We are glad to announce the release of the new version of Infinite MLM Software (IMS)12.0. This is the recent release of this software. The developers of Infinite Open Source Solutions initiated this MLM software to automate the MLM functions seamlessly.

Now, we have updated the software version from 11.0 to 12.0 to include advanced settings, more customized options, an improved user interface, theme, design to enhance the overall function of the software.

Here you will get to know the updated features, design, theme, advanced settings, customized options included in the IMS version 12.0.

Highlights Of The Latest Infinite MLM Software Version 12.0

MLM Software Version Release
  • Technology/ Platform Updated
  • The PHP version is updated to the latest version 7.0

  • Enhanced User Interface With Advanced Settings For Various Admin Pages
  • The user interface of business, e-wallet, e-pin, payout pages of the admin module is enhanced with options for filtering, sorting, and pagination. When compared to the previous version 11.0, the sub- menus of the pages are inserted within the page in the new release. For example, Business summary, Business transactions which are the sub menus of the Business page in version 11.0 are inserted within the Business page in the updated version 12.0. Similarly the admin pages like E-wallet , E-Pin, Payout pages are updated in the new release with enhanced UI and UX . The previous submenus of the pages in version 11.0 are inserted within the page as highlighted in the below screenshots.

    Business Admin page

    MLM Software Version Release

    E-wallet Admin page

    MLM Software Version Release

    Payout Admin Page

    MLM Software Version Release

    E-pin Admin Page

    MLM Software Version Release
  • Updated Theme For E-Commerce Store
  • In this new release, the new theme is introduced for the e-commerce store, which is integrated with MLM software. The open cart used to build this e-commerce store has been updated to version 3. An updated e-commerce store is available in the latest version of IMS.

  • New Options Included In E-Commerce Store
  • New options are included in the integrated e-commerce store to upgrade the availed packages by the distributors and for subscription/autoship.

  • Change Placement/Sponsor Function
  • The admin will be able to change the position of the user from one place to another by using the genealogy tree under the network menu and can also change the position of the sponsor from one place to another by using the sponsor tree under the network menu.

  • Option To Block PV In Binary Commission Settings
  • If the users are inactive, Admin can block the PV of the inactive users while configuring the binary commission settings. Go to Settings->Commission settings->Compensation->Select Binary Commission configuration and enable the check box “Block PV for inactive users”

MLM Software Version Release
  • Tweaked Settings
  • The settings page of the admin module is reorganized to configure the advanced settings and commission settings separately and quickly.

  • Customized Dashboard
  • The dashboard of the software can be customized in the new release using the advanced settings. Go to Settings->Advanced Settings-> User Dashboard. Here you can enable or disable the menus to be displayed on the Dashboard.

MLM Software Version Release
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Advanced reports like PV (personal Volume) history of the user can be viewed in the latest version. Go to Profile Management->Member overview->PV History to view the history of personal volume earned by the particular user.

  • Configure Username Length
  • Set the username length range by using advanced settings. Go to Settings->Advanced Settings->Profile and set the username length.

MLM Software Version Release
  • Enhanced Design
  • Enhanced the design to configure the mail content. To view the updated design, Go to Settings->Mail Content to view the design of the mail content page of registration verification email, registration email, payout release email, change password, change transaction password, payout request, and many more.

  • Approve Pending Orders
  • If the user purchases any item by using the COD option via the e-commerce store, then the admin module will have the option in the new release to approve the order from back-office. Go to Order Details->Order Approval, Here admin can approve the pending orders.

MLM Software Version Release


The new release of IMS version 12.0 is equipped with all the above features. Try all the features with the free demo of the software to have a real-time experience of the updated software IMS version 12.0

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