Replicated Website For MLM Business

Self Replicated Websites are the important parameter of Affiliate Software. When a user refers a member, each member will get their own website to promote business more effectively.

Infinite MLM Software gives distributors the ability to easily manage a wide variety of content on their own website. This personalized website includes a photo, blog, video, galleries, social media, feeds, testimonials, promotions, and more options ­ using a completely graphical online editing tool that anyone can do easily. Admin can set the levels of permission and available content options while managing the brand look and feel. Since all of the sites are run from a single platform, companies have direct oversight throughout the whole process.

When the member registers your downline, he will receive their own personalized website. The replicating URL is like “www.yourdomainname.com/userid” (eg:www.twitter.com/infinitemlmsoft, here ‘infinitemlmsoft’ is the replicated username). Our online Infinite MLM Software can easily manage your replicated website using a simple interface

Our E-Commerce software support to integrate replicated website to make product purchase easy through their affiliated URL, today modern MLM company adopt this method for marketing and promotional purpose.

What are the advantages of website replication?

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