As we all know that COVID-19 is spreading exponentially, it has impacted the marketing business in many ways. Many business entrepreneurs or marketers are searching for a different source of income during this lockdown period and which is easily grabbed by accomplishing an effective MLM business.

Yes! Although COVID-19 has negatively impacted the Indian economy, you will be able to experience that the MLM web traffic increased during COVID-19. So let us talk about the positive effects on MLM web traffic during this era.

In this article, you will be able to find the details that the MLM web traffic increased during COVID-19.

Before analyzing MLM web traffic during COVID-19, let us briefly look into what is MLM or Network marketing and how MLM software helps in enhancing MLM web traffic and overall MLM business.

What is MLM or Network Marketing?

MLM or Multi-level Marketing is also known as direct selling or affiliate marketing or referral marketing or home-based marketing. It is a chain of the network formed with different distributors to promote their MLM products.

This attracts more customers for their business. Here the distributors are placed in a certain network structure or genealogy to earn the commission for the sale or to recruit downlines to promote the MLM product via their downline.

The commission earned by the distributor for each product sale depends upon the individual sale of the distributor or for the percentage commission earned from their downline sale. Thus it is not a quite easy job to organize the distributors and to calculate the commissions for each distributor. Yes! You can do all the involved calculations automated with MLM software.

MLM Software Enhances The Overall MLM Business

It becomes hectic to organize all the distributors and their downline structure manually to have an MLM plan or to calculate the commission earned by all the distributors in this affiliate system. Thus all MLM marketers started migrating their MLM operation with MLM software to automate their overall MLM business operation.

MLM software also helps to integrate an e-commerce website and convert it to an affiliate system to promote the MLM products online. When the MLM business is carried out online, you will be able to track your web traffic on your MLM website.

Filter Potential Customers From MLM Web Traffic

We all know to promote any MLM business, you need to have promoted your MLM products or services via your online company or MLM website. When the number of people or customers who visit your MLM website increases, it increases the web traffic on your site. It becomes very important to be tracked to know the growth of the MLM business.

We can say that web traffic on your MLM website plays a major role in enhancing your MLM business as it helps to find potential customers or MLM leads to your business.

With the help of MLM software integrated with web traffic tracking tools helps to analyze the web traffic and the location of the customers. With the overall report, you can easily identify the bottleneck involved in your MLM business growth.

MLM Traffic Proliferated During The COVID-19 Period

As we already discussed MLM business is a home-based marketing business, almost all the different classes of people are searching for home-based business solutions during this lockdown period of COVID-19.

As it allows you to work safely from home by educating the MLM business model and promoting the MLM products, it becomes a widespread option for almost all entrepreneurs who are looking for the primary source of income during this recession period.

Due to social distancing, people were not able to commute to their office or their routine work. So they started searching online to make money quickly with the easy strategies of MLM marketing business. This has suddenly raised the web traffic on the topmost MLM company websites.

Top MLM Players In The Network Marketing Industry

The top MLM players in the MLM industry are as follows

#1. Amway

All age groups will know about this MLM brand. It is one of the topmost MLM companies. There are more than around 3million distributors earning money with this MLM giant.

CEO: Milind Pant
Established year: 1959
Country/HeadQuarters: USA / Michigan
Revenue: 8.80 Billion

#2. Avon

Avon is standing next to the biggest MLM company Amway. It is also the topmost beauty company.

CEO: Jan Zijderveld
Established year: 1886
Country/HeadQuarters: United Kingdom / London
Revenue: 5.70 Billion

#3. Natura & Co

It is the topmost company in Brazil. Just like Avon they also focus on beauty products.

CEO: Joao Paulo Brotto Gonçalves Ferreira
Established year: 1969
Country/HeadQuarters: Brazil
Revenue: 4.4 Billion

#4. NuSkin

As the name of the company itself suggest that it is focusing on anti-aging skin care products

CEO: Ritch N Wood
Established year: 1984
Country/HeadQuarters: USA / Utah
Revenue: 2.28 Billion

#5. Oriflame

Oriflame is also cited as one of the topmost MLM companies focussing on cosmetics and beauty products.

CEO: Magnus Brännström
Established year: 1967
Country/HeadQuarters: Switzerland / Schaffhausen
Revenue: 1.6 Billion

Web Traffic Analysis Of The Top MLM Players During COVID-19

MLM Website Traffic Increased During COVID 19

Let us look at the web traffic report on the topmost MLM companies during the COVID-19 period.

#1. Amway

From the below web traffic report of Amway, the traffic during Jan 2020 was dropped near to 28,000 from 60,000 during Nov 2019. From Jan 2020 to Feb 2020, it got increased near to 52,000.

MLM Website Traffic Increased During COVID 19

#2. Avon

As per the below web traffic report of Avon, you will be able to analyze that the web traffic from Mar 2019 to Dec 2019 was more or less near to 328,000. From Dec 2019, the web traffic started increasing Jan, Feb 2020 and it has reached 410,000 web traffic during COVID-19 (Feb 2020).

MLM Website Traffic Increased During COVID 19

#3. Natura & Co

From the below web traffic report of Natura & Co, it is witnessed that the topmost web traffic during Mar-Dec 2019 was 2,080. There was a surge in web traffic during Feb 2020 and it reached around 2600 web traffic.

MLM Website Traffic Increased During COVID 19

#4. NuSkin

As per the below web traffic report of NuSkin, it was steady traffic 416,00 from Sep 2019 to Jan 2020. Suddenly it got a hike to 520,000 web traffic during COVID-19 i.e. Feb 2020.

MLM Website Traffic Increased During COVID 19

#5. Oriflame

As per the below web traffic report of Oriflame, you will be able to analyze the web traffic from Mar 2019 to May 2019 and from Nov 2019 to Jan 2020 was around 9,000 and there was a sudden hike to around 16,000 during Feb 2020 or you can say it is during COVID-19 period.

MLM Website Traffic Increased During COVID 19


Finally, you can conclude that 10 to 20% of MLM web traffic increased during the COVID-19 period. It shows that most of the people are searching for home-based marketing solutions during this wide-spreading and infectious disease.

From this article, you will also be able to know what is network marketing and how MLM software helps you to run your marketing business more successfully.

Always choose the best MLM software to stand ahead in this competitive environment of the network marketing business.

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