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Sandy Chambers

One question posed to me skyrocketed my career as a professional networker marketer. "If I could teach you how to do this business, could you learn?" As a former teacher, my immediate answer was "Yes, I can!". I love network marketing because I can be my own boss; there is no glass ceiling on what I can earn or high I can go: and I can help others reach their full potential. Many people, new to this industry, expect immediate success. Like any other profession, it is learned. The beauty of network marketing is you can earn while you learn, but be coachable. This extraordinary journey can allow you to be the best you can be, surrounded by like-minded, positive people who care about your success. Here you can launch your business on a shoestring, using your phone as your office and choose the people you want to work with. I hope you take the journey!

Debi Possidoni

Network marketing is my passion It gives me the flexibility To work in an industry with no limits. I’m able to build a team of entrepreneurs who may for the first time in there life reach income potential they never thought was possible With the right company and product or service the sky is the limit You can leverage your time more efficiently especially now with social media and the ability to use platforms Such as zoom to communicate all over the world . Information can reach others in seconds and training can be done from the comfort of your own home office.
I have the ability to build my network marketing business from anywhere I am and at my own pace not working for someone who controls my time or the amount of income I can make it’s all up to me and that’s why I am so passionate about this industry. 

Kenny Climes

Since retiring from the military, I found Network Marketing was the best fit for me because of time freedom. I can work my business and still go to all daughters and family activities without asking anyone for time off. Also, for the average everyday person to invest in starting their own business from $130.00 - $650.00 very affordable from any income level to start in our particular company. Now with the social media platform, you can take your business to new levels. Lastly, the support system we have is amazing, our goal is to help people achieve whatever level of success they are hoping for.

Keith Halls

I believe that network marketing is the greatest industry in the world. Friendships, residual income, sharing products and helping others are just part of what makes this industry great. I've been on the Corporate side of the industry and was one of the originals at NuSkin. After 17 years as Sr. Vice President, I became a distributor in the field (Not with them). I've had success on both sides and if I can do it, anyone can!

Michelle Eaves

Network Marketing is the smartest way for large companies to get their products out into the world. Instead of spending money on marketing and advertising, allowing the average person to start and grow their own business by marketing your products was a genius idea. It is the nature of the network marketing profession to emphasize personal development. It’s one of the things I LOVE about this profession. Those marketers who dive deep into their personal development journey are the ones who succeed in this industry. I believe personal development is the most important thing you do every single day. Network marketers are the most grateful, generous, happiest, sexiest, richest, most fun people on the planet because our culture is personal development.

Nick Greco

Network Marketing is hands down the greatest profession on Earth. It allows the average person the ability to earn an above average income, and the part-timer to earn a great side income. Nothing else out there gives you the ability to earn the type of income that we all dream about, and also have the time freedom to enjoy that income with your family. For my wife and I, we absolutely love the freedom that this business model provides. We get to stay home with our 6-month-old son while building our business from home, We love that we get to help other people achieve their goals and dreams, and we will be forever grateful this beautiful opportunity that is network marketing.

Marilyn Beggs

Network marketing is still a growing industry and isn’t going anywhere. I believe more and more people are recognizing the abundance of quality products available. However, I think distributors are realizing that in order to grow their team and build a profitable business in a timely manner that it’s going to be through leveraging social media and broadening their reach via the internet.

Mandy Harvey

This is why I love Network marketing! You have the ability to partner with a company that usually does all the hard work for you and lets you just build your business inside of their umbrella. You don’t have to worry about forming partnerships, billing, accounts payable, hiring, firing, etc. You just have to focus on the few things you have to do in order to earn money!
Another thing I love is that Network Marketing gives you the chance to open up a business, allows you to test out your entrepreneurial spirit without risking your entire life savings or burying yourself in debt.
The biggest reason I love the industry, which there are 100’s of reasons, is that you can do it part-time!

Riccardo Benato

I strongly Believe that Network Marketing is the BEST opportunity for ordinary people to reach EXTRAordinary results! I've started my NM Business 6 years ago when I was an underpaid waiter, searching for a chance to change my life... It hasn't been easy... I had to completely change my mindsets... I haven't earned more than 50 dollars in the first months but than the organization started to grow and grow and grow taking me to the financial freedom... Today I've reached the Blue Diamond rank ( the highest in Europe in my company that requires, at least, more than 500.000 dollars in sales per months) thanks to an amazing organization of thousands of distributors and customers who are creating extra income and reaching their goals! Be careful, network marketing can change your life !!! 


