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Infinite MLM Software Version 15.0 Released

September 27, 2022

Infinite Open Source Solutions have upgraded Infinite MLM software with improved performance features.

Version 15.0 of the Infinite MLM software was released by Infinite Open Source Solutions. The new update consists of changes in Stack, improvements in UI, updated tech, new version of OpenCart, increased speed, and advanced performance and scalability.

Infinite MLM software version 15.0 comes with some major tech updates and performance enhancements. Several changes have been made in the Stack. Updated tech such as PHP-CodeIgniter framework, PHP 8.1, Laravel 9 framework, Python 3.9, and NodeJS have been implemented. Minor improvements have been made in the UI on the admin side. The latest version of OpenCart has also been implemented. All of this comes with improved speed, scalability, and performance features.

Infinite MLM software supports multiple compensation plans and has advanced features such as automatic payment processing, popular integrations, multi-language and currency support, E-pin, E-wallet, SMS/Email integration, and much more.

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