Click on the  Register menu on the left pane of the window. It redirects to the e-commerce platform with registration steps.

Step 1: Package & Sponsor Information

Select the product, enter the sponsor username,  select the position as shown in the below screenshot. Click on the continue button, It will redirect to step 2

Step 2: Contact Information

Enter the contact information details, enable the checkbox and click on continue button as shown in the below screenshot

Step 3: Delivery Information

Enter the delivery details if it is not the same contact address. If the same please check in the box while entering the contact information. 

Step 4: Shipping Information.

Select the shipping method and click continue

Step 5: Payment Information.

Select the payment method and enable the terms and conditions checkbox

Click on the continue button and it redirects to step 6.

Step 6: Confirm

Product details are displayed under confirm order and need to make the payment to displayed bank account details and should upload the receipt of the payment.