The travel industry has always been a dynamic landscape, constantly adapting to new trends and consumer preferences. In recent years, one particular business model has taken flight in the travel industry: Multi level marketing. MLM companies are shaking things up by offering unique travel experiences and opportunities to earn income through referrals.

Travel MLM companies have injected a dose of entrepreneurship into the industry, empowering individuals to build their own travel businesses and achieve financial independence.

But with so many travel MLM companies vying for your attention, navigating the options can be overwhelming. Fear not, This blog is your first-class ticket to understanding the top players in the market. We’ll delve into the 10 leading travel MLM companies in 2024. So let’s go!

Top Travel MLM Companies in the World

Company Year Founded Founder Country Revenue
BE 2018 Moyn Islam UAE $85 M
InCruises 2015 Frank J. Codina &
Michael T. Hutchison
USA $75M
MWR Life 2013 Yoni Ashurov USA $75M
Essens 2011 Viliam Lalinský,
Libor Prus
and Michal Kovář
Czechia $42M
iBuumerang 2019 Holton Buggs USA $35M
myEcon 2005 Ivey Stokes USA $5M
FireFlies 2010 N/A Switzerland $6M
Surge365 2015 Scott Tomer &
Christopher Cokley
Jifu 2018 Bradley Boyle USA $20M
World Ventures N/A N/A USA $4M

1. BE

BE, previously known as Melius, is a subscription-based MLM company that offers various services, including education, travel, and lifestyle products. Founded by Jeremy Prasetyo and launched in 2019, BE aims to empower individuals through its subscription model, allowing them to access a range of benefits and discounts. While specific revenue or growth statistics are not readily available, BE has garnered attention for its unique approach to MLM and subscription-based services, contributing to its presence in the travel industry.

Did you know?

BE holds the top position in terms of revenue – $85 million USD in 2022.

2. InCruises

InCruises is a travel MLM company founded by Michael Hutchison in 2015. It offers a membership-based platform that allows subscribers to access discounted cruise vacations. With over 100,000 members worldwide, InCruises has made a notable impact on the travel industry by providing affordable cruise options to its members. While there have been some reports questioning its legitimacy, the company continues to grow its member base and expand its offerings, demonstrating its influence in the MLM and travel sectors.

3. MWR Life

MWR Life, a global Direct Selling company, is transforming the travel landscape through its exclusive partnership with the Travel Advantage booking platform. This collaboration enables members worldwide to access the best prices, selection, and service, redefining their travel experiences. Additionally, MWR Life offers a lucrative home-based business opportunity, with a mission to empower individuals globally to achieve financial independence and make their dreams a reality.

With one membership catering to all travel needs, including flights, hotels, cruises, resorts, trains, excursions, and car rentals, members enjoy unparalleled convenience. Each travel booking not only secures their itinerary but also earns them Travel Credits, which can be applied toward or fully cover future adventures. These Travel Credits never expire and are available for use across the entire spectrum of offerings within the membership portal. Furthermore, members accrue monthly Loyalty Dollars, granting them access to exotic Life Experiences® as a token of appreciation for their membership.

4. Essens

ESSENS emerges as one of the most dynamic MLM companies in Europe, with its inception dating back to 2011 in the Czech Republic. Founded in collaboration with network marketing professionals and leading experts in cosmetics and food supplement development, ESSENS has expanded its reach to three continents, with a continually growing number of branches.

Initially gaining recognition for its introduction of exclusive, high-quality perfumes, ESSENS later diversified its offerings to include a rich portfolio of food supplements. Beyond premium products, ESSENS provides its members with additional perks, such as access to its own ticket and hotel search engine through ESSENS Travel. Membership in the ESSENS Club is not only free but also non-committal, offering numerous benefits, discounts, guarantees, and incentive programs.

5. iBuumerang

iBuumerang, established in 2019, operates in the travel niche within the MLM industry. Its primary offerings include discounted travel services. To participate, individuals must first become affiliates, with various membership levels available. Without these tiers, affiliates would function as regular marketers. The company boasts a user-friendly promotion system facilitated by the iGo booking engine. While iBuumerang has not faced any formal accusations, it remains a legitimate MLM entity.

