In MLM business, to get more results we need to have a good MLM lead capture page. You all know MLM is Multi Level Marketing and now you may think what is this lead capture page

MLM Lead Capture Page or Lead Generation Page is nothing but a landing page to collect the leads of MLM business. Here in this page lead information is collected and they get informed about your product or service of your MLM business. Now let us see how it gets noticed to capture more leads which in turn will promote your business to get better conversions or results.

Now we will discuss some MLM lead capture page conversion tips to generate more leads.

Top MLM Lead Capture Page Conversion Tips

#1. Keep Your Layout Simple

  • Keep your layout always simple so that it is not overloaded with unwanted information.
  • When your layout of the lead capture page is simple, it will not take more time to load the page.
  • The simple layout pictures the information very clearly and nothing will be complicated for the leads to understand about your product or service.
  • Don’t use too many graphics, always concentrate on your message to the customers. It will be good if you keep 90% as text messages.

#2. Good Color Combination

  • It is always better to use good color combination so that your Lead Capture Page looks very professional.
  • Some colors are pleasing to the eyes. It is recommended to use red, orange, blue, white because such colors are pleasing to the eyes.
  • Try to view the pages from different devices such as mobile, tab etc to see the difference in the sharpness of the page.
  • Always stick to 2 to 3 colors so that it is not overloaded with colors or it should not depict like a rainbow.

#3. Appropriate Headline

  • Headline plays an important role in Lead Capture page.
  • Give an appropriate heading for the page.
  • Keep clear with large font and make bold.
  • Make it to 7 to 14 words. i.e one or two sentences.
  • Just by looking at the headline the customers should understand your business.
  • Heading should reveal your business interest.

#4. Mention the Benefits in Bullet Points

  • When we talk about benefits most of them highlight their features, that is a big no-no
  • We need benefits like what you offer in your business, what are your promotions, how they benefited easily with your business etc.
  • Keep all the points short and in bullets.
  • Prioritize your benefits so that it is easily notified.

#5. Attractive Offers

  • Offer speaks about your business and gets promoted quickly.
  • So attractive offers are important for lead capture page.
  • Provide free video, audio, webinar, the brochure with understanding the values of your business.

#6. Simple Video or Audio Clip

  • Keep a simple and short video or audio clip of 2 min long.
  • Explain shortly about you and your business which benefits them and guides them to go for the next process.
  • The video or audio should be very professional and should get played automatically.

#7. Simple Inquiry Form

  • The chances of conversion rate get reduced if personal information is requested and so keep a very simple inquiry form.
  • Don’t keep the personal information as mandatory fields.
  • Let them enter the email address if interested.

#8. Invite Call to Action

  • Here you have to tell the viewers to do or view something if you want them to do it so.
  • For example, Enter your details to view our short video on how to start a business successfully.
  • Or enter your email address to click the view button to view our short webinar about Our MLM business benefits.

#9. Disclaimer And Policy

  • Mention disclaimer and policies on your page if you are using the paid services of an advertising agency.
  • Advertising agency expects you to mention the policies of the services.
  • Most of the users won’t look into the policies but still, they add credible values.
  • Advertising agencies will expect you to keep these policies if you continue to use their services.

#10. Traffic of the Page

  • Last but not least is about traffic. With huge traffic, you can identify that your page is getting promoted among the customers.
  • Once the traffic becomes huge, you can predict the conversion rate.

The lead generation methods integrated with a Network Marketing Software can take your MLM Business to the next level and generate more leads.

#11. Know Your Audience

Know who the audience of your lead conversion page is. You have to provide new content for up-selling existing customers. For leads, there should be content that can convert them to clients. Use content marketing to attract prospects.

#12. Add trust elements

It is important to gain the trust of the visitors on the lead capturing page. You can provide elements like registrant count, downloads, customer logos, media mentions, ratings, etc. Customer testimonials are a great way to gain the trust of prospects.

#13. Conversion Centered Design (CCD)

Conversion Centered Design is all about guiding the visitor towards one specific action on the page. Persuasion and psychological devices are used to convert a visitor to a customer. CCD can be used in landing pages to point the prospect towards a single objective.

#14. Post Conversion

Proper post-conversion setup can help you upsell existing customers.Invites to follow on social media, webinars, discount coupons, newsletter subscriptions, etc are good examples of post-conversion activities. This can be considered equivalent to placing candy near the bill counter in a supermarket.

#15. Chatbot

Chatbots are proven to increase engagement and retention of customers in lead capture pages.They can be active 23×7 on the page. Users can interact with them and they can be set up to answer frequently asked questions.


Finally, hope you understood the tips to get a good conversion rate. It is always better to test your Lead Capture Page continuously to get good results. Keep the thoughts of your business transparent so that it will fetch you the good MLM Lead Capture Page.

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