Software Development Process

Software Development Process – MLM

To implement the tech projects favourably, Web and software developers should have to use the software development life cycle or Software Development Process. It is the structure designed for the development of a software product. Software industry follows this process to design, develop, and test before deployment. The process should be effectively taken to action then only it will meet expectations and requirements of the client. It is said to be the process of building good software. This process obviously will give quality and correctness of the software. Each step is considered as important, Otherwise, it can create big mistakes. Infinite MLM Software follows a unique method for every project as per the client requirement.

How Software development process begins?

Infinite MLM software follows a process where our sales team attend all the enquiries and after receiving a lead, our project manager and team analyze the client requirements. After analysing we assign a time frame for the project and informs the client. After receiving confirmation from the client, our development team will start their developing program and provide up to three demos along with 24-hour support for the project. If the client is satisfied with the demo, finally project turns to be live and we deliver the project. Furthermore, after the project delivery, we provide customer support till six months. Our development process consist of following stages;

1) Planning & Requirement gathering

This is the first stage and it is the major step of the process. it includes identifying and capturing the requirements of customers. perfect planning makes the process simple and effective. It outlines the goals of what the program will be capable of doing and It establishes a high-level view of the proposed project and affects its progress positively

2) System analysis

It defines the project goals as functions. In this stage entire system is described in detail. The developer gets a detailed view of various phases of the software that developed in the project.

3) System Design

The design phase covers how the project is going to be created. The design is developed by analyst and designers. This will define the architectural modules along with data flow representation, business rules and process diagrams

4) Development and Implementation

It is the logical part of development process. This stage is the start of actual development. During implementation, the team builds the product and creates programming code.

5) Testing

This stage of development is to check for errors, bugs and other issues. During the testing phase, the product is checked to ensure that defects are reported, tracked, fixed, and tested again until the product meets quality standards. We make sure the software is error-free and then it goes to next stage.

6) Maintenance

When testing is complete and the product is ready for deployment, changes may be made based on the feedback and client request. Maintenance is carried out for the customer. The ultimate goal of the maintenance phase is to ensure that the product remains relevant and high quality.

7) Deliver to client

Finally, we deliver the completed project to the client. Our company provide six-month customer support for the delivered project.

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