MLM website WordPress templates are one of the best possible ways to make money online through the multi-level marketing business.

Here, you earn a commission for each customer you refer, by linking to participating services, products, or offers!

Even though you could add these income-generating affiliate links to any WordPress websites or themes, selecting a theme that has been created especially for this purpose has many advantages.

And same is the case with WordPress MLM templates too! Here, you can choose an elegant theme of your choice for MLM Software Development. Besides, when WordPress MLM templates are used with the WordPress MLM Plugin, the building of your MLM website can be greatly simplified.

One of the exciting characteristics of these WordPress MLM themes is that they make it very easy to publish professional-looking reviews. These reviews can highlight the best and worst aspects of each item, along with other useful features such as product comparisons, star ratings, video and image galleries, and lots more.

Other features which are included in the given below Network Marketing WordPress themes include fully responsive designs, a wealth of theme options and customization controls, and also some bundled premium plugins.

Top Free MLM WordPress Templates – Free MLM WordPress Themes

Choosing a purpose-built affiliate theme plays an important role in the success of your WordPress website.

The below MLM WordPress themes we listed out is a perfect choice that can be installed and go live without any further support from a wordpress development company for any customization.

Some of these MLM WordPress themes are also available as part of multi-template theme clubs. And hence if you are interested to buy more than one theme, definitely have a look below.

1. REHub

REHub is one of the best WordPress MLM Themes when it comes to MLM templates. With a lot of product-related display features, REHub makes it easy to add reviews, comparisons, and other product showcasing features to your WordPress website.

REHub is a perfect choice, whether you are featuring products on a strict affiliate basis, or you are selling your own items from your website.

REHub provides full support for two of the leading e-commerce plugins for WordPress, namely, WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads. With the help of these two plugins, you can list products you are promoting as an affiliate along with your own inventory. So that it ensures maximum sales and money-making opportunities.

REhub affiliate theme is a pretty flexible MLM WordPress theme and you can configure your website in multiple formats, let it be a regular format, magazine layout, or an online store format.

The theme also provides you with a number of affiliate-related plugins, like creating product comparison tables, as well as managing your outbound affiliate links.

REHub would be the best option for you if you are planning to generate an income online from affiliate commissions. Since they have a fully modern design and lots of affiliate-related features.

Features of REHub WordPress theme:

  • Full site editing
  • Customise everything
  • Multi-language support
  • Advanced affiliate functions
  • Enhanced ad-options

2. SteadyIncome

SteadyIncome theme is designed especially for building websites that earn revenues through affiliate programs. It is one of the fastest-loading themes around.

A fast-loading page has many benefits compared to the slow ones. Fast loading themes result in higher conversion rates and improved rankings in the search engines. And never forget these are the two metrics that every affiliate marketer and website owner should focus on.

Some of the exciting features of the theme include an email list building tool, unmissable featured product displays, stylish social media icons, and a fully responsive design for all mediums.

Features of SteadyIncome WordPress theme:

  • Engaging design
  • Higher subscription rate
  • AdSense optimized
  • Fluid responsiveness
  • Integrated social media buttons

3. Rethink

Rethink theme was updated only recently to version 2. Also, the present version of Rethink has some great features on offer to help you build the perfect affiliate website.
Some of the very useful tools for publishing product and service reviews can be found in this theme. Also, it provides the option to compare items.

Rethink theme handles product reviews so perfectly so that it makes it much easier for the visitors to quickly find the best deal for the product they are interested in.

This also increases your chances of earning a referral commission from their purchase.

This theme combines a stylish design and feature set to help you build a professional product review website with great earnings potential.

Features of Rethink WordPress theme:

  • Product Rating
  • Widgetized Sidebar
  • Social Icons
  • Easy to use interface
  • SEO optimized

4. Splash

Splash is another high-performance WordPress theme available in the market right now. They do have a flexible layout and a clean and modern design. And also have some of the fastest loading times around.

Splash could be the best choice for anyone who wants to let their product reviews stand out on the page.

Features of Splash WordPress theme:

  • In-built rating system
  • High speed
  • Unlimited colors
  • Social media integration
  • WooCommerce support

5. Voice

Voice comes in a number of layout options, and you could choose the one you find perfect.
And in case if you are planning to create an affiliate website with WordPress, the full-width layout with the cover image is a good choice.

The theme comes with a good selection of shortcodes. These shortcodes enable you to insert a range of elements into your content, including progress bars, font icons, a library of buttons, tabs, and even column layouts.
Voice theme will definitely create interest to those who plan to create content on a regular basis that earns returns with affiliate links.

Features of Voice WordPress theme:

  • Responsive design
  • Advanced theme options
  • Built-in performance options
  • Unlimited fonts and colors
  • Compatible with popular plug-ins

6. SKT Start-Up Lite

Start-Up Lite is a simple and elegant WordPress theme that is the best choice for MLMs that are starting up with their business. It is coded with Elementor page builder and for inner pages it uses Gutenberg. But it can work with other pages as well. It has ready themes for supporting multi-languages. This is very useful for MLM companies that have their distributors and customers spread far and wide. Configured to easily support maps, video and compatible with HTML5 and CSS3. It has 7 plugins tested and compatible. With having features like WooCommerce supported, it is suitable for all kinds of business and multipurpose use.

Features of SKT Start-Up Lite WordPress theme:

  • Mobile Friendly
  • WooCommerce integrated
  • Full color changing theme
  • Translation and Multilingual ready theme
  • Social sharing integrated

7. Kraft

Kraft is a WordPress theme that is wisely developed for meeting all the design requirements of users with its vibrant design configuration capability. It can be used by a wide range of businesses and for multiple purposes. It provides animated columns that help to easily choose the animation needed for a particular section. This WordPress theme is Google mobile-friendly. This WordPress theme is integrated with 500 + font and well-designed icons and has good navigation menus for the website. It is both translation-friendly and supports multiple languages. Coded with HTML5 and CSS3, Kraft has an excellent development behind it.

Features of Kraft theme:

  • Animated columns
  • Social media integration
  • SEO friendly
  • Integrated with 500+ font
  • 100+shortcodes

8. Perfect Lite

Perfect Lite is a WordPress theme that goes well for any business. It is coded by using the SKT page builder. The inner pages can support any page builder like WP bakery, site origin, Elementor, and more. It is translation friendly and we can use translation plugins like Polylang,qTranslate, WPML, and others. This WordPress is perfect for any type of industry. Woocommerce integrations make it perfect for MLM companies to display their products online and find good consumers for them. It is simple to use and easily customizable.

Features of perfect lite theme:

  • HTML5 and CSS3 based
  • Woocomerce integrated
  • Easy customization
  • SEO Friendly coding



The above given are some of the best free WordPress MLM templates / Free MLM WordPress themes available on the internet today.

If you are so serious about getting the best returns from your MLM business online, then give a try of any of these WordPress MLM templates.

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