Anthony Incassati

I personally love network marketing because it gives the average person hope and an opportunity, to change their life and future. If you're not fulfilled working a 9 to 5 for a company you're not truly passionate about, there is a better marketing! I also love this industry because it's full of people who want more out of life and have more to give others in their life. Last year, I even started coaching network marketing professionals to help them grow their businesses more effectively, that's how much I love this industry! Life's too short, live your life to the fullest while you're here because time seems to pass by faster and faster each year.

My Website:

Cierra Hangsleben

Being new to the industry has taught me a few things. First of all, Network Marketing is truly a personal development career with a comp plan. I have learned so much about myself in the short time I have been in Network Marketing & I am so grateful for that. I have also learned & witnessed how one truly can achieve freedom. I don't just mean financially, I also mean the freedom of time. Life is precious & we're not guaranteed tomorrow. Network Marketing (with hard work & dedication) can really give the gift of time back in one's life. Lastly, I appreciate that it does not discriminate. It does not matter your gender, age, race or economic background. It's an equal opportunity for anyone who is willing to put in the time to build relationships & be a leader. So, if you find yourself asking, "Why me?" I challenge you to respond with, "Why NOT me?" Be the change you want to see in the world. Believe in yourself and remember, the heart ALWAYS wins!

Cecelia Morris

I have been in Network Marketing since 1994 and in that time I have been associated with 8 different companies. What I have discovered is that it’s not the company (except 1 I was with that was temporarily shut down by the FTC), it’s what people do when they join these MLM companies. I love this industry because it gives the average person the opportunity to own their own business with an initial investment of usually less than $200. I have found what’s missing is the amount of training that is provided using the Internet and Social Media to build your Network Marketing business. To close this gap I provide coaching and training on how to use this medium to build a brand and business all online. And in return for this service, I have been able to use these new connections to build my Network Marketing business.

Erdi Luca

In the 21st century, there are a lot of opportunities to earn money but there aren't too much that can give you the FREEDOM. The reason why I choose network marketing is the freedom. Don't be the slave of the money. Be the slave of your freedom and serve the people. Network Marketing is exactly that opportunity which will give you the freedom in every way you want.

Zeina Qarrain

Network Marketing helps you retrain the belief in yourself and your abilities, not only in making a difference in your own life, but also in people’s lives. It gives you the opportunity to wake up every morning “ALIVE” knowing it’s never too late to dream and never too early to achieve, gives you back the CONTROL of your own life to aim higher for an extraordinary life, and above all gives you back the courage to look back in the mirror believing it’s POSSIBLE.

Cristian Urzia

Network Marketing is the present and the future for those who really want to change their lives. It is a business model that many companies today use and that few people know about. Knowing it means giving and giving yourself the great opportunity to become free economically. Freedom comes with commitment because Network Marketing is a job. Over the years they made us believe that it was not enough and we became rich but it is not so. You need to study. Study the company, the products, and their compensation plans. We must set ourselves goals in the short, medium and long-term. We must have the right motivation and enthusiasm. You must be hungry, as the great Steve Jobs said. Only this industry can give all the people in the world, of any social class, the real great opportunity.

Kevin Rider

I would say my way of thinking has changed over the years from “retail, sponsor teach” to “retail, sponsor, LEARN” not everyone is cut out to teach but anyone can learn. It’s like driving a car. Many of us just want to learn how to drive and never have any intention of becoming an instructor so does that mean we can’t build a business. NO of cause not because there are 1000’s of instructors out there willing to teach you what works, all people need to do is be willing to learn and apply and point people in the right direction to learn for themselves. The thing is many old-school MLM ers believe it’s their way or the high way and they want the glory instead of empowering their people to be independent; they want them to be dependent on them but then they become the hub of their business and when they stop, the business collapses. #LDG (learn, develop and grow) 

Mary Ann Callahan
Network Marketing Author

"Network marketing is not only a popular business model nowadays, it is a new way of reaching and communicating with the clients. It gives a deeper understanding of the industry you are engaged in and helps provide a highly customized service to your target audience. Network marketing is a great opportunity for people seeking financial independence and flexibility."

