola Palacios & Charlotte Graham $2,883,924 XIFRA Spain $1,000,000.00
94 Francesca Fields $2,676,000 QSciences USA $1,000,000.00
95 Bianca Shadai $2,640,000 Total Life Changes USA $1,000,000.00
96 Gianluca Gallo $2,400,000 BizzTrade USA $1,000,000.00
97 Amira Habib & Paolo Tuynman $6,900,000 OmegaPro Netherlands $1,000,000.00
98 Joachim Heberlein $6,420,000 PM International Germany $1,000,000.00
99 Iulian Cimbala $6,300,000 Success Factory Italy $1,000,000.00
100 Hamza Majdi & Mehdi Ben M’louka $4,200,000 BE France $1,000,000.00
101 Kim Hui $ 10,200,000 Jeunesse USA $55,000,000
102 Yager Group (Dexter Yager) $ 7,200,000 Amway USA $460,000,000
103 Kristen Butler $ 4,200,000 MyDailyChoice Not available
104 Mario Oreggia $ 4,200,000 LycoNet – Lyoness Austria Not available
105 Lyndon Biernoff $ 3,720,000 Jeunesse Australia $1,140,000
106 Nicola Domini $ 3,600,000 LycoNet-Lyoness Not available Not available
107 Cathy Lau $ 3,276,000 Allysian Sciences Not available Not available
108 Mariel & Frank Filippone $ 3,036,000 QSciences USA Not available
109 Ray Robbins $ 3,000,000 Mannatech USA $17,000,000
110 Patrick Maser & Mike Maser $ 3,000,000 ACN USA $9,000,000
111 Nathan Ricks $ 3,000,000 Nu Skin USA $58,000,000
112 J. Submongkonkul & I. Prajogo $ 2,940,000 Jeunesse Not available Not available
113 James Jo $ 2,700,000 Omnia Not available Not available
114 Randy Schroeder $ 2,640,000 Kannaway USA Not available
115 Fernao Battistoni $ 2,532,000 Jeunesse Brazil Not available
116 Jason Chiang $ 2,520,000 Jeunesse Not available Not available
117 Sarah Fairless-Robbins $ 2,520,000 Rodan and Fields USA Not available
118 David and Terri Miller $ 2,496,000 Optavia – Medifast USA Not available
119 Andy and Natalie Goddard $ 2,400,000 DoTerra Not available Not available
120 Carol & Alan Lorenz $ 2,400,000 Herbalife Canada Not available
121 Kaoru Nakajima $ 2,400,000 Amway Japan $20,000,000
122 David Moses $ 2,400,000 Zija International Canada $4,000,000
123 Leonard & Esther Kim $ 2,400,000 Amway Korea $21,000,000
124 Mark Lei & Peggy Yeh $ 2,400,000 Amway Taiwan $23,000,000
125 Cici Weller $ 2,400,000 Jeunesse China Not available
126 Trish Schwenkler $ 2,400,000 ASEA USA $2,500,000
127 Gabi Steiner $ 2,400,000 Life Plus Not available $3,000,000
128 Ming Li $ 2,400,000 Jeunesse USA Not available
129 Helen Zhang $ 2,400,000 Jeunesse Not available Not available
130 George and Donna Antar $ 2,400,000 Jeunesse USA Not available
131 Art Napolitano $ 2,340,000 ACN USA $35,000,000
132 Kami and Nathan Dempsey $ 2,340,000 It Works! Global USA $3,000,000
133 Madra Meystedt Jones $ 2,340,000 It Works! Global Not available $3,000,000
134 Kathy & Tom Smith $ 2,340,000 Isagenix Canada Not available
135 Chavich Kim $ 2,340,000 Unicity Not available $20,000,000
136 Siv and Jay Bennett $ 2,340,000 Isagenix Not available Not available
137 Vadim Rafalskiy & Marina Lyubova $ 2,340,000 DagCoin – Success Factory Russia Not available
138 Roger and Teresa Harding $ 2,280,000 DoTerra USA Not available
139 Rasa Comeban $ 2,280,000 Unicity Not available $15,000,000
140 Ray Montie $ 2,256,000 Ambit Energy United Kingdom $2,500,000
141 Troy Landwehr $ 2,193,792 New U Life Not available Not available
142 Debra Raybern $ 2,148,000 Young Living Not available Not available
143 Craig Schulze $ 2,112,000 Jeunesse Not available Not available
144 Aaron Byerlee $ 2,112,000 Jeunesse Not available Australia
145 Gregg and Carol Johnson $ 2,100,000 Young Living USA Not available
146 Giselle Sexsmith $ 2,100,000 Nu Skin USA $14,000,000
