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Lularoe – Review of the New Clothing Empire

Introduction Lularoe is one of the new network marketing companies that are making rounds for its quirky leggings and women entrepreneurship goals. In this blog, we shall do a review of Lularoe, the products that it sells and the plan it follows. What is Lularoe? LuLaRoe is a new age network marketing company from the United States that makes clothes by using stretchy fabric in unique and quirky patterns for its garments. The company sells its clothing through consultants. These consultants organise house parties parties in their homes or on Facebook for getting customers and making sales. LuLaRoe claims to design their clothes to offer ultimate comfort to the women who wear them without compromising anywhere on style. The compensation plan adopted by the company is through Party MLM plan. Party MLM plan is a very interesting and fun plan to work where products are sold and new consultants for the company are identified through social gatherings like house parties or virtual gatherings on facebook. The concept of integrating ‘business into partying’ has been hugely successful and the companies with such plans could find many hostesses interested in the plan. Design a perfect MLM Compensation Plan with leading MLM Software Provider Majority of the participants in such plan had been women but more men are taking it up now a days. In case of Lularoe, all the consultants are women.. The main products being sold by the company are stretchable leggings and other shape fitting clothing that is made out of spandex. The consultants put their best foot forward in making sure that a great party is hosted and their products are sold during the gathering. They get the payments based on the orders they get for the product. During a social gathering, the host consultant is always looking for those guests who have the ability to become representatives themselves. The potential representatives are given adequate training and encouraged to set up their own parties. Lularoe MLM Company Review – Is it Legit or a Scam? To know whether lularoe MLM Company is scam or legitimate business opportunity you have to take glance over the pros and cons of this Network Marketing Company Pros of Lularoe Comfort Most women who have used their products testify on this and in fact, it is the motto of the company. “ To be Simply Comfortable: Where fashion meets comfort”. Feeling stylish should make people comfortable too, LuLaRoe offers such products to its customers. Their leggings are soft and are of excellent quality.. From their shirts to their dresses , everything is made of superior quality material and is very comfortable. Quality Material The fabric of their products is surprisingly very thick. They are also wrinkle resistant, which is a huge plus for busy people of today! Positive Mission When you buy a LuLaRoe product, you are supporting an entrepreneurial woman. The main motto of LuLaRoe which is highlighted on their website, is to offer financial stability to women and encourages them to work from home. Being a successful consultant for the company is not an easy task. It does requires dedication and smart work from the consultant. Many women are interested in trying it out as it helps to become stable financially. Unique Prints The company manufactures only 2,500 pieces of any one print. This means the design of your clothing is very unique and rare to find the same design anywhere. Versatility Most of their clothes are basic wear. Their clothing is buildable to another design or variation as it is always a base in an outfit. It makes their clothing to be more versatile to other variations or design. Cons – Why is it not all beds of roses? cons of lularoe MLM Company The Spandex Look The spandex material which is used to make LuLaRoe pieces is really comfortable. It has its own limitations. women who wear only LuLaRoe as their outfit often look quite dull. Their range of clothing is so casual that it kind of looks like lounge wear unless accessorized well. It can Tend to Look Non-Classy The clothing as e pointed out earlier is a bit too casual unless it is layered well or accessories heavily. Hence, the users of the clothing find it a bit too non classy to be worn out of their homes, at times. Favors Skinny Figures Let us put it out – the spandex look does not favour women on heavier figures. In fact, if you have a bit of flab at all, it really shows through the fabric. So , in order to carry off the look well, you have to be pretty skinny. Though the company says that LuLaRoe is touted as clothing that flatters everyone, it clearly isn’t. Laundering Requirements The feedback from the users of the clothing is that the LuLaRoe clothing gets damaged in the machine dryer, so you are supposed to hang it dry outside in the sun. Sizing The sizing has been an issue for the customers who buy online. For different clothing it is differently sized and they don’t meet the standard size. May be, this could be due to the uniqueness that the company dearly proclaims. Price Point The brand is neither expensive nor cheap. When compared to boutique nextdoor,it is cheap. Leggings are the cheapest item on the rack at $25 and their most expensive item is priced at $70. Nowadays people are interested in creating flexible wardrobes. This can be possible with the most versatile pieces and it always worth to go for it. How can we make this opportunity work for you? Combine LuLaRoe Pieces with the Rest of your Wardrobe Don’t get a bit too carried away and start wearing 100% LuLaRoe all the time in the pretext of making a stylish move. It should only be a part of the look to create a balanced outfit. You can go for layering. Lularoe pieces are versatile and just the beginning point. In wardrobe, put them with different fabrics and other stylish items. Complete the look with the right accessories. You can add in all fashionable outfits. Avoid absurd patterns if they don’t mingle with your color combination The outfit options are limited in this pattern. So it is suggested to go for classic patterns or solids which can be used as basics. It should mingle with many other pieces in your wardrobe. If you buy patterns like floral, line or geometric, then you can utilize the Lularoe offers. Be choosy in your shopping, Choose classy, Not crazy! As we already mentioned before, women are falling in love for every LuLaRoe. While some are really choosy in selecting the classy look, others are becoming crazy to select any piece lying in the closet. Read more to know other MLM Company Reviews Lularoe Reviews There are many Lularoe reviews on the internet — both negative and positive like all other companies. The initial investment is not so small when compared to other similar MLM companies. Many complaints are there about returned inventory not being refunded. There are more than 500 complaints about the company on the Better Business Bureau. But there are also plenty of favorable reviews. And to their credit, Lularoe has responded to most complaints on the website. They are not looking for a bad reputation or providing poor service deliberately. Lularoe Compensation Plan The members of LuLaRoe MLM are called Independent Fashion Retailers. The compensation plan is fairly simple which includes a fundamental retail and downline commission format with a few bonus options. The base commission rate ranges from 25% to 50%, the difference between the wholesale price and the selling price. The downline commissions are between 0.6 – 5% to four levels. Members should perform sales of at least $1950 per month to qualify for commissions. New members should purchase a starter pack worth $500. The company provides members with a personalized online POS system, marketing resources, training, and support. All the commissions in the plan depend on the personal volume generated by the member and their downlines. Conclusion – How well a Business opportunity is LuLaRoe? Considering how people hoard clothes these days, it is good business opportunity. I you have an inherent style and a knack for telling people how to style their garments, I am sure your house parties are going to be a major success and you can get humoungs sales. You may need an MLM software to assist you, if you want to become the consultant for the company. Contact us today to get the best one in the market.
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