Alice Norvell Rob

I became a Network Marketer to finally have a home-based business. I want to travel the world and always have my business with me. I found a few companies that weren't for me as i am not wealthy in the beginning. I finally found my mobile business thanks to Linkedin! I am very compassionate and love helping others to Succeed!! I am very Grateful for this opportunity to share my story!! 

Lino Manca

I am in the Network Marketing field for 12 years while working as an employee in the concrete industry, I met several companies in various market niches, and one after the other I left them because they lacked the essential requirement of NM, that is, "l 'ALTRUISMO', which means thinking first about the welfare of others and then yours. Now I've been working as a 5-year employee and I take full-time part in my Network Marketing business, where I finally found a company that fully respects the principles of the NM. Help people in various countries reach their true goal, and together we create a conscious and solid network. This is my website: http: //

Sandeep Rathore
Network Marketing Author

"Building a passive residual income is by far the biggest advantages of network marketing. It offers you an opportunity to create a stream of ever-increasing passive residual income. "

JA Lee

First I say my troubles. The difficulty in deploying global network marketing is that it is not easy to communicate.I would like to meet a networker who can invest $ 165 (or $ 65) and seven days on our system. This is a one-time investment in your life. How much do you think you can make after six months with this system? $ 1,000? $ 5,000? $ 10,000? The amount you think is the result of your network marketing so far.
How does our system work?
If you think you can earn more than $ 100,000 please visit the site below!
https:// www


Amy Murphy

Network marketing has not only helped me financially, it has also helped with my confidence and growth as a young person, it has allowed me to connect with hundreds of people and build so many strong relationships with people I can now call friends, it’s not all about the money in network marketing, in fact that is not even my focus, my focus is to better myself and to help others achieve the same

AnnaLaura Brown

Network Marketing offers the simplest, most cost-effective and most flexible method for starting your own business. It is often misunderstood by those who have never successfully built a network marketing team.

David Rosser

Enlightened entrepreneur and network marketer that takes great joy and pleasure in transforming people’s lives through empowering individuals to reach their full potential and achieve there goals and dreams in life. Network Marketing is a great vehicle for individuals to achieve time and financial freedom.

Gina Arnold

The reason I chose network marketing is because it's the highway to success for the average person who wants to build some residual income. It's a way to be in business for yourself without the normal costs/expenses of a traditional brick and mortar business. If one is willing to invest in their own personal growth, network marketing provides that as well as financial freedom.

Ken Elliot

Network marketing is the best platform for a common man or woman to earn money online from the comfort from their home, just like I have been doing for over 15-years!

Steve Ottewell

My mission is to have an impact and make a difference, To lead people to achieve their breakthrough moment and to work side by side with them sharing all the secrets i have learned in the network marketing profession.Network Marketing is a unique concept that can take you from where you are now to where you want to go. If you are prepared to learn some skill sets and take action.  

Michael Schoeberl

"Network Marketing is the chance to get your dreams come true - financial freedom, unlimited time with family and even more"

Jetro Olowole

I Want To Show People How To Build Passive Income Business And Live A Comfortable Lifestyle By Helping Them Turn Their Active Income To Passive Income Using The Business Quadrants Wealthflow Theory. I Likes To Talk About The Business Quadrants Golden Rule Of Wealth Every Chance I Got Because I Loves It!  

Peter Gregory
Network Marketing Author

"Network Marketing" can be summed up as a business opportunity for those with limited time on their hands.It always gives people the opportunity with a low financial commitment to build their own residual income and acquire great wealth. If you are not open & willing to learn the principals of network marketing business the game is already over for you.and finally you can find that the success in this industry is not in discovering the right person but in becoming the right person.

Sandra Christy

I just love Network marketing. So i decided to develop network marketing software to Make the MLM businesses to run in an efficient way.
Use MLM software and experience a great improvement in your MLM business in terms of profit.
If you are a Network Marketer, always choose the best MLM software to Run Your business!

David Jhon

I prefer Network Marketing because i believe that it is the best kind of marketing in the world that gives best result!

Alex paul

Network marketing is the best platform for a common man to earn more in a short time!



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