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What is API?

API refers to the Application Programming Interface. Yes, it is an interface between the applications and it follows certain rules to communicate between the applications. API acts as an intermediary that delivers the request from web interface to the server, and it delivers the response back from the server for the retrieved request.

What happens if the software is not having API? The performance of the software application will not be affected, but it will not be allowed to communicate with other software applications. Thus it will be isolated from other software applications.

Why you need API in MLM Software?

We will look into this with an example. Consider a scenario where you would like to retrieve the list of product details. If there is no API, the developer should visit the website and do the necessary to get the product details from its database.

If there is an API in the website, the data is retrieved from the database of the website quickly. This enhances the product sale and marketing of the MLM business. This will also make the process easy for the developers and consumes very less time as API quickly responds to the request raised by the developers or the users.

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We will look into the benefits of API integration in MLM Software

API is very important for any business productivity so that it allows to collaborate with different applications and thus it attracts more customers to your MLM business.

Benefits – API Integration in MLM Software

Some of the benefits of API integration in MLM software

    #1. Attracts more potential customers

    Integrated API simplifies the search, and it has no limit on retrieving the data from various sources. This, in turn, attracts more customers from different platforms to use your MLM software.

    #2. Flexible and convenient

    API integration in MLM Software are more flexible and convenient to provide product information to the customers. It easily connects with the database of product information, and it makes the product sale more convenient for MLM business.

    #3. Supports Customization

    API assists customization for the websites so that it will be as per the customer requirements.

    #4. Cost-effective

    Since API attracts more customers and enhances the product sale, the need to spend on marketing gets reduced drastically. This makes the whole MLM business marketing techniques to leverage time and money. Hence it is cost-effective for MLM business.

    #5. Enhanced customer satisfaction and manages CRM

    As API interacts with different platforms quickly, the enhanced user experience improves the overall customer satisfaction and effectively manages the CRM (Customer Relations Management)

    #6. Stable and compatible

    API integrations are more stable and compatible with different platforms. It is easy to implement any new strategies or approaches to API integration as they streamline all the new implementations.

    #7. Enhances automation

    API enhances the automation process involved in the MLM software

    #8. Enhanced functionalities

    New objects are added to API integrations to increase the functionalities of the MLM software.

    #9.Enhances the filtering options while requesting

    List of API’s added to enhance the filtering options while requesting the data and customers can use the MLM software more effectively.

    #10. Enhances collaboration

    Interacting with more than one software application enhances your MLM business collaboration with API integration.

List of API’s in Infinite MLM Software

We support a list of API’s and the same is documented for future reference.

The List of API’s in Infinite MLM software as follows:

  • Get access token
  • Get / Update/ Upload Personal Information
  • Change/Forgot Password
  • Change/Forgot Transaction Password
  • Get E-wallet balance
  • Order complete
  • Purchase using e-wallet/e-pin
  • Get membership packages
  • Get signup fee
  • Get cart/purchase packages
  • Get package details
  • Add/Remove product to/from cart
  • Clear/Get cart products
  • Add /Remove shipping address
  • Get the list of shipping address
  • Set default shipping address
  • Cart checkout

You can check out our API documentation to know more about List of API’s. The method used for each action performed is provided in this document.

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Finally, in this article, you will be able to find about API integration of Infinite MLM software. As there is a need for our customers to interact with more than one application through our Infinite MLM software, API integration will provide the support to interact effectively. Here you will be able to find the benefits of the API integration.

These benefits will indicate why there is a need for API integration in our Infinite MLM software. You can also create your own API with our software. This API integration will help the different software application to interact, and both may get benefited from each other to improve the overall business productivity.

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