Life in today’s world is meaningless without the internet. If you are venturing into an online business, an e-commerce platform can earn you good money. Multi vendor E-commerce MLM Software provides you a readymade platform for your marketplace website.

People prefer to shop online in order to make their shopping very easy and in a manner, efficient. With the gigantic success of websites like Etsy and ThemeForest, multi-vendor E-Commerce software has witnessed a booming demand. They have become probably the most popular way to sell both physical and digital products. They provide a very convenient option to host third-party vendors.

The unique functionality of Multilevel Marketing or network marketing businesses requires specialized multi-vendor marketplace software to manage their system efficiently.

What is Multi Vendor Marketplace Software?

Multi Vendor Marketplace Software is a platform where multiple sellers can create their profiles and add unlimited products they want to sell.

Multi-vendor E-Commerce software, Shopping cart software, or E-Commerce shopping cart software are all programs similar to this software. You must all be familiar with the different retailers selling their products on very popular online portals including Snapdeal, Flipkart, Amazon, etc.

Now, let’s take a look at the 5 Best Platforms for Multi Vendor Marketplace Software

  1. WordPress with Marketify

    Marketify is one of the most popular WordPress themes which integrates with Easy Digital Downloads to create multi-vendor marketplaces for digital products. It is very much affordable when we look price-wise and easy to use because of the familiar WordPress interface.

  2. Magento with Marketplace

    Marketplace is one of the popular extensions for Magento. It turns into a fully-functioning multi-vendor marketplace. Magento is one of the most robust multi-vendor E-Commerce platforms we have out there.

  3. WordPress with WooCommerce

    WooCommerce has several plugins for multi-vendor marketplaces. The most popular of its plugins is WC Vendors plugin because it is well supported and has both free and premium versions.

  4. Sharetribe

    Sharetribe is a service that is aimed exclusively to create multi-vendor marketplaces. the main difference of Sharetribe from the other options is that it lets you create a marketplace for all your products, services, or rentals.

  5. CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Edition

    The multi-vendor version of CS-Cart is full of a number of essential features but is a little on the pricier side. The multi-vendor edition comes with a multi-vendor functionality integrated from the ground up. Hence it feels more cohesive than the others above which rely mostly on extensions.

What are the benefits of Multi Vendor Marketplace Software?


  • A merchant need not set up a store

    It gets extremely costly to set up a store.But with multi-vendor marketplace software or E-commerce shopping cart software, it is not so . The merchant can get rid of this cost of establishing a store for which a huge infrastructure is needed.

    When a merchant creates a profile on a platform with shopping cart software, he can run his business operations in a seamless manner. This is a jackpot, considering the fact that setting up an individual online portal is a costly affair. Besides, Multi-vendor marketplace software is a great platform that gives a great opportunity for E-Commerce MLM business.

    It’s important to create a good multi-vendor E-Commerce software to help your MLM business.

  • Great web presence

    When a merchant shares the E-Commerce platform of a reputed online portal, then it is a very obvious fact that the particular merchant will get a greater web presence. Hence, multi-vendor marketplace software is a great advantage for merchants and E-Commerce MLM businesses so that they do not need to look for an alternative for creating a web presence.

  • Cost effective

    The concept of multi-vendor E-Commerce platforms have developed a cost-effective way for the merchants. This helps merchants get listed on the prestigious E-Commerce platforms in an affordable way.

    Therefore, when you choose the right E-Commerce MLM software it will be more cost-effective and helps to simplify business operations.

    Moreover, they do not have to pay for E-Commerce website design, store setup or staff requirements at all. Therefore, it has been so much help for online retailers.

  • Unlimited products

    Most of the popular multi-vendor E-Commerce platforms permit the merchants to add unlimited products and present them for sale to the customers.

    Therefore, this facility allows the E-Commerce MLM business to sell as many products as they want in any particular category. They just need to provide specific information about the particular product so that it can be listed.

Why Choose Us

Our open source multi-vendor marketplace software is extremely easy to use for every customer, merchant, and admin. Moreover, each of our product pages has a wide range of details about the product along with the product image, description of the product, and price.

So the customer can choose the products more easily to buy.

We also have additional features like an affiliate module, currency converter module, different payment gateways, social login, Multi-language, Invoice module, advanced search option, multi-city features, admin and vendor management, wishlist, product tag management, newsletter, compare products, and so on.

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