147 Marco & Milagro Dubon $ 2,100,000 Forever Living Pr. Virginia $11,000,000
148 Mitch & Deidre Sala $ 2,100,000 Amway Not available $27,000,000
149 Naoki Hongo and Kimie Hongo $ 2,100,000 Nu Skin Japan $3,000,000
150 Alexis Romano $ 2,100,000 Isagenix USA Not available
151 Tetsuya Fujisawa $ 1,980,000 Nu Skin Not available Not available
152 Brian Carruthers $ 1,920,000 LegalShield USA $5,000,000
153 Rita Hui $ 1,920,000 USANA Taiwan Not available
154 German Castelo Muzquiz $ 1,920,000 Kuvera Global Mexico Not available
155 Steven and Monica Hsiung $ 1,860,000 DoTerra Not available Not available
156 David and Tawnya Hsiung $ 1,860,000 DoTerra Not available Not available
157 Michiko & Bruno Graf $ 1,860,000 Nu Skin Japan $2,000,000
158 Ming Kuan and Ming Chu Chen $ 1,860,000 Nu Skin Not available $3,500,000
159 Alex Reynoso $ 1,860,000 Melaleuca Not available Not available
160 Lynn Hagedorn $ 1,800,000 Isagenix Not available Not available
161 Matt Morris $ 1,800,000 WorldVentures USA $5,000,000
162 Vladimir Polezhaev $ 1,800,000 Oriflame Ukraine Not available
163 Brenda and Scott Schuler $ 1,800,000 Young Living Not available Not available
164 Max Schwarz $ 1,800,000 Amway Not available $90,000,000
165 Peter & Eva Muller $ 1,800,000 Amway Not available $40,000,000
166 Carsten Ledule $ 1,800,000 PM International Not available $10,000,000
167 Collette Larsen $ 1,800,000 USANA USA $13,000,000
168 Daniel Lim and Lilian Quah $ 1,800,000 Nu Skin Not available $2,000,000
169 Edgar Mojica $ 1,800,000 4Life USA $3,000,000
170 Geri Cvitanovich $ 1,800,000 Herbalife Not available $12,000,000
171 Jordan Adler $ 1,800,000 Send Out Cards USA $9,000,000
172 Roberto Ruiz $ 1,800,000 Forever Living Pr. Not available $8,000,000
173 Tim Foley $ 1,800,000 Amway USA $78,000,000
174 Johnny Wimbrey $ 1,800,000 WorldVentures Not available Not available
175 Cheryl Cortese $ 1,800,000 Juice Plus+ Not available Not available
176 Gloria Mayfield Banks $ 1,740,000 Mary Kay Not available Not available
177 Kathleen Deggelman $ 1,740,000 Jeunesse USA Not available
178 Chris Collins $ 1,680,000 Le-Vel Not available Not available
179 Susan Sly $ 1,680,000 Isagenix Not available $6,000,000
180 Chris & Debbie Atkinson $ 1,674,000 Ambit Energy USA $7,000,000
181 Julia Yang $ 1,644,000 Jeunesse USA Not available
182 Kelley and Tyler Dickerhoof $ 1,620,000 Isagenix Not available Not available
183 Jennifer Chen $ 1,620,000 Jeunesse Not available Not available
184 Haris Tang $ 1,620,000 Jeunesse Not available Not available
185 Craig Bryson $ 1,620,000 Nu Skin USA $26,000,000
186 Ken Roland $ 1,620,000 Morinda USA Not available
187 Takako Kitaoka $ 1,620,000 Nu Skin Not available $3,000,000
188 Joseph Lim $ 1,608,000 Alliance In Motion Not available $3,000,000
189 Peter Greenlaw $ 1,584,000 Isagenix Not available $3,000,000
190 Gary McSween $ 1,560,000 iMarketslive Not available Not available
191 Michael Palmstierna Hamilton $ 1,560,000 Herbalife Not available $9,000,000
192 Tsuyoshi Tomioka $ 1,560,000 Synergy International Not available $14,000,000
193 Tyler and Tasha Daniels $ 1,560,000 LifeVantage Not available Not available
194 Wongyun Woo & Misoon Hwang $ 1,560,000 ACN Korea Not available
195 Yun-Tae Hwang $ 1,560,000 Synergy International Not available Not available
196 Tony & Randi Escobar $ 1,560,000 Isagenix USA $14,000,000
197 Faraday Hosseinipour $ 1,500,000 USA Not available
198 Bentek Hijani $ 1,500,000 Kangzen Indonesia $10,000,000
199 Carole Taylor & Peter Oelmann $ 1,500,000 Isagenix Canada $20,000,000
200 Elizabeth Weber $ 1,500,000 Market America USA $20,000,000

