Click the Member Overview sub menu to view all the following details of the user

  • Profile
  • User Earning
  • Referral
  • Binary Details
  • E-Wallet
  • Purchase Wallet
  • User E-Pin
  • Released Income
  • Business Volume


Click on the Profile tab to view the profile of the user. Please refer the Profile View

User Earning

Click on User earnings to view the earnings of the user.

Click on the User Earnings tab to view the user earnings in any commission type like rank commission, level commission, etc. By default the commission type will be “Any”. Enter the username and click on the search button to view all the transactions of all commission types for the selected date range.

Enter the following details as shown in the below screenshot.

*Username: Enter the username to know the user earning

*Category: Select the commission type from the drop down menu*Date Range: Select the date range from the dropdown (Overall/Today/This Month/This Year/custom)

The member name and level details from which the commission amount is received is displayed along with the commission type and the date.


Click on the Referrals tab to view the referred users. Enter the username to view the referred users under the username. The details like Member name, Current package, Current rank, joining date of referred users are displayed.

Binary Details  

Click on the Binary Details tab to view the details of left and right persons point value, also the carry and total amount in the account of the entered username.


Click on E-Wallet tab to view E-Wallet details of the user. Please refer the section E-wallet Transactions

Purchase Wallet

Click on Purchase Wallet to view the purchase wallet details of the user. Please refer to section Purchase E-wallet

User E-Pin

Click on User E-Pin tab to view the list of E-Pin details of the user. It displays the following details 

*E-Pin (Number): E-Pin number or name is displayed.

*Amount: E-Pin allocated amount is displayed.

*Balance Amount: The balance amount in E-Pin is displayed.

*Status: E-Pin status is displayed.

*Uploaded date: Uploaded date of E-Pin is displayed.

*Expiry date: The expiry date of E-Pin is displayed.

There is a delete option to delete the E-Pin.

Released Income

Click on the Released Income tab to view the user’s released payout details like paid amount, status, payout method, transaction date.

Enter the username and click on the search button to find the details as shown in the below screenshot.

Business Volume

Click on the Business Volume tab to view a short picture of binary business, history of points updated on user’s left leg and right leg with description (on signup, purchase and binary commission). It is a report that describes how Business volume is earned.

PV Details

Click on the PV details tab to view PV history of the user as shown in the below screenshot.


It displays the PV history details like PV, description, and date as shown in the below screenshot.