Click on the E-Pin tab from the E wallet section. It displays Active E-Pin count, Active E-Pin balance, Pending E-Pin request.

Further, it displays the following tabs:

  • E-Pin List
  • Pending E-Pin Request
  • E-Pin Transfer History

1. How to view E-Pin List?

Click on the E-Pin List tab to view all E-Pins available for any specific user and select the E-Pin, Amount and Select the E-Pin Status (Active/Blocked/Used/Expired/Deleted).


2. How to view pending E-Pin request?

Click on Pending E-Pin Request tab to view any pending E-Pin request raised.

 The pending E-Pin list is listed with the details like requested date, expiry date, requested pin count, and amount.

3. How to view E Pin Transfer History?

Click on the E pin transfer history to view details like: Member name, E-pin, Amount, Transferred Date, and Transferred/Received E pins.

How to purchase E-Pin?

Click on the E-Pin Purchase from the top right corner of the page.

Enter the following details:

  • Current Balance: It displays the current E-Pin Balance
  • Amount: Select the E-Pin amount from the drop down menu. 
  • E-Pin count: Enter the E-Pin count. 
  • Expiry Date: Enter the expiry date
  • Transaction Password: Enter the transaction password.

Click on ‘Submit’ to purchase an e-pin. The message “E-Pin purchased successfully” pops up.

How to request for  E-Pin?

Click on the E-Pin Request option under the E-Pin Purchase button on the top right corner as shown in the below screenshot.


Then, enter the following details:

  • Amount: Select the E-Pin amount from the drop down
  • E-pin Count:  Enter the E-Pin count.
  • Expiry Date: Enter the expiry date.

Click on the E-Pin Request button and the message ‘E-Pin Request Sent successfully’ pops up.

How to transfer E-Pin from one user to another?

Click on the E-Pin Transfer option under E-Pin purchase tab to transfer E-Pin from one user to another user.

Enter the following details:

  • To Username:Enter the receiver name, to whom the E-Pin to be transferred.
  • E-pin: Select the E-Pin to be transferred

After selecting all the options click on the ‘E-pin Transfer button’. The message “E-Pin transferred successfully “ pops up.