Most of the above highest paid network marketers have built their fortune by beginning their MLM journey through their humble network of friends and family. They keep track of MLM statistics and are skilled in foreseeing the future. This helps them to successfully develop plans and strategies that can win them long networks in the market. They are skilled in predicting MLM incomes and are vigilant, alert, and quick to take action against challenges faced in network marketing.

Here we will introduce you to some of the Top MLM Earners

1. Igor Alberts and Andreea Cimbala

Igor Alberts and Andreea Cimbala
Igor Alberts & Andreea Cimbala

Networth: $19,000,000.00

The Dutch couple and business partners, Igor E. Alberts andAndreea Cimbala are rejoicing in a unique career milestone, having already surpassed $135 million in lifetime earnings. They both recently celebrated 32 years In MLM With $110 Million In Lifetime Earnings, with an average monthly commission of $2.6 million. Most Recently, they also attained $2.7 million in one calendar month.

2. Ivan and Monica Tapia

Ivan and Monica Tapia
Ivan and Monica Tapia

Networth: $280,000.00

Ivan and Monica Tapia are inspirational power couple in network marketing. They are on the top of the network marketing list. In 2008 the depressing economic crises put them off their career and into financial difficulty and poverty. These challenges made them to feel that they need to be 100% self sufficient and self employed. When Ivan started off in Multi Level Marketing there he was only able to earn $500,which was not even able to meet his rental expenses. But this power couple strongly held onto network marketing with their patience nad perseverance and made it big in network marketing after a span of glorious 12 years in this industry. Now they have a networth of $150 million and an annual income of 21.6 million. Today they are the most successful MLM earners and relates all their success to the MLM called Success factory.

3. Trin and Jirawan

Trin and Jirawan
Trin and Jirawan

Networth: $19,000,000.00

Trin and Jirawan are on the top list in the highest MLM earners list of 2022. With a networth of $19 million and a monthly income of around 16 million, they are the top Nu Skin earners as well. They joined Nu Skin straight out of college with dreams for a luxurious life. In network marketing they found a new way of making money which also gave a healthy work life balance. They achieved the following credentials – Nu Skin Circle of Excellence, Nu Skin 3 years Team Elite Platinum and Nu Skin 18 year Presidential Director.

4. Jenna Zwagil

Jenna Zwagil
Jenna Zwagil

Networth: $12,000,000.00

Jenna Zwagil is on the top earners in the network marketing industry alongside her husband Zwagil. Zwagil is the CEO and Co Founder of My Daily Choice for which Jenna was a massive distributor and earner. In the beginning Even Jenna sucked at direct selling and networking. Later took her personal development seriously and her networks and distribution flourished. She is a mother of 3 and resides in Las Vegas, USA and now has a networth of $ 12 million.Also she is one of the most powerful women in network marketing.

5. Rolf Kipp

Rolf Kipp monthly Income
Rolf Kipp

Networth: $110,000,000.00

Rolf Kipp monthly income is not less than $500,000 dоllаrѕ that makes equal to $6,000,000 a year!!! Rolf Kipp is today one of Europe’s Most Triumphant Networker with his lots of network marketing stories. Rolf Kipp has shaped the world’s most populous FOREVER business with millions of sales partners in various countries on this planet. He has been the undisputed Number One at FOREVER for several years, and he is one of Europe’s most prosperous networkers. Rolf nailed the mark of $780,000 earnings per month last year, and his current yearly earnings through network marketing is expected to be about $9.6 million.

6. Brian Carruthers

Brian Carruthers
Brian Carruthers


Brian Caruthers is a seven-figure MLM earner and one of the highest income earners globally. Before shifting to network marketing Brian had a good career in real estate. By the age of 30,he was able to achieve 100000 distributors across North America. He’s become a prosperous coach, encouraging people to dream and fulfill their dreams.

7. David Imonitie

David Imonitie
David Imonitie

Networth: $180,000.00

David is not only a multi-millionaire but also a mentor, and successful trainer. He has successfully trained thousands of entrepreneurs, most of whom have become prosperous MLM earners. By the age of twenty-seven, he was able to achieve his first $1000000. He has supported building organizations surpassing 150k in his profession and has received over 18 million dollars in personal income.

8. Danien Feier

Danien Feier
Danien Feier


Daniel Feier is a German 27-year-old who is best known for his work in the health industry. His main job title is a Sales Representative for MonaVie, a health drink. He is one of the top promoters worldwide in the company, and he has been on the top of the income leaderboard for Germany every month. He is a White Diamond which is one of the highest ranks in the company and he is only 27 years old. He is a millionaire and he has a great life because of MonaVie.Daniel is a great example of the life-changing power of MonaVie.

