Click on the e-wallet menu on the left pane of the dashboard to view e-wallet details. It displays the Ewallet balance, Credited amount, Debited amount, Purchase wallet.

There are different tabs to view including statements, transfer history, purchase wallet, My earnings.

1. Statement

Click on the Statement tab to know the statements with description, amount, transaction date, and balance.

2. Transfer History

Click on the ‘Transfer History’ tab to view the history of credit and debit as shown in the below screenshot. Select the date range and the category (credit/debit) of the transaction to view the history.

3. Purchase Wallet

Click on the ‘Purchase Wallet’ tab to know purchase wallet details like description, amount, transaction date, and balance.

4. My Earning

Click on the ‘My Earning’ tab to view the user earning details by selecting date range and category. You can also save the details in the form Excel, CSV, or take a print out.

E-Wallet Fund Transfer

Click on E-Wallet Fund Transfer on the top right corner of the window to transfer the fund.

Entering the following details:

Transfer To: Enter the username to whom the fund to be transferred.

Amount: Enter the amount to be transferred to the user.

Available Amount: It displays the amount in the Wallet.

Transaction Fee: Displays the transaction fee.

Transaction Password: Enter the transaction password.

After entering the details, click on the Submit button to transfer the fund.

Add Purchase Wallet Fund

Click on the Add Purchase Wallet Fund option under E-Wallet Transfer Fund as shown in the below screenshot.

Enter the amount and continue by clicking ‘Pay with Paypal’.