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infinite mlm version 10.0

Infinite MLM Software Version 10.0 Released!

We are very much excited to announce the latest version of our Infinite MLM Software version 10.0!

The success of the previous versions of the software is what induced us to develop the latest version with a lot of advanced and exciting features.

Read more on MLM Version history details.

Infinite MLM software version 10.0 is crafted with the most modern techniques.

Features of Infinite MLM software Version 10.0

1. Additional bonus

Infinite MLM software Version 10.0 has integrated almost all types of bonus calculation to the software. It includes the calculation of matching bonus / overriding bonus, fast start bonus, infinity pool bonus / pool bonus, performance bonus like car fund, education fund, house fund, and vacation funds.

additional bonus

2. Advanced rank commissions

The Infinite MLM software version 10.0 also calculates the advanced rank commissions based on various criterias like referral count, downline count, team sale, downline member package count etc.

Advanced rank commissions

3. Advanced sponsor commissions

The new Infinite MLM software also provides the calculation of advanced sponsor commissions based on sponsor rank, sponsor package, joinines package etc.

Advanced sponsor commissions

4. KYC module

Another important aspect of the latest version of Infinite MLM software includes a separate module for KYC updation.

It allows us to upload the KYC documents and also provides a confirmation option. The payout will only be released once we update our account with KYC details.

The Admin side of the MLM software provides an option of KYC document list configure option.

KYC module

5. Mailgun implementation

The Mailgun implementation of the Infinite MLM software allows us to manage all the major functionalities of all mail such as registration mail, payout release, password reset mail, transaction password reset etc.

6. OTP verification

The update MLM software provides the facility of sending an OTP wherever required. For security reasons it sends OTP through email for the Payout release, Admin profile updation, Funds transfer.

Also the software sends email notification to Admin after the payout release to the registered email id.

OTP verification

7. New reports

This section enable the users to generate a detailed fund transfer report and also the monthly revenue report.

Monthly revenue report

Monthly revenue report

Transfer details

Transfer details

8. Genealogy tree tooltip configuration

In the latest version of software, the Admin can configure the tooltip details according to certain criterias.

Genealogy tree tooltip configuration

9. Manual package upgrade from admin side

This option enables the Admin to upgrade manual package.

10. Autoship using e-wallet

Version 10.0 of the Infinite MLM software allows to reactivate the membership even after the package validity expires. And it can be done using the e-wallet options.

11. E-pin refund option

E-pin refund option

12. User selected language for user side

User can select the language of his choice from the User side.

User selected language for user side

13. Social media sharing option for promotional tools

Version 10.0 also provides options for direct sharing in the social media such as Facebook, Google plus, Twitter etc.

14. User choice for payout release type

User have the option to choose the payout release method from a variety of options like Bank, PayPal, authorize.net, blocktrail, etc from their profile page.

User choice for payout release type

15. FAQ

Admin have option to add question and answers. Infinite mlm FAQ

16. Menu permission

The Admin can set permission options for Menu from his side for Admin, users and privileged users.

Menu permission

17. Transaction error report in admin side

The Admin can view the transaction error report if occurred any, from his side.

Transaction error report Read more on our successful Infinite MLM Software version release Checkout our Free MLM Software Demo with latest features.  
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