9. Presley Swagerty

Presley Swagerty
Presley Swagerty


Presley and Jeanie Swagerty are a husband-and-wife team that was inspired by the opportunities they discovered in Ignite. Presley spent 16 years as a basketball coach, but he has now changed his career trajectory to one of the top earners in the network marketing industry. Since joining Ignite as a distributor, Presley, and Jeanie Swagerty have been able to join Ignite’s top earners’ bracket because of their partnership with this company. Currently, Presley and Jeanie earn a six-figure residual income of $123,0 per month because of the hard work that comes from being both collaborators on the same team and spouses.

10. Jordan Adler

Jordan Adler
Jordan Adler

Networth: $20,000,000.00

Jordan Adler’s story is impressive and inspiring. He grew up living in a garage in his thirties after going through years of financial struggles,accumulating $36,000 dollars worth of debt on his credit cards due to the cost of his apartment. Jordan Adler decided to follow his passion and began working with a couple of friends as new entrepreneurs. A large part of the company’s success was due to their small but extremely valuable regular clientele that had grown into a large extended network of more than 400,000 people. Jordan’s net worth has grown to more than $20 million, and he has been named among the best network marketers in the world for the past 27 years.

11. Bri Richardson

Bri Richardson
Bri Richardson


Bri Richardson is a graduate of Texas state university and a genius in network marketing. She started out in 2013 and achieved a $7 Figure income and more in her MLM journey. She helps home-based business owners and entrepreneurs to grow through their networks. Her net worth is not very clear but can be anticipated to be more than 7 figures.

12. Dexter Yager

Dexter Yager
Dexter Yager

Networth: $4,600,000.00

Dexter Yager is a popular and successful network marketer who has a net worth of $460,0,000. He was a major financial backer of Republican Sue Myrick. He grew thousands of dreamers with his motivation and success in the old Charlotte Coliseum. Network marketing helped him make millions of dollars with an asset range of 50 cars, Rolls Royces, Mercedes, bouts, and private jets.

13. Stefania lo Gatto

Stefania lo Gatto
Stefania lo Gatto

Networth: $160,000.00

Stefania Lo Gatto is a top network marketer at Jeunesse with a monthly income of$8,220,000. His network is based around Italy and Germany. Stefania now has a net worth of around $16000000 and this has helped many people to join Jeunesse and engage more effort and pool more money into network marketing.

Herbalife Top Earners

Herbalife is an American company that distributes its products in over 80 countries. It sells nutrition, weight management, and personal care products. The company has a network of more than 2.5 million distributors. Herbalife’s offer of “a healthy diet, balanced nutrition, and an active lifestyle” matches closely with the public’s demand for health and fitness.

Some of the top earners of Herbalife are

Amway net worth 2021

Amway’s net worth for the fiscal year ending in 2021 was $8.5 billion. They consistently maintain their position as the number one direct selling company in the world. Their revenue showed a 2% growth from the previous year’s tally of $ 8.4 billion. Amway launched a global focus on health and wellness during the year and marked its nutrition merchandise account for more than half of its sales. Eight of its top 10 markets grew 10 percent during the year.

Forbes MLM Report and Rankings

Forbes to date has not released any list of top MLM companies or earners, but has frequently published articles on it. Forbes has been engaged in reporting about Multi-level marketing (MLM) companies for several years. It has published a number of articles about MLM companies, including Herbalife, a nutritional supplement MLM company, and Vemma, a beverage MLM company. Here is the link to some of the best Forbes MLM articles you can read for a quick take on the status of the multi-level marketing industry.

Frequently Asked Questions about Top MLM Earners

Igor Alberts & Andreea Cimbala are the highest MLM earner in Network Marketing according to the most recent reports.

Women make up 16 percent of top MLM earners, couples make up 34 percent, and males make up 45 percent.

MLM is extremely popular in the United States, with the highest number of MLM earners.

The MLM sector employs 64.9 million independent distributors globally.

The direct selling industry is growing at a 9.7% compound annual growth rate.

Igor Alberts & Andreea Cimbala is the top MLM earner as of 2022 with a Networth of around 150 million.

Winding Up

Success is dependent upon many elements. You should be able to identify the opportunities that are available to you. If you want to be successful in Multi Level Marketing, it’s wise to learn and take influence from the inspiring network marketing success stories.

And if you are building an MLM company, integrate it with an efficient MLM software that can level up your network marketing business.

Hope the list of Top Earners in MLM gave some much-needed inspiration for all those doubtful people about the real potential of network marketing.

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