An E-Pin generator can generate E-Pins that help to process user registration using produced E-pin.

An E-pin can be produced instantly by the website admin.

Later, the admin will deliver this E-pin to the new or current members via E-mail or by incorporating SMS Gateways.

For a user, E-pin provides the key to create new access.

How to view E-Pin status ?

Click on the E-Pin menu on the left pane of the window. It displays Active E-Pin count, Active E-Pin balance, Pending E-Pin request. It consists of the following tabs:

  • E-Pin List
  • Pending E-Pin Request
  • Add E-Pin

How to view an E-Pin List?

Click on the E-Pin List tab to view all E-Pins available in the system for any specific user.

Enter the following details:

  • Username: Enter the username
  • Amount: Enter the E-Pin amount

Select the E-Pin Status( Active/ Blocked/Used/Expired/Deleted)

Click on the search button to list the E-Pin as shown in the below screenshot.