To begin, one must acquire the standby enrollment kit, which is essential for any chosen package. One user acknowledges iBuumerang and its parent company, Ellev8, for simplifying the complexities of trading, offering valuable educational courses, and nurturing a supportive community. Another user expresses gratitude for the transformative opportunity presented by iBuumerang, which enables flexible work arrangements and the potential for significant income.

6. MyEcon

MyEcon, based in the United States, operates as a Multi-Level Marketing company. They claim to guide their recruits towards a more prosperous life through the sale or purchase of MyEcon products and by enhancing their financial knowledge. The product range includes coffee beans, the MyCredit System, Identity Defender, CashFlow Manager, Roadside Assistance, Health & Nutrition, and Travel Membership.

However, the official compensation plan is not readily available on the MyEcon website. To join MyEcon, individuals need to connect with a sales associate and sign up using their personalized company-sponsored website. The cost to become a Marketing Director with the company is $34.95 per month, along with an initiation fee of $19.95.

7. FireFlies

Fireflies, an online travel portal, is operated by a Swiss public limited company and has emerged as a market leader in various domains since its establishment in 2010. Renowned for its appealing travel deals, highly competitive pricing, user-friendly interface, comprehensive range of travel services, and exceptional multilingual customer support, Fireflies has garnered significant acclaim.

It is said that at least 1% of the population in each country opts for Fireflies as their preferred travel companion. Moreover, their tailored tiered affiliate program enables individuals to share their positive experiences with others while simultaneously earning supplemental income. From flight bookings to arranging local activities, everything is conveniently accessible at their fingertips. Whether individuals seek an unforgettable travel experience or an affiliate marketing venture, all necessary resources are readily available.

8. Surge365

Surge365 operates as a multi-level marketing (MLM) company, specializing in the sale of wholesale memberships providing access to a third-party travel booking platform. Established in 2015 by Scott Tomer, Chris Cockley, and Lloyd ‘Coach’ Tomer, Surge365 connects members with discounted deals on vacations, flights, hotels, cars, and cruises through its partner company, Pro Travel Network.

Alongside its travel benefits, Surge365 offers a business opportunity for members interested in earning income from home or while traveling, leveraging the MLM model to empower individuals to build their own successful ventures. Surge365 relies on a third-party company for membership discount deals and travel services, leaving the organization primarily focused on recruitment. This heavy emphasis on recruitment raises a red flag for being a pyramid scheme.

Did you know?

Annual Cost for Surge365 Platinum Membership is $1,118.40

9. Jifu

Jifu operates within the travel MLM niche, headquartered in Idaho and led by co-founders Jeffrey Boyle (CEO) and Bradley Boyle (President). Their JIFU travel portals grant users access to an extensive database of resorts and hotels, offering discounts of up to 75% compared to other travel sites. Additionally, users can book cruises, rental cars, activities, flights, and concierge services at significant discounts.

Furthermore, by utilizing JIFU, individuals accrue credits that can be applied toward further adventures. With its vast array of destinations and exclusive value propositions, JIFU presents itself as the key to securing the best travel deals. The compensation plan of Jifu is centered around the sale of memberships to both retail customers and recruited affiliates. Within Jifu’s compensation structure, there exist twelve affiliate ranks.

10. World Ventures

World Ventures stands out as one of the most lucrative travel-based MLM companies. Founded in the United States in 2005 by Wayne Nugent and Mike Azcue, its initial focus was on catering to travelers exploring Southeast Asia. World Ventures differentiated itself by offering accommodations not typically found on mainstream travel sites, collaborating closely with various hotels and homestays. Despite facing challenges during the pandemic that brought it close to bankruptcy, the company has experienced a remarkable resurgence in recent years.

They relaunched as DreamTrips in 2022 and offers enticing travel packages to the public. By 2022, World Ventures reported an impressive annual turnover of USD 183 million. Their offerings include destination packages spanning the globe, from Kenya and Mexico to Thailand and other locations worldwide.

