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What is Matrix Plan?

Matrix Plan is a pyramid structure arranged into a fixed number of width(row) and depth(column) that restricts the number of distributors you can sponsor on your first level. It is represented by the formula width * depth. Matrix Plan is also known as Forced Matrix MLM Plan or Ladder Plan. Matrix Plan limits the width and motivates to hire more members in the downline. 

What is Matrix MLM Software?

Matrix MLM Software is a web based application that maintains the matrix MLM plan and it helps to keep track on downline’s incomes and expenditure. It reduces all manual works those are done by the MLM companies. Matrix MLM Software is efficient for all kind of MLM organizations whether they are small or big.

How does Matrix MLM Plan work?

The distinct feature of a matrix plan is its limited width. Unlike other MLM compensation plans, matrix restricts the number of distributors you can sponsor on your first level, usually to less than five. The most commonly used matrix MLM plans are 4 x 7, 5 x 7, 3 x 9 and 2x12.

The multi-level marketing software plan allows the tree to grow with a depth and width of ‘width X height’ and as per the plan, the members placed in a particular order. Based on the width of the plan it is easy to locate the number of forefront members. There are many advantages which turn the plan support in earning better productivity, especially for the one who pick this as a part time distributor. An efficient software will help the business to manage all the parameters of a Matrix compensation. 

In the Matrix MLM Plan, there are different types of compensation that are used to increase the stability of the Matrix structure and to make the team active. 
We offer the customized Matrix MLM Software to monitor your every plan from the single interface. Following are the Compensation Plans for Matrix MLM Software.

Compensations in Matrix MLM Software

1. Sponsor bonus
2. Level Commissions
3. Matching bonus
4. Matrix bonus

1. Sponsor bonus

Sponsor bonus is the earned amount from adding the downline members on the front line. The commonly used Matrix MLM Plan includes 4*7, 5*7, 3*9, 2*12 of width and depth.

2. Level Commissions
Level Commission is the earned bonus by recruiting new distributors. The level commission can be received when the front line members hire new members and get a commission from their sale. This level can be extended to the nth level.

3. Matching bonus
A Matching Bonus is the received commission by the sponsors based on the earnings of downline distributors whom they have sponsored. For example, if there’s a 15% matching bonus, and distributor X sponsors distributor Y; When distributor Y earns sales or any other commission or reward, the sponsoring distributor X – would earn a 15% match of the downline distributor Y.

4. Matrix bonus
Matrix Bonus is also an additional compensation to the distributors. The members will be eligible for this bonus when they filled their matrix with down line members. For example, if the Matrix Plan is a 3*3 matrix, the member will 3 members on the first downline, 9 members in the second downline and 27 in the third downline. 

The Infinite MLM Software supports to set up your own Matrix Compensation Plan. The admin control panel makes it easy for administrate your network, using simple user interface. 

Explore the Matrix MLM Software Demo and analyze the efficiency of our MLM Software. The demo shows the feasibilities of the MLM Software along with its features, rules, commission calculation and compensation parameters of Forced Matrix Plan. It doesn't matter whether the enterprise is at initial phase or small or large, our MLM Software is suitable for all type of industries. 

Matrix MLM Software Demo

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