Did you know?

85.4% of WorldVentures’ representatives either earned nothing or ended up operating at a loss.

How Do Travel MLM Companies Function?

Network marketing travel companies operate by prioritizing associates over traditional supply chains. Instead of investing in showrooms or sponsor deals, these companies rely on their associates to market products directly to local communities. Associates gather customer details and orders, which are then fulfilled by the company.

Associates earn commissions on each sale, simplifying performance evaluation for the company. The streamlined process allows for high levels of customization and flexibility, unlike traditional stores.

The mobile nature of network marketing is especially advantageous for travel agencies. Agents can work in various locations, offering tailored deals and plans to travelers. While commission turnaround may take longer than traditional agencies, the model allows for fluidity in orders and the ability to adjust discounts based on demand.

In addition to using their own subscriptions, subscribers have the option to share or transfer their subscriptions to family, friends, or colleagues, along with access to various offers and vouchers. These travel privileges allow subscribers to travel worldwide to destinations where the company has properties or network tie-ups. Subscribers also earn commissions based on the MLM business plan established by the company when making bookings.

Industry Insights: Navigating the Skies of Travel MLMs

While predicting future trends in any industry can be challenging, especially in a dynamic field like MLM, here are some potential trends that could shape the future of travel MLM companies:

Virtual Travel Experiences

With the rise of virtual reality (VR) technology, travel MLM companies may start offering virtual travel experiences. These experiences would allow users to explore destinations from the comfort of their own homes, providing a unique selling point for MLM memberships.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Travel

As awareness of environmental issues grows, there is a growing demand for sustainable and eco-friendly travel options. Travel MLM companies may respond to this trend by partnering with environmentally-conscious suppliers and offering packages that prioritize sustainability.

Wellness Travel

Wellness tourism is on the rise, with travelers seeking experiences that promote health and well-being. Travel MLM companies could capitalize on this trend by offering wellness-focused travel packages, such as yoga retreats, spa getaways, and healthy cooking classes.

Social Media Influencer Partnerships

Influencer marketing has emerged as a powerful strategy, leveraging the ability of influencers to reach large audiences and effectively promote MLM memberships and travel packages to their followers.

Integration of technology

Utilizing technologies like mobile apps, online booking platforms, and digital marketing tools to streamline operations, enhance customer experience, and facilitate communication within the network.

Blockchain Technology

Travel MLM companies may explore the integration of blockchain technology to streamline booking processes and enhance trust among customers by providing greater transparency and security in transactions.

In Summary

The world of travel MLM companies continues to flourish in 2024, offering unparalleled opportunities for both entrepreneurs and those seeking new adventures. As global connectivity grows and the desire for authentic travel experiences surges, these companies stand at the forefront, bridging cultures, creating memories, and empowering individuals to explore the world while building successful businesses. With their commitment to quality, integrity, and community, these travel MLM companies pave the way for a future where wanderlust meets entrepreneurship, transforming dreams of travel into realities for all.


Some of the Companies listed above have been said to be scams, and some are operating in pyramid schemes. However, We does not endorse any of the companies, products, or services mentioned in this article. The information presented here is based on reports from the available resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

A travel MLM is a business model that combines elements of multi level marketing with the travel industry. These companies offer memberships or packages that provide access to discounted travel services, and members earn commissions by selling these memberships and recruiting others into the business.

Joining a travel MLM company can offer several benefits, including access to discounted travel services, the opportunity to earn commissions and bonuses, flexibility to work from anywhere, and the chance to build a business and network with other like-minded individuals.

When choosing a travel MLM company, it’s important to research the company’s reputation, track record, and compensation plan. Look for companies that are transparent about their business practices, offer valuable products or services.

While some travel MLM companies operate legitimately and provide valuable services to their members, others may engage in deceptive practices or operate as pyramid schemes. It’s important to research and carefully evaluate any travel MLM opportunity before joining.

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